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We can only give you our broad opinions. In order for us to give you an accurate price tell us the book value as an guide in pricing. Check the book value of private party and retail at www.kellybluebook.com.

a 1993 Lexus LS400 in great condition

Provide us more information with pictures.

all maitnence done on time and through lexus dealership

If so, then what things have been replaced or repaired [very easy to find out if done by the Lexus dealership].

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I paid $7400 before taxes and registration fees exactly a year ago for a silver taupe LS 400 with 99K on it. It had a new ps pump, new alternator, new ball joints, new brake pads and the timing belt and water pump were replaced and verified by Lexus at 85K. I will say that the a/c crapped out within the first 500 miles after buying it and I had to replace the power antenna mast. I've also had the normal problems with the instrument cluster and some of the other little nit noy problems that seem to be common with the 1st Gen LS but overall very pleased with the car. The quietest and smoothest running car I have ever owned.

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I paid $7400 before taxes and registration fees exactly a year ago for a silver taupe LS 400

Hey, I have a 93' LS400 in Silver Taupe too. Your the first person in LOC that I know of has a Silver Taupe LS also.

BTW: Sounds like you got a great deal on it too.


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About $6500-$8500. There is a 94' LS400 at the carlot where I bought my 90 LS400. They are asking $7995. for it. Unsure of the miles, because when I looked at it the other day when I was looking at a Camry they have, I could not see the mileage, because it is digital on the 94s.

Keep in mind that it is a 10 year old car and things may start going wrong and I have found out that these cars have high $$$$ maintainence costs. $500+ for A/C repair- $500+ for starter replacement (what I was told when I thought my starter was going out) and $700+ for something as simple as front struts. If you pay $10000 for one of these and it shortly needs some of these items, you can easily have $13K+ invested.

Like 93LSowner said, it could be a broad range, depending upon location and conditions.

Offer them $6500-$7000 that would be an approximate low (safe) price for this automobile.

Good luck at any rate.

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