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  2. Absolutely agree man, the big solid yellow exclamation and then while in motion blinking explanation is even more frustrating but as i said not worth it so i will just close my one eye Here in this country you can pass an inspection even with the check engine light on, the inspection is not taking account the electronic part/ lights glowing in the dash, only mechanical inspection from underneath the car; oil leak check; Tyre tread check; break check; indicators check; headlight check; wipers check and you are good to go
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  4. It was so long ago, that I'm not sure they would even know - and I don't know who there to ask. You could call them, though - Hendrick Lexus in Charlotte. They did not fix it themselves, but had someone come in (I think it was someone who did detailing as well) and take care of it. I found the statement in my records. It's a Hendrick Lexus statement from 6/19/2014, and the entry for that work reads like this: SUBLET .... PO# 108733 DESCRIPTION: LEATHER REPAR (actually, they misspelled it "LEAREHR REPAIR" on the statement) Cost was $150. The service advisor on that statemen
  5. Installed the premium all season 265/60/17 tires. Rides smooth as glass and very quiet.. The Falken 265/70/17 ATW3 were somewhat noisy and the ride was not smooth. The height drop is noticeable makes the entry and exit much easier. 2-3 mph actual speed difference ( 60 mph on the speedometer is actually 57-58 ) and the GX has better acceleration due to the tire diameter in effect lowering the rear differential gear ratio.
  6. I've checked my bushings while back there and they seem to be ok. The rear doesn't do as much work as the front so I guess they last longer and by the time they need to be addressed most ppl have moved on from the car.
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  8. The ride is very quiet and smooth with a set of premium all season 265-60-17's. This tire is one inch in diameter smaller than the OEM 265-65-17 and 2' smaller than the 265-70-17 AT's I replaced. The 470 sits noticeably lower but the wheel wells do not look that empty. The smaller diameter helps acceleration.
  9. Search gave me nothing so... I plan to put coil overs on my "02 SC: I prefer a comfortable ride and want a small drop to fill up the wheel wells. TIA
  10. Here's a handy list of best to worst all-terrain tires from Consumer Reports magazine.
  11. Check the cable connections to the battery's terminal posts. An alternator can't charge if the the connections are not good. You can also take your vehicle to an auto-electric shop. They solve battery drain issues that dealership mechanics cannot.
  12. Hey, I'm a new member and I saw your post, that's almost 4yrs ago, did you buy it?, look at maintenance reports and see the looks of the car if still good, if it worth $5k I got my 2009 IS250 last 2017 for $12k with 87k miles in it, I still have it until now 2021, running good, no issues, just proper maintenance.
  13. You can try Step 1
  14. Never mind; I decided to try it and the answer is an emphatic "No". Wishful thinking on my part.
  15. They say that the AISIN warner speced oil is different and to use the right one is important. Mixing different ATF where one is wrong is also a bad idea. I would be very unhappy I f I expereinced what you did. If you are expereincing problems stil you may need to do 5 time 2 quarts once more . IF he got 3 quarts in there of the wrong stuff ca 1 quart is still in there now of the bad stuff. I have never had that problem so I do not know what problems to expect really but I would guess harder shifting could happen due to different additives.
  16. Looking to buy a 2016 lexus gsf in boston area not from a dealer. car has 135,000 miles on it. Local dealership asking $345 to evaluate car. Does anyone know of a mechanic that can evaluate the car. Looking for quality and someone who knows what they are doing and honesty not the best price. please also comment on the miles and the reliability of the V8 - 2UR-GSE and the mileage on the car thanks
  17. Having been off a few rotations on both right and left cams, how would I make sure both sides are at TDC? Should I remove spark plugs at 1 and 2 ('05 V8 LS430) and do the screwdriver trick? 1 should be topped out and 2 should be bottomed? or both topped? Read the whole thread and a few others on other forums and hope I haven't done real damage so far. Right cam snap-rolled forward and I couldn't rotate it back. Found it can turn forward easily and snap-rolled 2 more times back close to original timing. Then I tried to rotate a little more but it kept springing forward. I must've had it do
  18. I'll give that a look; maybe I am running too many apps, or maybe having radio on at same time is the problem? But it seemed to be fine when I first got the vehicle. I thought maybe an iOS update had caused it Thanks for your input!
  19. So I ended up bringing the wire over just fine with a fish, thanks for the suggestions. Now I have my turn signals all wired up but I need to tap into the parking lights since the mirrors have them now. I know I need to find the 'Front Controller', a male connector that goes into it has a Green/Orange wire that powers the Parking Lights. It also controls some functions of the Fog Lights and the Headlights, all I've heard online is that it is located next to the brake pedal underneath a kick panel but there are so many different modules up near the dash area I'm not sure where to start. Anybody
  20. Having great success with thid battery replacement in the rx450h
  21. IS F / IS250 / IS350 (2006-2013 / 2nd Generation) In this generation, your vehicle equipped with a satellite switch (located on dash just left of steering wheel) to change the settings of various features. Follow these steps to reset the TPMS:
  22. Hmm, he may check out these American racing wheels to get a clear idea of the rims that he's after. They're stylish (in every sense) and are very affordable.
  23. I did the same thing I put 7 quarts of recommended oil types & weight. I run it for while to see if it will level up, and the level right now is same right on top the dot. Bad or it’s Ok?
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