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    • Hello, Need some advise of Lexus experts. Recently bought my Lexus RX400h with 145000 km, this is my first Lexus and first hybrid experience. One time at the first start I experienced problem of engine as you can see on video attached. After several days in service and all checked it appeared that I did not had a fuel. (my car is equipped wit LPG system, which is very common where I live, so I just did not check my fuel in the thank.) So I fueled my car and everything seemed to work fine, all liquids are in normal level and there are no oil leaks.  Anyway besides this problem when the cold time appeared I noticed that on the first start I have some strange engine sounds which are similar to sounds on video just several times lower and last only couple of minutes. Engine has a rattling sound and small vibration. I checked my battery which is near engine and it had a low voltage, so I changed it but the problem did not expire. So i googled the problem and found that more likely it has something to do with ISC reset and I have to perform ISC learning procedure. Has anybody experienced the same problem and what could you suggest for me to do? 20191113_174412.mp4
    • I have a 2008 is 250 that doesn't have the auto adjust for the steering wheel. I still hear a brief servo type sound from that area at startup and shut down. Is the steering wheel on these models still supposed to retract on shutdown and extend on startup even though it doesn't have power adjust? Mine doesn't but I still hear that type of noise.
    • I have a friend installing a transmission in my 2007 Lexus GS 350. He somehow managed to pull the wires out of a connector that plugs in near the top of the transmission. Lexus part number 90980-12362 connector housing We can find the part easily from Lexus or Toyota or from many sites on the internet, but the problem is that he pulled the wires out of this housing, and he doesn't know what order to put them back in. He has tried going to junk yards to buy a plug with the wires still in it, In other words cut off the harness. No luck. We have found them online and at auto recyclers but the wires are different colors. So the ideal thing would be a wiring diagram or something that shows which wire's go where in the plug housing. Maybe a photograph of the connector with the wires installed. We have not been able to find it online. Does anybody have any ideas what we can do in this situation? We are stuck and any help would be greatly appreciated!
    • i have a 00 lexu00 rx300 fwd its showing a shift solenoid D do i need to pull the tranny or is it in the transmission pan area.  To replace it thank you very much
    • I have owned my 06 RX400H for the past 5 years. It sucks not being able to power out of a turn when you understeer because of the dam TCS. I will give this a try later today. Time to take the hybrid drifting!