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  2. FINALLY... the fix was found and resolved the mystery of why my Lexis ES300's check engine light was on after several weeks along with attempts and in-depth research to solve! NO, it was NOT the sensors at about $700 each for which I was first encouraged to change but did NOT thanks to info here. The problem WAS fixed with replacing the two ‘intake air hoses’ [accordion boots] at about $58. each on the intake manifold. Thank GOD for local mechanics at Embody’s Sunoco Station in Pottstown... $217. versus thousands of dollars spent in potentially un-repaired bills!! [air intake hose part number: 696724]
  3. I checked the fuse. It's OK. Where do I go fom here?
  4. Yesterday
  5. Looking forward to learning about my SC400. Thanks for adding me! Just bought this car and I love it! I'm here for information regarding compatible wheel upgrades, tuning the engine tutorials and to sell a few parts. Cheers!
  6. New continental tires, and balancing fixed it.
  7. I answered your "shaking" question, read it..
  8. check your drive shaft cushions, differential mounts and ALL your rear suspension (and I dont mean to just LOOK at them) prize around on them like they are going 75mph. You might look on club lexus for 98 LS400 severe rear vibration
  9. Hi Dom....welcome to the Forum It could be the new tyres bedding in, maybe give it a week to evaluate and if still not right then go back to address it with them Cheers, Trevor
  10. I bought a 98 LS4 and it is smooth until about 72 mph. Above 72 or 73, a massive vibration starts, feels like its from the rear of the car. It appears to go away under load (accelerator down), but it returns and is shaky. Rattles the rear deck. Sort of like going over the highway rumble strips to prevent drivers from diIg off the road. But the vibration is more spaced out. i searched the forum, but I don't see what may be relevant. It's not balancing or alignment bc the car will temporarily go without shaking at 72 and above. Starts vibrating depending on the accelerator input and coasting. any ideas? 1 Engine mount and 1 transmission mount replaced at 272,849 on 11/2012. 2 strut rod replaced at 235k on 3/2009. Currently has 304k miles. Thanks!
  11. Bought it. Has 304,394 miles on it now. Love it, except it shakes terribly at above 72 mph. I am sure it is is not balance, alignment or brakes. Driveshaft?
  12. I have had both the side opening in the RAV 4 and now the GX 460 and the lift on the CRV. I don't even think about one or the other.
  13. Last week
  14. hi all if you can remove the engine shrouds, and take out the 12v battery, go to costco or an auto parts store and get a replacement. if you cant do that, go to a competent mechanic,or if you go to the dealer, you pay the $$$ if you do it yourself, you do have to reset the rear windows via the instructions in the manual i think its a common issue on most new cars, my infiniti made me go thru the same "song and dance" to get the power windows to work properly z
  15. hi all i live in san jose, ca, i called stevens creek lexus, and they said to replace the bank of traction batteries is $6500 plus labor after getting over the sticker shock, doing further research, i havent heard of anyone replacing them. my 2006 RX400H has about 190K miles i am going to get another SUV soon, probably a new RX350 or something in that size range z
  16. on the drivers side valve cover. only thing on it with a hose connected
  17. I personally drive an Acura TLX but I just surprised the wife with a '17 ES 350. Eminent white pearl w/ Parchment interior. So far she loves it. I work for AutoNation and took advantage of the company promotional lease deal. $269/month with $0 down. The only concern I have so far is a shimmying feeling when driving. Almost as if one of the tires aren't balanced correctly. I stopped by the service dept this morning to address it and the advisor told me that if a car has been sitting for a while the tire will develop "flat spots". He said this is normal and to drive it for a bit. If it continues to bring it in and he'll have the techs look at it. Anyone else have this problem?
  18. Got the Chilton (thankfully from my library) and it's got literally nothing on weatherstripping replacement (doors or hatch). So that was useless....
  19. Somebody please show me where is the location of PCV valve in my 1998 ls400
  20. Hi Rick....welcome to the Club Great purchase of a car of that age with only 33k miles on it. Post up a photo of it if you like Cheers, Trevor
  21. Hello, I live in Hamilton Ontario. I am new to Lexus ownership. I have had a number of Toyotas in the past. The Lexus, an ES 330 was an impulse purchase as it only has 33,000 k's on it. This was an impulse which has been rewarding me satisfactorily. I am semi retired and work part time for a privately owned car dealership. I am somewhat mechanically inclined and will do a few repairs and servicing on my own.
  22. If you sprayed stuff in the thingy after removing the airfilter you then ruined the air meter. New ones if you can find them are $700. never ever spray anything in that hole behind the airfilter.
  23. Thanks for the detailed reply. We have a 2008 RX with extremely gooey cover. I am very frustrated at the suggestion to replace the whole switch just because of a piece of rubber, and I would just fashion my own piece of rubber. However, your method above looks like a way I might be able to power the aftermarket rear camera I've been wanting to install, so very glad to have bumped into it.
  24. Well, I ended up having to buy them from Lexus, to the tune of about $700 before tax. Now I'm just waiting for the install appointment at my favorite shop for a complete replacement of my steering and suspension components. Between Lexus and RockAuto, I've got about two grand in parts on my living room floor.
  25. The weatherstripping came off a few years ago on my 2006 RX400h's rear hatch door. (Moving big items in and out rubs against it, it's inevitable it seems if you use it for cargo!) I got away with a few years of using the black goo glue to put it back in place, but now it's in tatters and stretched and it's done. I need to replace it. The hinge for the hatch door seems to stop the new weatherstripping from going on easily - does anyone know if this is a DIY job? Thanks for your help.
  26. need a replacement chrome wheel. One of mine is shedding chrome real bad. I also a master window control switch for all windows) Reasonable please.. It's an old car. ship to 62959 in southern IL
  27. Thank-you for the advice I think I will just upgrade the the stereo with a nav unit.
  28. Cliff, I have a 2008 RX350 with NAV. The Nav is not very good. Although I was able to buy a used 'hardware hack' which allows me to enter a destination when the car is moving, I still find the system cumbersome. I do update the database every year. Finding and selecting points of interest is a bit frustrating. So, I keep my phone with Google maps or Waze running so I can actually find a gas station ahead on my route and add it to the trip. Waze seems particularly good about re-routing for heavy traffic or accidents. What I am saying is that, having used the NAV system, I personally would not consider retrofitting the OEM system to my car. The phone works much better. On long trips I will enter the destination on the Lexus system with the volume off and also use the phone. On a long complicated trip or one in areas with bad data connections I will use my Garmin with Lifetime Maps and Traffic. Sorry I am not answering your question directly. Having worked on many cars and aircraft avionics over the years, I will say that my answer to your question is yes, you can add NAV to your RX350. You can do darn near anything if you have the time and money to invest. It will be invasive, complex, and very expensive to fully transplant a factory system into your car. My opinion is that you will have then made a significant investment in order to end up with a marginally acceptable NAV system. It is possible, but not practical. I did a quick check at Crutchfield. It looks like you can buy a decent and up to date system for an RX350 for $600 to $700 which has many more features than my OEM set up. They have an accessory module which will allow you to keep your steering wheel controls. I like them because they have good installation gear and fantastic support for you or your installation shop. You should call them and discuss what you are doing with a tech before buying anything. The electronics in our 2008 RX350s are getting a bit long in the tooth; the newer aftermarket systems have a lot of features and capabilities which just weren't available in 2008. If the OEM system in my RX completely crapped out beyond repair I would probably say "good" and replace it with an aftermarket system. The biggest negative I see changing to an aftermarket system is losing the trip and diagnostic screens on the OEM system. Jim
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