Lexus NX Gets Ice Wheels

Tuesday 22 December 2015

By James Mosley

Not content with creating a hoverboard (yes the one that actually hovers) and an origami Lexus IS as part of its “creating amazing” mission, this time Lexus have seen fit to craft an actual set of wheels out of ice and fit them to the Lexus NX.

Lexus commissioned a team of ice sculpting specialists who after spending 3 months researching, designing and testing the wheels, fitted a set to a Lexus NX and drove the car along a road in London. The car was first stored for 5 days at a rather chilly -30 degrees C to prepare it for the fitting – but don’t worry, we’re told it started first time as you would expect from a Lexus.

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Hamilton Ice Sculptors in London were chosen by Lexus to complete the task and the company were first given a set of genuine NX wheels and tyres to laser scan and replicate using computer design. However, as you would expect from something made so intricately out of ice, a certain amount of hand crafting was required. It actually took the team of four ice sculptors 36 hours per wheel to achieve the millimetre perfect finish with even the tyre tread patterns being recreated. The team also used acrylic inserts to ensure that the wheels could support the weight of the NX and also LED lighting to give the can an extra special look.

Richard Balshaw, Lexus UK Director, said: “Creating Amazing is what Lexus is about. Projects such as our hoverboard, the origami-inspired cardboard car and now a dazzling set of fully functioning ice wheels, demonstrate how we use advanced technologies and the best craftsmanship traditions to achieve outstanding results. That’s not just for eye-catching one-off projects, but for the cars we deliver to our customers, too.”

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