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  2. Hello! I have had a hell of a time with my 1994 LS400 over the last couple of weeks. Mainly, I've had a severe issue with loss of power at high acceleration. If I push on my pedal hard, the engine basically dies until I release the pedal. I have to push very slowly to be able to drive. Current engine codes: 13 (RPM Signal No. 2), 24 (Intake air temp. sensor signal) 25 (Air-fuel ratio lean malfunction) 31 (Air flow meter signal) 41 (Throttle position sensor signal) 47 (Sub-throttle position sensor signal) 71 (EGR system malfunction) Current TRAC codes: 26 ( Sub-throttle valve does not move even when the sub-throttle valve is controlled to fully open position by ECU) 45 ( When idle switch is ON, main throttle position sensor signal is 1.5V or higher ) 47 ( When idle switch is ON, sub-throttle position sensor signal is 1.45V or higher ) 51 ( Problem in engine control system ) I initially suspected the root cause of the issues I was having were either my MAF, or my TPS. I replaced my MAF, which cleared engine codes 24 and 25. I then proceeded to replace my TPS. Once replaced and adjusted as best as I could, code 41 still had not disappeared. I also attempted to replace my sub-TPS, (the TRAC TPS closest to the air intake pipe on the passenger side of the car), but the part I ordered had the wrong connector shape so I wasn't able to continue the work. I reinstalled the old sub-TPS, and now any time my key is turned to ACC or right at car start, there is this very audible clicking noise that can be heard from the throttle body. It only lasts for a few seconds before stopping. This clicking noise was not here before I replaced my sub-TPS, and I have found absolutely zero information online as to how to diagnose this issue and/or fix it. I have unplugged my sub-TPS for the time being. The clicking noise is gone, and also my TRAC light has turned off. As far as fixing the car goes, I can hear a bit of hissing from the engine. Would vacuum leaks be causing the drastic power loss issues I am having? I am planning on replacing my spark plugs and vacuum hoses by the end of next month. In the meantime the car is able to be driven, but I cannot push on the pedal hard basically.
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    Thanks very one my 1996 lexus is fixed. It a 10 Am fuse. I change everything on the car mass flow. Wire. Cab spark plus and ecu and car still doing same thing until i read this post and know it 10 am fuse efi thank you
  5. The Panoramic View Monitor is listed in the 2020 RX sales brochure as an available option: RX_2020.pdf Dealers don't always order and stock unsold vehicles with particular options. If you want the optional Panoramic View Monitor, you could do a special order and get exactly what you want. The RX350 is assembled in Ontario and shouldn't take all that long to get. The last Toyota brand vehicle we bought was assembled in Indiana and took exactly 28 days to get on a special order.
  6. I had tire sensor light on for over a week in my es350 2011, blinking than going solid ,meaning that potentially sensors are dying. I had it checked and was told that 4/5 tire sensors are dead. in the past 2 days, however, the sensor light stopped coming on . Why is that? sensors came back to life?
  7. There is a firmware update that addresses this.
  8. Hi Wilson, Did you manage to find the answer to your question? The fuse for Power Outlet No.2 is in the engine compartment and is rated at 20A. I also would like to power my Kenwood TM- D710GA from it. If I pull the said fuse in the engine compartment, power to that socket stays on. 73 Charles EX0CK
  9. I change the battery and programmed that the key and still no luck. It had been working fine up until now 3 any ideas?
  10. As a way of giving this thread a bump, and thanking the previous posters, I encountered this problem in my 2004 GX this week, and was able to get the replacement relay from Autozone for $16. Easy fix, and the second time I've had to do it (once around 100k miles, and now at 217k miles). Thanks!
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  12. We have a 2010 RX350. It is winter here in Utah so a heater is a must. The driver side works fine, but the passenger side blows cold. I am assuming it is an issue with the blend door? Is there any other possible issues it could be? Where exactly is that blend door that I need to inspect?
  13. I'm curious too I have the same problem have anybody found out how to fix this problem with the convertible top not be able to close showing op suspended any solutions??
  14. Change the trans fluid. I wish I had in hindsight after my transmission in the"04 LS430 went south. Traded it in with 230K showing on the odo, but it was a great car. The new one I bought just doesn't feel as rock solid as the "04.
  15. curious if its possible / remotely easy to swap the ecu ignition and w/e is involved with the immobilizer from my 98 gs300 into my 2000 <lost only key> and rather not pay 400+ for a reflash and new keys if i have what i need here
  16. It can be very difficult to drill out. You can purchase a solid carbide burr and grind(make sure carbide is on tip) Then use left hand drill same size as used for tap(make sure drill is in reverse) this will draw old bolt. Good luck Jeff
  17. Also, since my vehicle had the nav, I didn't like the idea of the stereo replacement being positioned lower. Feared it would make it difficult to tap one or two buttons while driving.
  18. Hello, have a problem, two may not be related. Recently did the timing belt/water pump. Put it all back together. And now am blessed with missfire scan codes and indeed, engine does miss. has new Iridium plugs wires, distrib cap, rotor. Ran fine before change. Checked Timing belt timing. All spot on. TE-1 E-1 underhood connector with timing light. I did notice that in this test mode, the car ran great!! I read that the computer is using programmed values instead of sensor data in this mode. I got a scan tool and this is one round of scan with this unit. maybe someone here is familiar and could offer a possible culprit. Fuel system 1 status CL Fuel System 2 Staus CL calculated load value 14.1 engine coolant temp 190 Short Term Fuel trim - bank 1 0.8% Long term fuel trim - bank 1 7.8 % Short Term Fuel Trim - bank 2 0.8% Long Term Fuel Trim - bank 2 6.3% Engine Rpm 718 Ignition Timing Advance for #1cyl 14.5 degrees Intake air temp 91 degrees air flow rate from Mass Air Flow sensor 0.4lb/min absolute throttle position 10.6 degrees oxygen sensor output voltage (B1-S1) 0.740V Short Term fuel trim (B1-S1) 0.8% oxygen Sensor output voltage (B1-S2) 0.580 V short term fuel trim (B1-S2) 99.2% Oxygen Sensor output (B1-S1) 0.060 V Short Term Fuel trim (B2-S1) 0.8% BJ
  19. I had this happen after a battery check was done. The Lexus logos would come up as usual but no nav or backup camera. If memory serves I did have climate control and something else. Turned out there here was a 7.5A fuse that blew in the panel in the floor of the trunk. I am told that one of the first things to do with an electronics issue is check all of the fuses because everything is so interconnected.
  20. This just happened to my '05 LS430. The tl:dr version of my story is a specialist company rebuilt it in town for ~half the price of a new part (~$600). When my problem started, I checked every ground and fuse with a multimeter and couldn't figure it out. I brought it to my trusted local shop, who couldn't figure it out. They outsourced it to a local vehicle electronics specialist that wouldn't even touch it. Apparently, the bulbs in this part get so hot and just weaken the plastic over the years and makes them very brittle to remove and work on. I finally took it to the dealer for a replacement, but the part has been discontinued and they couldn't find one in stock anywhere. They subbed it out to the rebuilder who did the job in about 2 weeks. While it was there, I asked the dealer which specific part it was (83801-50200, 83801-50201, or 83801-50221) so I could start looking for used ones, but couldn't get a straight answer. I hope this helps future owners who have this problem and find this thread!
  21. It is a common problem. I have a 2014 LS460 F Sport. All four actuators have failed, at $1000+ each. This is not what I was expecting when I bought a Lexus.
  22. They've reversed to touch screen in the latest version of RX/NX - can't remember which one exactly...
  23. Not exactly on your question. But. Go here, register your car. Probably (but not guaranteed) is that you'll have everything fixed for free.
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