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  2. I have a the front left and right floor mats from our Lexus that we just traded in on a new one. They are dark grey. Haven't figured out shipping costs, etc. Great chance to replace worn out, faded mats! If interested, let me know!
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  4. So my 93 sc400 has 230,000 in it. Just replaced rack n pinion, right rear wheel hub n bearing, and transmission currently. Upgraded band in tranny to high performance, wider one, replaced u joints and some drive train the tranny connects to....2k for r&p, and $2500 for tranny n ujoints, drive train thingy....should I get a tune up on this car after tranny comes back working or will they tune it for me when they put it back together? Love my car. Next is seat leather or good covers and instrument panels with working displays on them. Plus driver door handle is broken, so rekey all of them probably too. Basic maintenance is a must and can stack up quick. Not to mention my driver door inner trim panel fell it's a test of my patience and wallet I am thinking. But I keep on rolling......
  5. I presume that you got this new and not a used car. So you know it’s not been in a wreck or had glass replaced previously.
  6. was at Toyota dealer with brake and abs light on and they told me I needed a brake Actuator and accumulator. I researched the forms of Lexus and seen that it was a known problem. Codes: C1241 LEXUS Meaning If there is a problem with the brake actuator assembly (Skid Control Electronic Control Unit) power supply circuit, the skid control ECU outputs the Diagnostic Trouble Code(DTC) and prohibits under the fail safe function. C1391 Lexus Description The Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) is stored if a brake fluid, internal or other leak is detected due to improper sealing in the actuator.
  7. That's about what I get too in SoCal. I between 20 and 21 MPG depending on what I am doing. And that is mostly freeway miles. I don't know who these people are getting 26 +, but I would like to talk to them. Paul
  8. i know this an old post but i am having the same problem. did anybody consider the igniter that sits right by the front strut tower?
  9. If you have option to use gasket for transmission pan, by all mean, use it. I personally hate the RTV.
  10. hello, I own a 1998 lx470. When the heat is set at 65 the temperature inside the car gets very hot. I basically have to have the heat either on or off. the AConly works on Max as well. Any thoughts?
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  12. The locks wear out. It is not that hard to replace them. I have replaced two on Fords with no issues.
  13. I got a new key from McGard. Two shops offered to cut them off with a cold chisel at $100 per hour. Bad idea.
  14. These are sophisticated and long lived cars. Buying one with 300 k miles could be asking for trouble. Why not spend a little more and save yourself a lot of problems by buying one with fewer miles, say 150 k miles?
  15. I know this is a late comment, but I just looked here for some info on my Lexus. I'm a retired electronic engineer in medical x-ray, CT etc. and deal with both high voltage and low voltage/high current circuits. I wonder if that quote of 5 ohms should have been <0.5 ohms, as at 12 volts, 5 ohms is a huge amount of resistance and a starter motor would not turn over. Even headlights would draw enough current to severely drop the voltage. The main battery leads + and - are heavy (25mm2 Copper) to reduce resistance. I look for around 0.01 ohm max to the chassis or starter motor. Two headlamps at 65W (130w) will draw 10.88 Amps at 12V ( 130/12 = 10.88A) The resistance of the two headlamps is calculated by R = E ÷ I (E =Volts, I = Amps) Therefore 12v / 10.88 = 1.1 ohm. Therefore even a 1 ohm resistance in the wiring will halve the voltage at the headlights and a 5 ohm resistance will hardly make them glow. The lower the voltage the more important resistance is. This is why AC mains is supplied for great distances at very high voltages- Here in New Zealand we use 230V which can operate with less copper in the wires than in USA at 120V A starter motor may draw say 100Amps (100 x 12 volts = 1200 Watts) and the starter motor will have a resistance of 0.12 ohms. Thus even 0.1 ohm resistance in the wires will approximately halve the voltage and may not allow the starter to turn over. Meanwhile a lot of heat is being generated in the starter leads. I have found there is much confusion in understanding the relationships between Resistance; Watts; Amps and Voltage even in auto and domestic electrical trades. Once you get your head around it, it becomes basic nature. I learned this analogy at College in the 60's - "A Volt chased an Amp thru an Ohm" Likewise, 10 volts will chase 10 Amps thru 1 ohm; and,,, 10 volts will chase 1 Amp through 10 Ohms. The formulas are available online.
  16. Do you have a particular question about the code? That's a camshaft position sensor code.
  17. I did this same swap last summer. I bought the pigtail needed off ebay. The listing included it’s diagram. Then I googled the diagram for the connector for my car’s year make and model. Cut and spliced accordingly. Hope this helps.
  18. I don't know of any specific models the read airbag codes but autozone reads the codes for free so i would try them first and see what they say. Techstream can read all the ECU codes in the car if you can manage to get it running on a laptop.
  19. Can someone please help me! I got my ignition coil changed on my 2004 gs300 on saturday because my car was having misfires. After changing the ignition coils I tried to crank the car but it wouldn't start, we disconnected everything new and put all the old ones back on and still nothing, then I realized the alarm indicator is blinking even when the key I in the ignition and turned. I tried a locksmith and he assured me nothing is wrong with the key, PLEASE HELP ME. I've changed the fuel pump, spark plugs and also tried everything I read online about resetting the alarm and nothing works, I can activate and deactivate the alarm from my key pad but the light continues to blink and the car refuses to start
  20. Crickets.... Update: we had the windshield replaced and asked the technician to ensure a perfect seal of the surfaces. Yesterday, this nor'easter weather bomb came across our area and the vehicle was wet again... I can definitely say that water flows in between the sunroof's glass sections. Anyone has an idea why the sunroof's own draining system would leak into the car?
  21. VVT Sensor Range/Performance Problem (Bank 1) This code may not come back if cleared as it is more than likely a result of the fault itself. I would first look at the engine oil quality/quantity and rectify as necessary. After that, it would be worth checking the connections to the sensor for security and corrosion
  22. So I deleted my clutch fan with electric like your post shows to and in a month my fuse box caught on fire thanks alot guyss 🥴🥴🥴🤦‍♂️
  23. Hi I have a 1999 Lexus RX300 all wheel drive I changed the timing belt the tensioner plugs coil packs solenoids coolant solenoid timing solenoid oil control valve still rurns really bad still will not stay running constantly stalls has no power and nothing's coming up on codes for anything else that is Miss or not working please I need help I have no idea what else to do or what else it could be I have checked all of the fuel injectors throttle body what else could it be please let me know,,,, Thank you....
  24. What do you mean by "roof rack"? Cross bars? You are certainly not going to find new cross bars that will fit your ES for anywhere near $50. $200 to $500 maybe but more around the $500 mark. And that doesn't give you the components to carry anything like ski's, bikes or a cargo box. Add $100's of dollars for those. What do you want to carry? Is there anyway to squeeze inside? I hate roof racks due to the noise and the hassle. I've got 35 year old Yakima cross bars with aero roof and gutter roof mounting hardware with snow ski attachments and all the locks in storage. I don't remember what I paid for the contraption back in the mid-1980's but it's a $750 set up if I was buying it today. This crap is expensive. I bought the Yakima to fit a Honda CRX - my winter "ski car" - but they fit my Lexus LS sedans just fine. Used cross bars and accessory attachments are sometimes available on Craigslist but it's trial and error to see if they fit and even then they might not be cheap.
  25. Hey I had this same problem with my 2001 Lexus Gs430. My navigation screen was stuck on the opening screen when you first turn on the car it gives you a warning about looking st the screen while driving. I went under the hood and disconnected the negative from the battery for about 5 minutes. Hooked everything back up and the disk read error indicator was gone and everything was back to normal!
  26. I have a 2009 Lexus RX350 - now out of warranty. The radio was working fine but suddenly all I got was static. I couldn't use any of the controls on the radio itself but could use the steering wheel control to adjust volume and turn the radio off. Navigation seems to be working. Has anybody experienced this? It doesn't sound like a fuse or amp issue but an antenna issue maybe? Any ideas would be appreciated.
  27. was wandering what was the next option, these people are not doing anything. They can not even return my call,
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