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    • Read many product description pages about mats I intimated that I was interested in, and the only thing I've been convinced of by the offerings that I found was that I really wouldn't be satisfied by anything that wasn't beige in color (or resembling that hue), and that settling for slabs produced in china would be the only available for a reasonable price. There were also multiple turn-off factors apparent to each of the multiple offering all manufactured by a company called BDK, and marketed by several different brand markers, Then I came across the Weather Tech brand's All Weather floor mat offering. The mats were suggested by a phone rep., and are a semi-specific fitment. Molded in the United States with a proprietary mixture of rubbery material that touts a 'low stink' factor.  Although I didn't care for the individual 2nd row mats, I was able to order -just- the driver/passenger foot well items separately, and that option turned into a $60 price tag when purchased through a -very- local (about 3 miles away) dealer in their recognized network that wasn't going to ding me with the exorbitant shipping fee schedule. The company's -matching color- trim-to-fit cargo mat product has a pronounced liquid-trapping surround rib, for a $50 price tag. These American production products have a higher-than-average combined shipping weight which indicates a thickness factor comparable to the most substantial chinese produced mats I found available. My -only- downside is that the company makes a 2nd row one-piece mat, but won't sell it separate from a complete set of a universal trim-to-fit 1st & 2nd row placement mat set. The Weather Tech signature laser-cut to specific fitment for the driver/passenger -ISN'T- available for an RX300, -but- that type of product -IS- produced for the 2nd row -AND- the cargo area mats, but has a price tag exceeding my tastes, (about $90 & $140 (+ shipping) respectively. Beyond my budget, and the cargo mat proved to be very constrictive for my pooch purposes.
    • Suggestions on headlight issue My passenger most days will not turn on. Once in a while it will turn on when I turn the car on, most days it’s off. But sometimes if I’m lucky I can turn the headlights off for bout 20 seconds then turn them back on and they will both be on.  I’ve changed the bulb twice and the ballast once I haven’t taken the headlight completely out but nothing looks wrong with it from outside or in the engine bay. no cracks or water in it Any help would be great thanks
    • hello all. https://www.ourismanlexusofrockville.com/new-lexus/nx-rockville-md.htm?search=RC050440   I am thinking of buying this one and got one OTD price back from the salesmanMSRP + DPH: $58,255 DISCOUNT -5000 Tag/Title/Reg: +352 Tax 4.15%: 2230 Doc fee: $500 OTD: 56,300 Down: $10k 2.49% for 48 months. Is this the best deal?  Should it be lower? I am new, thanks.
    • I recently bought a 2013 Lexus GX460 it is in great condition with only 41,000 miles on it.  The only issue I am having with it is that it does not sync well with my and my wife's iphones through the blue tooth.  I have a 2014 Tundra DC SR5 and the audio system software is some much better.  Is their way to upgrade the software of the 2013 Lexus touch screen and audio system to a newer version?  I was wondering if anyone had ever done something like this without changing out the screen and audio unit?  I appreciate any help you could give.  Thank you
    • The more gadgets that are in the cars, the more can possibly go wrong. Went through Sahara in a VW Beetle (very long time ago) and whatever went a bit out of order could be fixed with a screwdriver and a piece of wire. In order to determine speed of car there are little sensors on each wheel plus probably a lot of other little things that are needed in order to have the computers accepting the data they receive. A neighbour has a very beautiful 2016 model of the IS250 and is happy with it. The CT we have is also OK. Still use Lexus for service in order to have hybrid battery warranted and they also give me a document that car is good for next year every time, so though service can be made cheaper other places, they have us as customers as long as battery is warranted or we no longer have the car. If the higher price for the service includes fixing little things, I find it is something I can live with.
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