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  2. Hey man it's been a while. Welcome back. The two big ones are the control arms and brake actuator; but honestly there's not too much that can go wrong. Detailed list in another post from a while back: I think is largely still relevant. Good luck!
  3. Help! Need part number for coolant inlet plug (bolt)

    Finally got the parts I needed to get the LS400 back on the road. Thanks to Paul for the part numbers. $11.40 for Plug Bolt (part no. 90341-20012) $5.10 for the Gasket (part no. 90430-20017) I could had ordered the parts online and it will be half the cost but I needed it asap. Lexus delivered it in one day. #lexus #lexusls400 #coolantplug #inletplug
  4. Engine Ecu Rebuilder

    No. you don't need to do so at all as long as the memory is not changed. But you must teach the ECU your driving habits. All you have to do is just to drive both in the city and the highway.
  5. Tell Me About The Platinum Edition

    I have a beautiful gold LS400 Lexus Platinum Series. It is in great condition. I just did a lot of maintenance to it. I have spent $1800. People act like I should be giving it away to them. It is a great car, kept in the garage. But people act like I am charging 25k instead of 5495. I would take a little less as well. It is just awesome but I don't need it anymore. These are special cars.
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  7. Homelink Garage Door Opener

    No prob. I still use this technique myself.
  8. Good day to all! I know I just recently acquired the LX570 about 7 months ago but I also just joined back in the LS group again. Previously had an 07 LS460 with the Parking Guidance. Just acquired an LS460 F Sport which will be the replacement for our BMW 535i. The F Sport LS still doesnt perform like a German BMW but it can suffice for now.
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  10. Anyone know the correct PN for the FCS strut. I have a 2008 RX350 FWD w/o air suspension. I'm guessing the 2333378L/R are the correct ones. I tried to install the 1333448L/R with no luck (of course this the pair that Amazon said would fit, even after some dialog with the seller). I purchased a second set from Amazon and no fit! Thanks in advance...
  11. RX400h I did change PCV valve when I changed all the other stuff, forgot to mention that. Vehicle has 190K miles. I took it to Lexus of Mobile (AL) as there are not a lot of Lexus dealers around here, others are 3 hours away I think. 2ndRX, I am in Navarre near Pensacola, Naples is a long haul for me. Thank you both for your replies.
  12. ...sorry, there are so many vehicles in our household that I sometimes forget which ones have belts and which have chains.
  13. Hello all. I have a check engine light came on. So I found out the code from Autozone and bought a Denso bank 1, sensor 2 and had it put in. Three hours later, the light came back on and found out it is the same error code plus either bad battery or ECM. Battery is new since Jan so it could be the bad ECM. The smell of the car after driving a while is the same as before, nasty smell when I step out of the car. The car is 1996 LS400 with 178800 miles. Not looking to keep the car for a long time. In fact, I have another car to use while I get this issue fix and then I will sell it. So how do you advise on getting this issue fix. I could not sell the car with the check engine light on. No one would get it without me explaining what it is and no one would believe a word I say anyway. So I would like to see how much to get this fix. I would think the ideal is to find a ECM guy locally and have him do the diagnostic. I am in Houston and is there a company called ECM-Togo in Houston. I saw a post that states there is such a company but it could be out of business. Also please advise if a junk yard ECM is the way to go. I have have the car idle for a month or two no problem. I can always drive my other car while I get this fix.
  14. Hi, Has anyone programmed the HomeLink from a 2007 IS250 Lexus with a 2018 model LiftMaster Premium series 8355W (belt driven) garage opener? or know if they're compatible? I just got the LiftMaster 8355W garage opener 5 days ago and been unable to program it with HomeLink buttons in the 2007 IS250. According to the HomeLink site, they provide instructions to program with LiftMaster for the 2007 IS150 so I assume this means it's compatible (?). Cleared all HomeLink programming and tried all the steps to program opener following instructions from Owner's Manual, HomeLink web site, various tips given online..etc. The only step that doesn't seem to match with the instructions is that when I'm trying to sync remote with the desired HomeLink button...I get the slow blinks while I'm holding both buttons but it never gets to fast blinking, just does the slow blink until the light just stops blinking. I went ahead and continued with all the remaining steps including the learn button on the opener and going back to car to press the HomeLink button. Tried all this multiple times and different ways but still no luck. Never had issues programming it previously. Wondering if anyone has successfully programming 2017 or 2018 LiftMaster with 2007 Lexus, or maybe it's no longer compatible with the latest garage openers. Any info/help would be appreciated.
  15. Aftermrarket remote start

    What liability of the engine not shutting off are you referring to? If I were to start the engine conventionally, exit the car, then open the door to re-enter, the engine does not shut off.
  16. Just bought a sweet used 2013 ES 300h which I love however the stock stereo is underwhelming. Coming from an '09 Camry Hybrid with a JBL package (which was pretty good, great bass). This is the nicest car I have owned so far and I would like to avoid putting an actual sub and amp in the truck and dicking around with wiring etc. I would like to get alittle more bass out of the system though and hope that this can be done by upgrading the rear deck woofers. Any ideas/ past experiences etc...? Thank you!
  17. I have a 2015 nx200, 45,000 mi....getting a whine, sounds like it's coming from transmission. More prevalent when temp is warm out & after the car is driven some. Louder when accelerating some & you can hear it more when trans shifts............??? Any suggestions, dealer said they could hear it, needed more time to troubleshoot it, so I'll leave it with them next service appointment.
  18. 2006 430 SC I've signed up to ask questions about a 2006 430 SC Pebble Beach Edition with 105k miles that I'm thinking of buying. The car was turned in from the original owner, now 80, when his wife said he needed more safety sensing devices in his ride. The car has been immaculately serviced by the Lexus dealer...two sales people have said it's the most loved/serviced car they have seen in 4-8 years there. I currently own a Honda and Acura, this would be a "fun car". The Honda products are exceptional...a CR-V with 194K and a TSX with 123K...bought new and serviced as required at the dealer. I'm concerned about the upcoming maintenance and whether it needs to be serviced at the dealer and whether this car could bankrupt me. Our tax consultant says it's too old, too many miles and has the potential to be a money pit. Is she right? Does this have a timing chain or timing belt (I'm not much of a mechanic).
  19. Discoloration in side view mirror

    Nice video! It is helpful
  20. Looking for a Car Seat for pets

    Just an update guys, upon checking some seats for pets I saw this dog car seat which I think is a perfect fit for my chihuahua. I think with this dog car seat, it will be able to protect my pet from an accident while the car is moving and will also help me to eliminate distractions for me while driving. Has anyone tried a dog car seat before? Would you recommend it?
  21. First car - General Maintenance

    Hi Nick....welcome to the Club I would overservice the car if anything to ensure it gives years of service. Maybe the first one you could throw into the Dealership and then after that start tacking small jobs by yourself such as air and cabin filters then progress to engine oil and filter depending on your practical abilities. It's always satisfying working on your own car though...not to mention money saving as well
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  23. New Member of the Club

    Hi Jeffrey...welcome to the Club Loving the new Lexus and the colour is lovely....
  24. Nice house, it's really fun to watch house the house was built from the very start. ;)
  25. Newest Crew member

    Thank you for welcoming me! ;)
  26. parting out 95 LS400

    Hello Not sure if you still parting out the vehicle. I am in need of some help on a part. I am looking for this filler plug. lmk if you still can supply it for me.
  27. Hood

    Hi I'm Elias, hopefully everybody is having a good day, I was wondering if anyone knew where i could find a sc300 hood. It can be any color
  28. Just recently (Mar 2018) - on my 2013 ES350 - the USB port in the console next to the drivers seat, no longer charges a cell phone. I changed the cord, tried it on my Android and on my wife's older flip-phone. Nothing. I've used it to charge phones over the last few years and suddenly this. Anyone else experienced this?
  29. Hi everyone!. On the dash: CHECK VSC and check engine light on: codes for bank 2 sensor 1 and ECT sensor. Low tire light on and red triangle with exclamation point on. Aprox 160 000 miles on it. Thank you for any help.
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