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  2. Locked trunk

    e_engineer, If your car has a pass through from behind the rear seat arm rest, fashion a long hook from a coat hanger and try to pull the flourescent white handle emergency release (for use when you are locked inside the trunk) back by the tail lights.
  3. Remove seat side panel

    LauraR, Lexus holds its service manuals close to its chest, so that one will be forced to go to the dealership to get the answers. Unless you can find someone who has actually removed one from this generation ES, its a search and find out situation. That said, if your forward and backward switch still works, the best way to remove it without breaking it is to remove the entire seat from the car, lay it on its side and look for the fasteners. There are only 4 bolts that hold the seat to the car. Slide the seat all the way back and remove the two at the front at each side. Then slide it all the way forward and remove the two at the rear , one on each side. Then disconnect the battery and lean the entire seat back, and reach under its front and disconnect the wiring harnesses that come up from the carpeting to the seat. There may be several of them, one for the seat belt near the center console, a large one or separate ones for each seat switch and the lumbar air pump, and a YELLOW one for the side air bag built into the seat. That Yellow one will have a small red piece that must be removed first, before disconnecting the yellow connectors. The battery must be disconnected before you tackle that yellow connector, or you stand a chance of having the seat airbag blow up in your face. Now the entire seat can come out of the car. Lay it on its side and see how the side panel disconnects. Usually its slid over the front frame, and lock tabs snap over the rear of the frame. So prying those rear lock tabs out and then sliding the entire panel forward may release it enough for you to disconnect the wiring harnesses from the three side switches. Sometimes the side panels have three or more screws that hold them to the seat frame. Your switch may have had its connector come loose, and it may just need to be reseated. Or the switch may just be dirty. Once you have it in your hand, use some electrical contact cleaner spray (any auto supply store has it) to spray the fluid into any crevice of the switch and then cycle the switch in every direction, and repeat the process. Wait 5 minutes for the fluid to evaporate, and then hook it up to the harness (reattach the battery for the test) and try it. EBay or a wrecking yard may provide a cheaper switch than the dealership, by a long shot, if you can't get your old one to work. Good Luck!
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  5. Selling 02 SC430 motor blown some body damage, interior good SoCal
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  7. I need to replace a switch on the driver's seat side panel, the panel containing the controls seat movement. It appears that there is a screw or two inside of the panel hidden by the bottom seat cushion. The question is: does the bottom seat cushion need to be removed? Or is there another way to remove the side panel? This is for a 2004 ES330
  8. I just had my tires rotated & the owners manual (pg 437) says to initialize the "tire pressure warning system". On (pg 438) it says to "Press & hold the tire pressure warning reset switch." The picture shows (pg 438) the switch somewhere under the steering column but I can't seem to find it. Has anyone done this job & if so can you please tell me where to find this switch? thanks
  9. Do some research on your EGR Control solenoid it may be receiving to much O2 because it's not functioning properly. Is there any other previous work you've done?
  10. Assuming RX300. What year? Did the owner do transmission drain/fill religiously at 15K miles? Do you have credible evidence of a rebuild/replacement and continued conscientious service within the past five years or so? If not, then read this forum carefully again before you pay the asking price...unless you plan to flip it. Speaking plainly, realistically, and presumptuously: If you simply must have this exact car, I strongly encourage you to factor a transmission replacement or rebuild into the price you pay. (In my area, transmissions for this car are $4,500 and up, no matter who you take it to or whether you rebuild or go remanufactured.) I'd maybe ask about timing belt, but that's chump change by comparison. Routine maintenance. IMO, nothing else you'll ever have to do on this car, short of an engine replacement, will set you back much as a transmission. So what to offer? Because you won't get the owner to sign it over to you for a dollar, your best scenario will be to try to get him to split the cost of the inevitable repair with you. How badly you want this car will set the upper limit of what you offer. Lacking evidence of a fairly recent rebuild, I wouldn't pay more than $2,000 and only if I really had to have that specific car. Not that anything's wrong with the RX 300. There's a lot to like about it. I really, really like mine. But I base my strong statements on my recent experience with buying a carefully-maintained, cosmetically "very good" RX 300 last year. It had 184K miles on it when I bought it. It is "very good" cosmetically inside and out. Last March, I gambled. And lost. Here's the sad saga: At 197K miles, seven months after I bought the car, the front transfer case in the transmission began to chew itself apart. I was able to drive the last few miles to my trusted, independent Toyota/Lexus specialist without any problems. But he found several large metallic bits in the pan. Game over. The evidence I have for "by the book" maintenance history is a lot stronger than what you say you have. My mechanic has maintained my car since 2005. Before that, a local dealer serviced it at all recommended intervals. My guy showed me records of all service he had done, all at the recommended intervals...oil, transmission, timing belt, etc., etc.; all worn/broken parts replaced as needed (except for the power antenna motor). No leaks, except for a small one starting on the rack and pinion. I even had a receipt from the transmission rebuild done at 75K miles, so it had 110K on the rebuild. I figured any rebuild done by a good shop would last a few more tens of thousands of miles, so I took the chance. Alas, mine failed with 122K miles on the rebuild. The car is back in service again, and I'm enjoying it very much. Hope this helps with your decision.
  11. Thanks to everyone who commented and advised on transmission replacement for my 2000 RX300. The remanufactured unit is in. I have put a couple hundred miles on it: 70% city, 30% highway. Dry, rain, sleet, and snow. Smooth shifting in Power, ECT, and Normal modes. Any need to check the pan at or before 15K? I plan to do the 15K drain/fill interval recommended in this forum. Thanks!
  12. New LF 1 Crossover

    Here is a new photo array of the new LF -1 Crossover which will apparently replace the RX. What I noticed was the selection of power plants that will be available. Gas, fuel cells?, all electric, and hybred. Paul
  13. P0171 O2 Sensor 1 or Sensor 2?

    It is sensor 1bank 1. Bank 1 is closer to passengers. (Bank 2 is closer to front of vehicle). There are 3 total “oxygen” sensors. Two are pre cat. Literally speaking, the 2 pre cat ones are called”A/F” or air/ fuel sensors but it’s not uncommon to hear them called oxygen sensors and everyone knows what that means. The third one is post cat. The Bank 1 sensor itself is accessible from under the car. The wire connector connects just underneath the Intake manifold (on the right from above). It can be reached from above or below.
  14. Headlight leveling and VSC problems- 2000 LS400

    Please let me know how it works. I may want to buy one. Thanks ! - Jerry
  15. Hard Steering

    @Harley Rider Did you get to the bottom of it? Any updates. I have the same issue with my 08' GX470 with 125k miles and about to swing by the mechanic to get it diagnosed. Steering tension eases as the car gets warmed up and is most noticeable when the car is cold.
  16. Thanks for the response, unfortunately after doing some googling of the website numerous people have reported this site/company as a scam. Only found 1 positive review about it. As much as I need the harness I can't bring myself to chance it.
  17. ou1, Never used this service myself, but give "" a try. They have an 800 phone number as well as an online request list that searches all of North America's wrecking yards for you. Its out there somewhere. Good Luck!
  18. Please help my ES

    I'm having this same issue on my 94, biggest mistake was throwing parts at it, I'm in for about $500 with no real fix. I'd spend the $100-$125 go to the dealer and get a full vehicle diagnostic on it before you spend anymore money. And if your not mechanically inclined I'd recommend taking it to a knowledgeable mechanic to have it looked over. I'd recommend looking at your EGR Control solenoid it may not be re-cycling properly.
  19. Hi Paul, Thank you for you advise, I did move switch to left/right and only passenger side mirror moved up/down but driver side did not move. Do you think it is monitor/ anuator failure or some thing else? Danny
  20. Backup camera gridlines disappear when the temperature drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Very annoying. Brought to dealer and it was fixed for 24 hours until it got cold again. Thank you for your help.
  21. I'm confused by how many gasket this Throttle Body/IACV contains. I kept seeing the mentioning of a coolant gasket, being small round shape. I assume that there is a paper gasket where the throttle body contacts the engine block. I understand that there is a 22215-20010 gasket between the Throttle Body and the IACV. I also know that there is a round o-ring around the butterfly valve spindle that turns 90 degrees, and also a wavy brass gasket. However, is there a gasket for the coolant incoming tube? The coolant tube goes on the straight round metal pipe under the IACV. If there is a gasket for that, where is it located? Is there a picture that we can see? Thanks for your help!
  22. Cup Holder Adapter '98 LS400

    The cup holders have always been a weak point for me over the years.
  23. My engine wiring harness is pretty much shot, the wires are brittle, and the connectors are breaking from wear and tear. I've searched around a bit on Google with little luck so I'm seeing if anyone knows of a company, website, person that does complete engine wiring harnesses for a decent price for a 1994 Lexus ES300. I can't even seem to find them at the junkyards around me.
  24. People just disappear? btw i am still waiting for the delivery of my code reader from new york
  25. Odd suspension squeak

    If the squeak is coming while you are breaking i would check the life of my break pads or the health of the rotor which would need turning
  26. Cup Holder Adapter '98 LS400

    +1 to that! or Hold the cup in one hand and drive the car from the other hand simple
  27. Hi Danny, It might be that the mirror switch is toggled in the middle position. This turns off the up/down function for the mirror. Move the switch to either the left or right. This might fix your problem, Paul
  28. Accessories

    Does anyone know where to purchase accessories like a good bug sheild for 2013 460 ??????
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