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Bought my Blue 2013 es350 last October.  Car had 38K miles on it.  Carfax indicated no wrecks/repairs.

I bottomed the front of the car (wind damn,ferring, cowl whatever we call it) going into a parking lot.  A couple days later a big flake of paint falls off.  Take it to the dealer as it was still under warranty, dealer said "hey not our prob, you must have flexed the part too much".  I'm thinking maybe, but have had cars with soft bumpers before and have bottomed them the same, never have I had one flake off.  Have bottomed car a couple more times, paint flaking off in those areas too.  

Anyone else experiencing this problem?  Reason I had included color of car is that I had seen  some issues mentioned about the navy blue paint.

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    • By Pryorsmith
      Have owned my second LS for 5 years. It's a 2009 black sapphire . Need I say more. Garage door closed on rear bumper yesterday and the front bumper looks like it has been attached by a paintball gun. Estimates are $700 to paint the front bumper but haven't any estimates on rear bumper.
      My question is ,"Do I paint the whole car or just the 2 bumpers?" Only have 73,000 miles so I want to keep it a while longer and wait perhaps for the '18's to arrive.
      Any opinions will be helpful.
    • By MJ
      What is it about the door mirrors that is causing what looks like a stain on the front doors of my IS?
      it doesn't go away after a wash and wax.
      Anyone know how to correct this issue?
      I'm assuming I can buff out the stain?

    • By BradC
      I have a 2007 Lexus IS350 purchased at the end of 2006 . A while ago I got a dent in the panel above front right the wheel. It is now pulling a way some from the front of the car near the headlights, Before that dent I had a very small dent and scratch on the driver side door. 

      I had some engine work done on the car three years ago to replace a bad cylinder so I had all the cylinders replaced. I have 205,000 miles on the car so far. I am hoping to get at least another 5 years out this car, so I would like to refresh the body by fixing the dents (replace panels if need be) and get a new paint job for the whole car. 

      Can anyone here recommend a place for Body work somewhere in San Gabriel Valley, San Fernando Valley, or even Orange county (the first two are preferable)? I would like recommendations for both Best Quality and Good Quality/reasonable price. Maybe even a ranking of local body shops. I am willing to go to a dealer body shop depending on the cost.
    • By chalie
      Hi all,
      After washing the NX a few times I finally had a chance to look closely at the paint in my garage under bright lights. I noticed my shiny Atomic Silver paint job was not glass smooth. There is only one way to describe it..."orange peel". Top and sides, everywhere.
      I called the 800 customer service number. Karen was nice but said I should take it back to the dealership and see what the service shop had to say, or perhaps the "field rep" could have a look. About 5 minutes after the call (coincidence?) my sales guy calls. We talk about a different question and then I mention the paint. He says (basically) to deal with it as all the new cars look like that....even the BMWs the dealership.
      My 4runner did not have this orange peel effect, so what gives? Does the 2nd coat of clear cause this? Or is this just the way it is and I should lower my standards?
      This is my 1st premium car and I'm trying to manage my expectations. Is this crummy paint job the standard with Lexus? I'm sure I am missing something here. Could someone please help?
      I think I'll make the drive in a couple days to the dealership. I'll update this post as necessary.
    • By XiaobinHao

      Help!!! My wife bought a 2014 Lexus RX 350 a few

      months ago from Watertown Lexus here in MA.

      A couple of weeks ago, we noticed paint peeling off the very top edge of

      the rear bumper cover (the black plastic part that is painted the color of the


      The dealer inspected the car carefully, and said that Lexus Corp would only pay to strip

      the paint off the plastic part and

      re-paint it. We're furious that first of

      all this could pass through quality control, but that Lexus would not replace

      the bumper cover. It can't be cheaper to strip the paint off than just replace

      the plastic, as far as man hours go.

      And we're scared that the paint just won't hold in the long run.

      Has anyone else had problem like this? We've never heard of this before on a brand new car,

      much less a Lexus. We thought they had

      very good quality. Any suggestions

      greatly appreciated.