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A/c Working 80% Time Only After Highway Driving

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it's weird. when i got the car, a/c worked great. Then, after driving 1200 non-stop miles, a/c died.

the next day, a/c didn't work. but the next day, a/c worked great.

I thought it was the compressor, so i replaced the compressor. I didn't chance drier, expansion valve, and I did not vacuum the system out before charging. Instead, i installed a new compressor and charged it with freon. (so it is possible that i have air in the a/c system)

anyways.. it worked great for a few days until i had to put another 400 miles on the car.

A/c works only when i drive around short distances.. but for after driving more than 300 miles, a/c doesn't work for two days.

Any suggestions?

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I suggest that this type of work be done by a qualified person that has the proper equipment. It definitely is not a do-it -yourself job!!

Warning: The air conditoning system is under high pressure. Do not loosen any fittings or components until the system has been discharged. Air conditioning refrigerant should be properly discharged into an EPA-approved recovery/recycling unit by a dealer service department or an automotive air conditioning repair facility.

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I also have a expansion valve that needs changing. I can get it emptied out by someone quialified just need to know where under the the dash it is hidden (1994 ES300). Was quoted about $450.00 to do the job. Hoping to reduce that down by changing out the expansion valve and dryer myself and then getting it recharged afterwards. No manuals give any details on it nor does the Lexus dealer have info on where it is.


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