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I am a new owner of a 2006 SC 430...I am seeking replacement shocks from KYB, Bilstein or other aftermarket Gas struts...I know that the 2002-2005 does not fit..Any answers out there?

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ON my RX's I chose KYB, been very happy with them...

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I am looking at going with coilovers. My top choices at this moment are Megan Racing or BC. Lots of info on the internet about coilovers. Both are 32 way adjustable so I can adjust the height and the ride stiffness. Might be something to consider.

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Thank you for the comment....BUT unlike my 2006, your earlier year has more options for struts and shocks....I am getting the Stagg gas struts sent to me and installed as a finally found option that is much less than dealer..Too bad that KYB, Bilstein decided NOT to make a application for the 2006 and later...They were shortsighted in doing that....Lexus changed the mounting and valving on their OEM ones..


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    • By WWN
      My 03 ES300 has been an excellent car since I bought it as the second owner in 2006--it has 168,000 miles on the clock. Recently the ride has gradually become rougher when I drive over cracks and bumps, although overall handling and quietness remain unchanged. The tires are fairly new Michelin Primacies in good condition. There is no fluid leakage or suspension sag. My question is, What is the immediate cause likely to be? Struts/shocks, rubber mountings, bushings, or other components I'm unaware of? I'm hoping to economize and repair only what's necessary, although I realize that this may not be possible. At present, I'm not sure I will be keeping the car for years into the future. Thanks for your help!
    • By Lexus562
       I took it to the mechanic and he changed out all my struts when I took it back home ABS light turned on. Took it to Toyota they said at all my speed sensors were fine but it might be my module I got a used but working module still didn't work any hints or answers ?
    • By LuvmyLexus
      I have a 2001 LS 430 that just turned 100K.

      If I drive over a dirt or rocky road it sounds and feels like the front suspension is about to fall off.

      I just replaced the tires with Michelin MXV4's and had the wheels aligned.

      I asked that the front end be checked and was told it was fine. ( It's a local shop that I've been going to for quite a while and they have fixed all of my cars and I trust them)

      On a normal road or on the highway at speeds around 80 the car handles and drives fine. It tracks well. And the shocks/struts seem normal.

      But if I go over a rough road or pull into a driveway that has a 1 or 2 inch lip it bangs.

      Any suggestions?

      I also have a 2004 LS430 and I've read that there was an issue with the steering column. Could this be something similar with the 2001?



    • By gangstra1
      So I've been doing a little searching and it seems my 98 lexus needs new shocks. I am a new car owner this being my first car. I plan on buying new shocks for my lexus on Rockauto but dont know which shocks would be the best to get (or if brand really matters?), and does anyone know if auto shops like sears and others will replace the shocks for me if I already purchased the shocks.
      I would also like to know if I need to purchase other items for my car besides the shocks. (ex: if i need a coil spring or strut mount)
      Thanks in advance for you help.
    • By Cachimaru
      Hi All, I'm new to the forums and would love some help. My loaded '04 RX330 has 190k and it's been a tank for me. Best car I ever owned by far. Recently the left rear wheel height has been fluctuating: sometimes riding higher than the other tires, sometimes lower, sometimes the same. No indicator lights comes on and the car runs perfectly normally otherwise, except for not absorbing bumps and potholes as nicely when the wheel height is off. It must look funny from behind, though. Both the Manhattan and South Hampton Lexus dealers have 'fixed' the problem according to what the computer tells them, but since the REAL problem isn't telling the computer that something is wrong, there is no way to fix it, even though the car clearly has a problem when you look at it. I literally can't afford to have the dealers throw darts at the problem until it's fixed...10k later. So, I'd love any thoughts on how to proceed and perhaps if there is a reputable independent Lexus mechanic in the Long Island/Hamptons area who actually figures out problems like mechanics used to do, I'd love to know about him. Picture shows car slightly slanting downward to left while parked.
      Thanks in advance for any advice.