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  2. I got my car scanned and it was diagnosed to pop up p0420 code. Does it mean my oxygen sensor (which of the sensors) is bad or the catalyst converter is bad?
  3. I guess I should add what I consider the greatest advantage of synthetic oil is that it does allow you to stretch your oil change interval. I have always used 5000 miles as the minimum oil change interval versus 3000 miles for dino. Blends are that kind of in between. But if the miles get away from you and you aren't a stickler about your oil change intervals, then synthetic gives you a little breathing room until you have time to get it changed. Just my humble opinion of course. LOL. Paul.
  4. Recently, I saw people's exhaust smoking and releasing some bad fumes that us harmful to health and the environment. I always feel bad when I see those fumes. How can I maintain my car to avert such occurance. Thanks.
  5. Hello, I’m new to Lexus. We have a friend who is relocating and is selling her 2011 GS350 2WD. 63,000 miles. Based on the VIN it has the “Luxury Value Edition” option. When you do a price evaluation on KBB or Edmunds it checks all the options boxes. Looking at $13,500. It is in impeccable condition with the exception of a minor repair needed to the front bumper. All routine maintenance has been done by local Lexus dealer. No additional repairs have been needed So far, so good. Are there any things I need to know/investigate before I buy this car next month? Thank you for you insights!
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  7. Hello all, Just bought a 2006 Lexus LS 430 with 94k miles and have some questions. So far I enjoy the car and read many articles, watched many videos and talked to my mechanic and all have said this is a great car. I’m sure I will enjoy it more after I get over the anxious of buying an older vehicle. I have a couple of questions: 1. When I hit about 65 mph the wind noise can be quite loud. Is this common? Is there a way to reduce it? Otherwise under 60-65 it is quite 2. Is there a way to change out the stereo? I don’t need anything fancy, just an aux chord and Bluetooth connectivity would be nice. Looking on crutchfield and it says not recommended to change out the stereo 3. Are there any concerns or issues I need to be aware that are common? Timing belt and water pump have been changed, new front brake pads. 4. The low tire pressure light stays on after adding air and reset, comes on within a day? Common in my older car Thank you all for your help
  8. The X package came without a moon/sun roof. All the other features mentioned can be added to an IS car.
  9. Hello all, I got Ls 2004 and having the same issue it's the tire sensors but the problem we can't know which tire so I'm going to replace one by one until this stupid light 'tire low" disappear. Mj
  10. Well. Its hard to say from that pic. And between the tie-wraps and clamps I see in the picture, I would say you have your work cut out for you. I have a 97 LS400 so what I can tell you is that there should be a sticker on the inside of the hood that shows the routing of the vacuum lines. I'm assuming that you are back up and running normally but are concerned with someone's decidedly shoddy work. It looks like there was either a hose attached and was disconnected and the port blocked off, or there was a rubber plug there that was lost and a little redneck engineering came into play. No check engine light? No running rough or hesitation during acceleration? I would take time to just crawl around on top and under to see if you find a hose not hooked to anything. Let us know what you find out. Paul
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  12. Hi all. Wheel/handling issue. I purchased a set of the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ upon needing to switch out the original dealership tires. I had these put on and then I went to a Lexus dealership and got a full alignment. That was six months ago and the car has been "fishtailing" ever since. I hit a bump and the back end kicks for a moment. The worst is driving in the rain. The back end snakes all over and it feels deadly. I had the dealership re-check the alignment and they say it's perfect. However, my back tires are wearing much quicker than they should. Anyone have any ideas what the issue may be? Thanks! ~S
  13. Here's a number of solutions. One may work. window switches&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy&search_and_or=and
  14. I have a 2017 RC 350 FSport with 20k miles. Great engine with high performance from eco to sport plus settings. Having the injector cleaning done and will see if I see any change in performance and gas mileage. I keep cars for a long time (Had a Lexus GS300 for 15 years with 150k miles and never had a single problem). Regardless of opinions, I can afford to have it done and it’s worth peace of mind.
  15. Aside from the sound, how is the performance of the F Sport exhaust? Does it affect your fuel efficiency? Thanks
  16. Kie

    Rx330 Rack

    Thank you for your comment! it's really helpful! I just went to check with another service. They told me they are not sure it is the pump or the steering is leaking. So, they clean and put dyer and ask me to drive for another 400miles.
  17. Maybe the transmission mount is worn out or the plate that connects the shift knob to the transmission is loose.
  18. Running the car out of fuel will wear out the pump whether intentional or not. The gas helps to keep the pump cool and when there's no gas the pump can overheat. The car is 25 years old and if it's on the original pump it might be due for a change. Changing the pump is not that hard. you just have to pop up the bottom rear seat cushion by pulling up hard on each end and it snaps out. Then take off the bottom bolts to the seat back. there are also hidden bolts behind the headrests that are covered by flaps then you have access to the gas tank. the pump itself is not that expensive.
  19. Lexus always has a manufacturer's booth at IMSA events because there is a Lexus team competing in GTD with two RC F's.!team
  20. I have located a 93 SC400 with 93K miles on it. The owner has some service records. The timing belt, water pump, etc were replaced at 75K miles. Anything in particular that I should look for? What other services should I look for that have been completed in a used SC? Thanks in advance. Dean I live in Northern Az. I located a Lexus 93 SC 400 with slightly over 100 K miles on it. Interior / exterior was excelant . I drove the car and it drove and shifted well. I could see it needed tires and brakes and maybe rotors ? I wanted to get the car on a hoist but no local station or car shop would let me under the car for insurance reasons. I bought the car,,When I put new tires on it and took it in for alignment they said they could not align it because the Lower Control Arm bushings were shot.. I took it home and got it up on jack stands...They were correct...The bushing were not worn out the rubber had just mostly roughted out. I removed both lower control arms and searched for new bushings only to find that Lexus does not provide them any more...However they would sell me two new lower control arms ( with new bushings installed) at a cost of $1100.00 per control arm.. I was not going to invest $2200.00 plus tax into a car that I had not had a chance to really test drive. With the help of my neighbor who builds custom cars...we managed to find thecorrect size Lexus bushing used on a newer Lexus that were available. I bought the front and rear bushings for each control arm from Lexus dealer for about $350.00..I found the the reason Lexus did not supply these bushing was that the labor to remove the old bushings ( without damaging the control arms was more expensive than just installing the new control arms. The reason was the origional bushing had no metal lip to get ahold of to press them out..It's a long story of how I did it but I did manage to replace the bushings in my workshop and get the alignment done. BOTTOM LINE ( check the Lower Control Arm Bushings) At this point the car is on the road and running very well. I bought the new rotors and the (NO FADE) brake pads from Rock Auto . I put Cooper tires on the car... I now enjoy driving the car, it steers fine and corners flat. The engine and auto trans. work just fine ( I changed All the fluids ) Take Care, Fineride (AKA Don)
  21. Wondering if anyone has or knows of a place I can get OEM quality leather for a 06/is350 drivers seat in beige? Thanks!
  22. Outstanding! So glad you found it. Problems like that one can just about cause you to buy a new car! LOL. Thanks for lettings us know what you found. Paul
  23. I have a 2007 lexus es350. I noticed the cooling fans were not working so I wiggled the relay for them and they started working. I pulled the relay and made sure there was no corrosion on the pins. Good and clean. I reinstalled the relay and went to start the car. No buttons for the a/c came on and when trying the climate control on the nav screen, everything is grey. Nothing changes. The blower motor wont come on and I can select the a/c to turn on. I hooked up a scanner and try to read codes for the hvac unit and I get not communication to the module. I have checked all the fuses and they are all good. Any ideas? Anything will help.
  24. yeah you would have to get the owner to push the LEARN or PROGRAM button on the receiver.
  25. Very nice. How did you find that disconnected sensor? Hope it was you and it was free. 😁 Paul
  26. Thank you Trevor. My problems are with the 2004 Lexus RX330 model.
  27. Hello all. New (to me anyway) Lexus owner. I got a 99 GS 300 and noticed a few quarks. The door locks don't always work and the driver side one I have to physically lock with they key or before shutting the door. Already replaced fob battery just to make sure wasn't the signal. Any suggestions on what else I can try before getting dealership involved?
  28. Can you please send me the instructions too? Thanks.
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