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Looking to sell my 2003 GS300 sport design

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IMG_8545.thumb.JPG.39bf70a557e1def068f2e10ba50501f5.JPGHi. I'm looking to sell my 2003 GS300 dark gray sports design model 116k miles (clean interior). I don't know too much about fixing this car (AC, CV boots, door locks). it was in a little accident two months ago. How much should I sell this for? I'm getting a lot of different prices for this because there is a big demand for this particular model, but then there are some stuff that need to be fixed. I'm hoping $5300. My BF is trying to help me sell this car, but he is no help at all. :-(. Thanks for reading into this post. 


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Sorry to hear about the accident; hope everyone was okay. I'm not as familiar with the GS models, but I thought I would chime in.

I don't know if there are options that are listed to come with the Sports design model, but it would be helpful if you listed what the car is equipped with (optional alloys, leather seats, heated seats, Mark Levinson stereo system, rear spoiler, etc?). Also, how rare is the Sports design model? What makes it different from a regular GS 300?

The biggest problem that you have is the front end damage. If someone wants to fix the car, they need to replace at least the front bumper, front bumper trim, hood, and grille. If the damage is bad enough, the radiator fans, radiator, and the radiator core support need to be replaced too. Does the car still drive without overheating?

Do you have a picture of the front of the car with the hood open? If the core support is damaged, it could be tough to get beyond $3500 - $4000 for the car, because repairs could be at least $2k-$3k to weld a new support in, replace all of the parts, and blend the paint.

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Thanks so much for your reply, CELSI0R. The car was already fixed. The top picture with the "wow" is how the car looks after the repair. Only thing under the hood that needed replaced was the radiator. Everybody that saw this car loved this model and color, but suggested that $5000 would be too high, considering the damage and what need to be fixed. I am thinking of just selling it for $4000. This 14 year old car has $116k miles. It's got leather heated seats in extremely good condition (never had kids or animals in this car). There are wood trims on doors and front area and steering wheel. Rear spoiler. Basically, this car looks perfect, but it's the basic car maintenance repairs that need to be done and I don't want to deal with them at this point since I have the new car. I got the new RC F, which I'm extremely excited about, and I just need this GS off my property ASAP. I haven't posted the ad on Craigslist yet and I already have two guys wanting to buy it this weekend. I think I'll have them go through bidding war amongst each other. 🤣 

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Ah, okay. I was confused by the images and thought the car was still damaged.

After conducting further research, sites such as Kelley Blue Book value the car at around $4k in 'Good condition,' while an appraisal for a GS Sport design model in 'Very Good condition' is valued near $4.5k.

Considering you had the repairs completed and that the job looks like it was done very well, $5k does not sound like a bad asking price. However, I would be hesitant to go below $4k, because basic maintenance (fluids and filters) is relatively inexpensive and the car has low miles. If you list it for $5k or sell it this weekend, you could try to get the buyer to meet you in the middle at $4.5k, while keeping $4k as your lowest price.

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