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Hi y’all, made an account just to post here cause I’m beginning to lose my mind on this one. I have a 2000 Lexus ES300, and for the last year it’s been very rough. Originally I got a check engine light, code said it was the o2 sensor. The one that’s a pain in the !Removed! to get to by the firewall. No biggie, replaced it, and thought it ran okay. Until two hours later it starts sputtering and running like garbage. My grandfather says it’s probably the fuel filter, so I replace that. Still happening. Cold start, runs fine, car warms up, run great. For about one hour. And then it starts sputtering, and if I stop while in gear, it idles really low and sometimes shuts off. The car is bone stock, no mods whatsoever. 

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You need to get the codes read again. And, if that O2 sensor you changed  wasn't a Denso (OEM), that may be the issue. Over the years I've seen many posts on not using aftermarket O2 sensors.


If a recheck of codes doesn't fix the issue, you will need to take the car to a good independent mechanic who works on Camry's and let them diagnose the issue.

The worst thing to do is throw parts and money at the car. Find out what truly is the issue and fix just that. Grandfather doesn't know about modern cars.

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