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Sunroof Jiggle (hi, I'm New...)


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Hi, I'm new to the board, on my second IS. First one was purchased Feb 2002 and then traded it for a 2003 IS in August 2003. The first one within 6 months had a little jiggle of something small in the sunroof on the driver's side when it was open. Not tilted up, fully open either 75% or all the way back.

The 2003 started the same thing after about 2 months, same side and same jiggle. My dealer said it was probably the piece(s) in the sunroof jiggling with the wind, but it happens just going over a speed bump at 5 mph sometimes... have a friend who specializes in Lexus repair and he was dumbfounded after examining it for a few.

I've driven a few other IS' when mine was in for some standard work and sure enough, same thing on every single one. Anyone else ever experienced this phenomena? Any ideas?




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Thanks for the info B, do you know in particular a dealer or someone who knows about this rubber/foam?

I've had 2, not 1, but 2 different dealer service departments in my car who heard the noise, but couldn't fix it. One even went so far as ordering a new piece of the mount, installing it, and still being clueless "why it didn't work". I'd like to go back or to a diff dealer and say, "xyz dealer says they know this will fix it, could you contact them and fix to spec".

Thanks again,



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