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Coolant Tank

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i have a 93 sc400. when i got it 6 months ago everything under the hood was spotless - with the exception of the coolant tank. the previous owner had tried to caulk the leaks and it looked like $#)&*#.

over the weekend i replaced the tank and the "switch" - i thought it was a sensor but they called it a switch. i got the tank [$180] and the switch [$90] from the dealer. i'm sure i could have gotten it cheaper elsewhere.

it took less than 20 minutes to do the work and i'm no mechanic. i drained all the coolant i could using a spritzer from an old [cleaned] windex bottle. i put a pan to catch any dripping coolant under the car. there was one [10mm?] bolt to remove from the top. that being loosened, i could pull the whole tank up slightly to loosen the lower hose. less than a pint of coolant drained into the pan - not the geiser i feared. i loosened the upper hose and removed the entire tank.

once i installed the new switch on the new tank - i have no idea why the switch isn't snapped together -- i installed everything in reverse order.

topping up the coolant took a little time because i was paranoid about doing something wrong. i sat and watched for the warning light and temperature guage for longer than i really needed to.

i can't believe how well these cars are put together. i though my acura was good!

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