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  2. When I'm driving in traffic, I use the Hold button, so I may take my foot off the brake while in traffic. I nice relaxing feature. It works well in light traffic. But, if I'm stopped for perhaps 5 minutes in traffic, the parking brake seem to forget to release. This may be broken or a "Toyota safety feature". After stopped for 5 minutes, I must manually push release the parking brake. What are your thoughts? Should the automatic hold feature, which automatically releases in light traffic, also release automatically in heavy traffic? 2014 LS460 (CPO, with extended warranty) 70,000 miles
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  4. Well, I tried another thing and it worked. i took off the negative battery clamp and let it sit for a hour. Took the car for a 25 minute drive and it started working again. Maybe it completed some sort of drive cycle and reset? Anyhow it now works. Bob D
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  6. I've never bothered to look into why artist, album and track information doesn't show when playing music from CD's on Toyota/Lexus in-dash systems but all the information does show on the in-dash screens after I copied my music collection to my phone and then stream the same music from my phone via Bluetooth. And it's way easier to scroll through my rather large music collection on my phone screen than to juggle a bunch of physical CD's. I put phone holders high on our dashboards to make it easier. The steering wheel controls can be used to skip and restart music tracks streamed from phones over Bluetooth. Streaming my music collection via Bluetooth from my phone sounds as good as playing the same music from an original commercial CD - I've tried hard to tell a difference even with engine off. Bluetooth sound quality sure has improved since the early days. I don't listen to my music collection all that much anymore ... mainly stream from Internet services (Pandora, YouTube Music, Amazon Prime Music, Tunein Radio) or listen to The Bridge or The Spectrum channels on XM satellite radio while I drive. I use the free iBolt Dock'n Drive phone app to make using streaming apps safer to use while driving. All the music on your 500 albums would probably all fit on an 32 GB SD card in your phone or in an iPhone if it has a decent amount of memory. Or upload your music to a cloud storage service and stream it from there. A bonus of having my music collection on my phone is that I can listen to it while I'm flying and in other situations where I don't have Internet access. Sorry I can't answer your question but CD's are going the way of cassette and 8-track tapes. Some car makers have stopped putting CD players in new vehicles.
  7. I was going to buy a Lexus RX 350 maybe a 2013-2015 models but is it worth getting the hybrid and are they just as reliable?
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  9. jjbrahma

    Specs for A/F sensors

    Hi. I had the code P0440 before as well. It occurred after I went over a 2 inch drop in the road, in a construction zone which caused my VSC, Trac Off and 1 minute later my Chk Eng light to all light up. I freaked out since I can't afford the cost of the sensors. Anyway, I went to Pepboys had them read the computer and P0440 is what came up. The Mechanic said he had another 2002 RX300 in a couple of days prior and it is definitely a vacuum leak but, the leak could be anywhere from the Air Filter to the Gas Tank. He checked the Air Filter first & it was good...that's when he said it's anywhere from the Air Filter to the Gas Tank. I came home, scoured the Internet and ended up on a Mercedes site speaking of the same issues. Took the information from the Mercedes site and scoured again for 2002 RX300s and finally found the answer. Put the original gas cap back on and trash the locking gas cap (I put a locking cap on after the gas lines went crazy when people thought they weren't going to get gas, a few years ago & I remember the 1970s); Reset the Computer. Simple as that...just Reset the Computer. So, I disconnected my battery's positive terminal for 24 hours (I wasn't going anywhere, wanted to ensure that nothing was getting electricity and wanted a hard reset...not a soft reset). 24 hours later on Sunday morning while most people were either in Church or sleeping off Saturday night I reconnected my battery, set my radio stations and drove off down the Dallas Freeway heading towards Oklahoma. I drove 27 miles North at an average speed of 77 to 80 mph (The Speed limit is 75), turned around and came back. I was instructed, via my readings, to drive a minimum of 50 miles so my total miles driven was actually about 58 (54 highway miles). It should be noted that my Avg. MPG while I was driving continued to rise all the way up to around 56mph (I have a pic showing 44 after I started City driving) but, I couldn't take the 56mph pic while I was driving. Right now 5 months later my Avg MPG is around 28mph. Everything changed when I reset the computer (this is why I left the battery disconnected for 24 hours)...all auto functions changed, the warning lights stayed off, I'm showing better gas mileage, the engine isn't idling rough anymore and generally it is acting and driving like a new vehicle. It also passed State Inspection a few months ago with better results than last year. I know this doesn't answer your questions about the wiring but, this will probably save you alot of time. It's worth a try. Oh, I almost forgot, the 50 miles of driving after reconnecting your battery must be non-stop driving (no engine shutoff until after the driving). Hope this helps. Good luck!
  10. Director59

    Tells Us About Your Car And Its Mods Or Problems

    I recently purchased (Sept 18) a 2002 Lexus RX300 2WD 123K, that was only owned by one other person. It does have some minor body dents and dings, the interior is like new. When I purchased it the MILwas on and the DTC code was P0440. I started checking for Vac line leaks as that is what the Lexus dealer had told the previous owners. Then suddenly the VSC and TRAC off lights came on and now the DTC are P1135, P1155, and C1201. I cannot believe that both of the A/F sensors would go bad at the same time.
  11. Had a 93 with same problem. After much work I discovered that the ECM (computer) had bad capacitors that eventually start failing. There's a topic somewhere on this forum that details the fix which involves repaired computer that will work but you have to either find one in a junk yard that has already been fixed or find a company that does the repair. I was lucky to find a wrecked 94 that had been repaired and had a warranty on it. I am an electrical engineer so I can repair the old computer with new caps (cost about $10 for the parts). That's why I'm here to find the info on parts location so I can fix it and use it as a spare. The repair companies that repair these things charge about $900 for one with a warranty.
  12. Abid221

    What's this cable for?

    Hi So it was a nice and sunny morning and I decided to change my number plate bulbs to LED. So I removed the cover and just next to the number plate bulb housing I found a cable which looked untouched and I couldn't find anywhere it could fit. Could it be for the reverse camera? Mine is a 2003 LS430 Non air suspension , without reverse camera, blinds and fridge. Thanks
  13. The volume knob seems to change the station randomly if you spin it but thats it, and does not effect the volume of the car. It is very loose. Much less tight than that of the heating. When we take the volume knob off the metal piece that clicks into the back of the knob is loose. Pushing it in does nothing. I also need to make the window regulators work, and also my heated seats are stuck on the passenger side is stuck in the low position. That is all folks bought this Lexus for 300. I really like it. Came with straight pipe. Could use a radio because the sound of it is very loud. Thank you.
  14. Hagar


    Mine 04 LS430 UL did the same thing. Replaced LCA bushings, problem solved for me.
  15. Are you the original owner? If so, has the Auto button ever worked? If you are not the original owner, see the Customization section of your owners manual which shows that the exterior mirror Auto button can be disabled by a Lexus dealer. A prior owner could have requested that the Auto feature be turned off. Some people are paranoid about wearing out the mirror retraction motors and would rather control them manually only when they need to retract them. Replacing the retraction motors is fairly expensive and early versions were prone to failure after a few years. A problem I've had is the exterior mirrors freezing in the retracted position in ice storms; the retraction motors were unable to overcome the ice and return the mirrors to the extended position while making a nasty noise. I try to remember to not retract the mirrors when I park outside and icy weather is forecast.
  16. 1990LS400

    Service instructions manual

    Look two posts back in this thread and follow the link provided by Filehorse to get to the documents.
  17. 1990LS400

    Stolen Valet Key

    Was the valet key stolen when the car was parked where you frequently park it? If not, the thief might not find your car again. You might be able to have the all the keys "deleted" from the vehicle ECU memory and then have the keys you still have programmed back in. The thief would still be able to unlock and gain access to your car but the stolen valet key could not be used to start the engine. If that is not good enough, yes, you can have the service center replace and program new keys but there will be significant expense to change the door and trunk locks and the ignition switch. Insurance may cover much or all of the cost if you have it.
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  19. Anne-Marie

    SC430 Error Code 3 CD Player

    Hey thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it. I had to read it twice to make sure I understood your message correctly, as at first I couldnt imagine sticking a knife into the CD slot. But, I get the concept - and will give it a go this weekend. It beats heading to after market radio shop to buy/install a new one, if this works. Fingers crossed. Mahalo from Maui Anne-Marie
  20. I have a 2018 RX450hl with the luxury package and navigation. I notice in the manual that I can press the button right of the Homelink buttons for 3 seconds and will then have a compass reading on the mirror. Does anyone have that feature in their mirror if they have navigation?
  21. vissine

    1992 Starter Replacement

    Thank you for sharing. I hope that I won't have to do this.
  22. It doesn't matter which one go to which location.
  23. vissine

    Steering Column Adjuster Motor Grinding

    Lexus LS400 - Steering Column Repair
  24. I am wondering how the rain sensing wipers work in cold weather. If the wiper stick in set to Auto and the car is started in cold weather, and the windshield has snow or ice on it, will the wipers automatically start. The manual states “If the temperature of the raindrop sensor is 194°F (90°C) or higher, or 5°F (-15°C) or lower, automatic operation may not occur. In this case, operate the wipers in any mode other than AUTO mode.” My sons Dodge Truck manual indicates that if the windshield is 32 degrees the wipers will not engage. My concern is that if I forget that the wiper mode is in Auto and the car is started, the wipers can be damaged if there is frost or snow on the windshield. Anyone have any info on this?
  25. Update on this item: Bought a replacement brake light switch for $20 and installed it in about 15 minutes. Problem solved. Thanks for the tip Lenore!
  26. My 2013 GS350's dashboard clock has started to run 30+ mins faster. I can fix the time in the evening and the following morning is 30+ mins faster.. This has been going on for 4 days now. Clock was accurate before that time. Weather has been reasonable (30-60F) so no extreme temperatures to affect voltage. Battery is about 4yrs old. I don't have a problem cranking up in the morning. Any thoughts?
  27. Recently had my "Brake Pad Wear" light activated. I'm sure it's accurate as I've put 90,000 miles on this car (purchased it with 30,000 miles) and I've never had to put brakes on it. It seems the rotors are ok, and I'll start with the pads. My question is: I know the brake pad sensor needs to be replaced as well. If it is only one of the sensors that is tripping the indicator light, do I still need to replace all 4? If not, how can I determine which one is active and replace that one?
  28. playmeo

    Speed Warning

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum and I have inherited a 2004 Lexus SC 430. Is there anyway to turn off the speed warning when your going faster than the posted speed limit? Thanks
  29. I own a rx450h 2013 with 85000 miles. Drove the vehicle every day and never had a battery problem until I had to leave it at the dealership on a Saturday for service. They could not get to it until Monday. Received a nice 2019 for a loaner. On Monday they completed the service and remarked that they had to jump start the battery. Had no time to replace then so had to wait. After a week of driving I had no battery problems until I went away for a weekend leaving the car in the garage. On Monday it would not start. I replaced the battery on Tuesday. Went two weeks without any problems until I went away for another weekend. On Monday the vehicle would not start. Battery two weeks old. Jump started vehicle and went to AutoZone. Battery checked out okay. The following weekend I let the car sit in the garage for 2 days on Monday the battery was dead. No lights were ever left on. The only thing working was the security system. I am taking vehicle back to the dealer for a checkup next week
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