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93 Gs 300 Chrome Grill And Wood Grain Q

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Hi, I'm just joined the club and could use some advice. My 93 GS 300 seems to have a plastic grill. I've read some links on chroming them out, but I don't know of a source that I trust. I would buy one but I'm not sure of a source for that either. I saw one on ebay for $170. What should I be looking to pay? Can anyone recommend a reputable shop?

Also, I've just recently gotten a crack in my woodgrain right around the shifter. I was thinking of lightly sanding this and painting on some clear glossy poly. Will this seal it up or can someone recommend another way to do it? I'm leary about replacing it because it seems like a huge job to remove it, but I might be wrong.


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Hi and welcome to the club...

i also am still new to this site and wanted to chrome my grill...but it looked plastic, although i was told by many members there was chrome under there...Anyway i looked at it like this, if i messed up i will just go to plan B (which i was gonna do anyway) buy a chrome grill!!

To get to the point.......... <_<

1) i went out and bougt a small bottle of gel citrastrip from my hardware store(Lowes)

2) i took my grill off and laid it on a trash bag

3) poured some "citrastrip" in the cap/lid (you can use anything)

4)Then i took my time and a Q-tip and spread it out it on all the top part of the grill know as the "top ribs" SLOWLY making sure it was enough (there was only a little dripping with the gel)

5) i let it sit for 30 min and after the time passed i took a pen cap and started scrapping it off and the paint was comming off like no problem! i also used a potato peeler, it worked quicker for me(use anything that will scrape it off the quickest)

6) then after that was done i just washed it and it is BEAUTIFUL....

I hope this helps..it will cost less than $12 to do and it is so nice, if your scared try a little corner first, but look at it like this one way or another you will get a chrome grill, WHY NOT try the cheap way first??? It will work i have pics but dont know how to post.....

I will help further if you want....if your still weary you can mail it to me and i will do it for ya (Just a thought) But its real fun to do and you can say " LOOK WHAT "I" DID TO MY CAR" !!!


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Hey thanks for the reply. You're right it was worth a try, but unfortunately it is definitely solid black plastic. I tried a small spot with stripper and it just kept bubbling up the black plastic. The potatoe peeler worked well at least. Now I just need a source to get it chromed or buy one. Any ideas? I found this site about 9 months ago that specialized in 93-97 GS grilles, but I dont' know what happened to it. I've been doing internet searches for a few days now and all I can find is those cheapo kits with the 3M adhesive. I read that they are as bad as they sound.

Thanks again for the advice.

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:chairshot: :cries: Awwh...Sorry :blushing:

lextasy.com i think the guy told me that they do it for a pretty good price (i cant remember).... i dont know if thats for your year car also, but you can try...

ok i found the info he gave me

We do this mod for you if you don't have the time or patience.....

$75 we charge


and I must say we do have the process down to an art form. (usually in 24 hours)


You can but the partially chrome sport design grille for $215


You can but the brand new sports design grille (Fully chromed)




I hope this helps......

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Thanks again for the suggetion. I read that post too. I called Lextasy and they only do 98 and up unfortunately. I've looked everywhere for a chrome grille online and I've even called a ton of plating shops. I haven't found one yet that can do plastic. If anyone knows of a shop that will chrome plastic, I sure could use it. This is getting frustrating! :chairshot:

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