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Playing My Own Burned Cd's Can It Work

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I am playing around trying to get my 01 rx300 to play cd's that I have burned but have been unable to I burned the cd in .wav format

any suggestions??

I realize the cd player may not be able to play burned cd's but it is worth a try

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I use my win xp home ed. and locate the file , highlight all the files you want to , rightclick >send to>drive with the burner , m , n , etc... and go through the prompts . I Have a 98gs300 with a factory cd changer [ that I installed after I bought the car , long story ] and have never had a problem I use memorex cd-rs , not cdrw's the changer will not read cd-rw's .

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i have 12 cd's i burned loaded in my '93 sc400 player and have had

no problems. actually the commercial cd's erred on me quite often

so i went to the burned jobs...imation virgin disks.

as dc said, u can not burn on rw disks and expect ur car player to read.


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Try .MP3 and burn at a slower speed like 4x don't do anything on your PC while you are burning and make sure that you have enough space in the folder to buffer the files that you are transfering to disc , make sure that the files are finalized , I am not sure what program you are using to burn , let us know the start to finish process and the type of CDR'S . What program are you using ? :whistles:

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Some cd players (car, home, portable) will not play "home burned" cd's. Part of the copying prohibitions, I guess. I'd try copying one of your cd's that you know plays in the car and trying that. Then, using a good cd burning program (check zdnet.com for a good free one) if you don't already have one, try again. I use both Roxio and Media Jukebox to make cd's for my 02 LS430 with the 'standard" 6 cd changer and even the cheap Ciruit City 700MB's play fine in my LS430, 91 Buick Reatta, my old Pioneer cd changer, and even a portable one with earphones. (all .wav files). Be sure to try the cd in a "standard" cd player if it won't play in your car. You may have to clean the car cd player. They can accumulate lots of dust, debris, etc. Most places like Radio Shack have a cd cleaning disk.

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Can the RX330 standard stereo play MP3 files burned on a CD? I've had great success with standard burned CD's (disk to disk copy) but in brief test, haven't had any success with MP3 format songs.

I'd like to exploit the better compression of MP3 to hold a greater number of songs in the CD changer.


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