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Need Your Advice !

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The dealership stuck their advertising decal on my car(above the Lexus sign) :chairshot: I want to remove it without damaging the paint. This is not the type of sticker you can peel off or atleast I can't see the corners to lift and peel.

Any idea if that spot will be a different color than the car? and how can I remove decal?

Thanks in advance.

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In my experience, 100's of stickers removed suscessfully over the years, the paint will most likely not be faded. This is especially true if the sticker has not been on long or the car is not that old (<several years.)

Try a heat gun or hair dryer (less effective and safer by some degree) and heat the area of the sticker until it is pretty warm to the touch. Keep the heat source a few inched away and moving back and forth so as not to heat just one spot. After you get it hot enough, you should be able to peel it with your thumb nail. If it comes off in pieces, as many do, just keep at it. Keep warming it and peeling away the pieces.

A little Goo-Gone adhesive remover (available just about everywhere) will help remove the residual adhesive. Paint thinner or something similiar would work too. You will want to thouroughly clean and wax the area when you're done.

A little advice: Next time you buy, tell the stealer, no stickers or no deal. <_<

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