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Cd Changer Replacement Options


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Hello everyone, I just joined the Club.

The CD changer in my 94 LS 400 is not working anymore. I don't think it is the Nakamichi brand, (possibly Panasonic) but I now need to replace it. Here are a few questions that I have. If anyone can answer them, much is appreciated.

1. Can I use an after market CD changer to work with the Audio Console up front? If so, what do I need to do and what brand do you reccomend?

2. If I have no choice but to get an OEM replacement, where can I get them cheap?

Also, I have another minor problem with the car. When it is cold ( freezing temperatures) outside, it takes several minutes for the guages on the dashboard to light up. I know that it just means that the car needs to warm up but I am not auto saavy enough to know why this happens. It did not use to do this before and the most I have checked is the fuses which are all in great condition.

Once again, any advice will be appreciated.



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hey, welcome to the club

1. you cannot use aftermarket CD changer with the factory head unit.

2. this means that ciqruit components for your instrument panel gone bad and this is the common bug for the gen I models. you can either fix it yourself if you have experience with soldering or you can send it to the company that will fix it for you for around 150$. couple of guys here did this already and they will provide you with more info if you gonna need it.

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Well here I go again :chairshot:

Welcome to the club, you will see in many of my posts I highly recommend EBAY, to date i have bought Fatcory refurbished climate control (187.50), new master window switch(75.00), factory wheels (128.50), lugnut covers/hubcaps gold emblems (87.25) not to mention I recently bought a 94 LS400 for 5700.00 with only 111968 miles on it. :whistles: hope this helps

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I found out the hard way that there is no aftermarket cd changer that will work with the original head unit. I purchased a 96 ls400 without a changer and thought I could pick one up aftermarket and have it installed. I had to eventually put in an aftermarket that runs off an fm modulator. I'm still in the market for an oem. Just found out about ebay so I'll try that.

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