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My Little Detailing Story

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I spent around 7-8 hours, most of the time contibutes to buffing with polish and wax; I like to take my time. Now, the car's finish is smooooooooooooooooth.

Step 1: Washed the Car with:

Armor All Car Wash

Geniune Wool Wash Mitt

Step 2: Clayed it with:

Clay Magic Perfect Finish Kit

Step 3: Protected it with:

Craftsman 10 in. Buffer/Polisher

Meguiars #2 Fine-Cut Cleaner

Meguiars #7 Show Car Glaze

Meguiars Deep Crystal System Carnauba Wax

Meguiars #26 Hi-Tech Yellow Wax - Liquid


Dashboard and Doors:

Black Magic Dashboard Protectant


Lexol Leather Conditioner


Meguiar's Hi-Tech Wheel Cleaner #36


Meguiar's Hot Shine High Gloss Tire Spray

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93 looks great buddy :D

hey i saw that you used Meguiar's #7 Show Car Glaze.......i use that product as well, man it leaves great depth and shine

in my experience it is really difficult to buff out though, did you have any trouble with it smearing or streaking??

maybe it was just me.... :wacko:

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OH Yeah,

This is what I did. I cleaned the car (step 1) in the evening; then clayed it (step 2), then I polished it with Meguiar's #7 and left it on [the whole cars paint was faded and it did smear]. Then the next day at 12:00 in the afternoon, I buffed Meguiars Deep Crystal System Carnauba Wax over the #7. I did not take out the #7. I wasn't going to take the Carnauba Wax out neither, I was planning for it to dry up for about 24-48 hours so, then I can put another layer of wax on it: Meguiars #26 Hi-Tech Yellow Wax - Liquid.

But I did not have time with the car, my brother took it to Emory Unv. Atlanta, Ga. :chairshot:

So, it has two layers on it now: #7 and the Carnauba Wax.

I never took the #7 out; so, I don't know if it is difficult to take out. But it did smear.

*I did everything in room temp., in the garage.

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~One man’s opinion / observations ~

Great job, :P :P not to detract anything from it...

Fender wells and Under Carriage:

Rinse wheel wells thoroughly with water, apply a citrus-based de-greaser and let it soak in. Agitate with a long handled boars hairbrush before rinsing. Dry surfaces with a terry cloth towel before applying a water-based rubber/vinyl dressing; wipe off any excess and buff surfaces. This simple detailing step will provide a ‘frame’ for your wheels and tyres and provide a completely finished look to the vehicle.

Apply a black satin, semi-gloss spray paint (Groit’s Satin Black Paint PN 20243) apply two or three light coats, allowing 20-25 minutes between each coat to dry

Will make the vehicle look ‘completely’ detailed ;)

~Hope this helps~

Experience unshared; is knowledge wasted…/ Jon

justadumbarchitect *so I question everything*

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Looks great! I agree with TOG that you should clean and dress the wheelwells, nothing detracts from a fresh detail job like dirty wheelwells, it was the first thing I noticed.

Yeah. You guys are right. I just used water, I didn't knew how to clean them before.

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