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    • The first pi The first pic is the fill hole for the coolant. You remove the bolt to bleed the system. I have a 98 which is slightly different but here's a video to get you started. I would flush the whole system if it were my car. The coolant seems to have a leak and is crusty. The coolant probably has NEVER been changed. I would also refill with Toyota red coolant or the equivalent you can find at advance auto which is Zerex Asian. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGGwyjv36OU   The second pic is the heater valve which control the heat in the car. The 2 hoses are supposed to be connected to the valve which opens and closes when you change the heat settings.
    • Hi folks, What do you see in these photos? When my little sister’s beat-up, un-maintained 1995 LS400 broke down, she got another car and was going to give the Lexus away for scrap, so I told her I would try to at least fix it up enough to drive and see if I can get a few hundred dollars out of it for her on Craigslist.   I have never owned or worked on one of these cars before (just my old Volvo and my wife’s old Outback) so I am hoping maybe one or two of you kind folks might help me figure a few things out (and go easy on me for being completely unfamiliar with the car). After diagnosing a dead battery (and a completely flat tire), one of the next things I noticed in the engine is this pair of leaks. I have no idea what the parts are that they are on, and have not been able to find any kind of labeled engine diagram or anything like thaton Google.  
    • 2002 LS430--Door lock function mysteriously changed. When locking or unlocking car with fob, exterior lights don't flash and there's no beep. No clue what changed. Also, when in park and exiting the car, the driver's door handle unlocks the driver's door--all other doors remain locked. I would like all doors unlocked automatically. My other car (Mazda) unlocks all doors, so when I jump out and go to open the rear door, no problem. In the LS430, I hop out and reach for the rear door handle, but it's locked. Waaah. My life is too complicated and hard to have to remember to unlock the rear door before getting out. Ideas?
    • Hi all! New here and I have an interesting question. I actually have an imported 1992 Toyota Celsior (the RHD Japanese version of the LS400). This is a bone stock, absolutely mint condition car with 20k actual miles. However...the climate control INDICATOR lights do not light up (the green light signifying the button is active). The backlighting works, my LCD screen is nice and clear and bright, but for example if I push fan speed or AC button they will beep and work but no green light. What is weird is this car has rear AC as well and THAT green indicator light does not light. Any suggestions? I ordered a set of "bulbs" off eBay but some quick browsing says that the indicator lights are soldered in? I am new here so this may have been answered previously and I apologize. Everything works on this car but those indicator lights. Am I missing something? Thanks for your time!
    • its the starter.had the same exact problem.