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What freon is used on an 01 Lexus IS 300?

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I just got this car not that long ago, my AC was super cold until about a week ago. Only hot air comes out now. I was told to buy freon but I'm not sure what to buy.. any suggestions ? 

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Fixing this is probably involves more than just adding refrigerant.  It's likely that a component has failed causing a leak.  If you have to ask what refrigerant to use, I suspect that you do not have the special tools and knowledge required to diagnose and repair A/C systems.

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    • By johnsnyder
      Recently, my battery died on my 2010 ES350. After jumping it, I noticed there's heat coming out of the driver's side (and rear) vents, but cold air coming out of the passenger's side vents. I checked fuses and everything seems to be fine. After some research, read that maybe the AC Blend Servo Door is stuck (or maybe I shorted it or something when I jumped it). Does anyone have any other thoughts/suggestions? Am I on the right track? If so, can anyone point me to a step-by-step of how to get to the blend door servo (I don't have a repair manual) to check or replace it?
    • By armcomdes
      My 2007 Lexus ES350 (105k miles) has the AC putting out warm air to the driver side while cool comes out the passenger side. The car is equipped with a Dual Zone capability. But this is happening when dual zone is off and the unit is set at "LO" or the coldest setting.

      I thought maybe a system recharge is in order but one side is very cold. Maybe a fuse/relay/rubber pressure tube?
    • By jbwilson3791
      Hey there Lexus Community, I've been trying to solve a problem for my grandparents for the last couple weeks. They have a 1998 Lexus ES300 and have had an issue with the Blower for their AC and Heat. This is what it did for about a week, when you first powered on the AC from off to AUTO it would blow a very small amount of cold air for a second before shutting off and not coming back on until you press OFF then Auto again and it would do the same thing. Now for the last few days it seems to be working better but it still isn't right, sometimes it works only on high, sometimes for intervals it works normal (allowing you to switch temperature and blower speed) before eventually shutting off. Right now it seems like you can get it to work for short periods of time by pressing off then auto so that it will work for about 3 minutes then repeat. I've had problems similar to this in other cars and replacing the blower motor or the blower motor resistor seems to be the most common thing, except here it doesn't seem like the motor because it works sometimes, or the resistor because it intermittently works on varying speeds. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm usually pretty handy when it comes to fixing things but this is throwing me for a loop.
    • By LuvmyLexus
      I have an 07 LS460 and the AC system has a hard time keeping the cabin cool.
      I Live in texas so it's hot but the AC fan/blower never comes off of high and the cabin is still not very cool.
      I have put a gage on the Low side port and it appears to be full.
      Any suggestions?
      PS I also have a 2002 and a 2004 Ls430 and their AC systems are great. In fact the 2002 will freeze you out of the car.
      I have a bubble/hissing noise coming from my left side of dash. Once upon a time I was told when it was only bubble vent control module to leave it alone til it breaks its in the dash. It has been a few years and now... hisses, does it more often, and when I turn the car on it does it with the ac being off. It does it randomly when I am not changing any of the setting or vents. Plus a new electrical noise like a dvd trying to read a bad disc has started in the drivers foot well. These noises do not seem to be related to the recycle on off noise I hear from the left footwell
      Trying to verify this sounds like a vent control module and if they are called by another name? I have been checking diagrams and have not found something called vent control. Only ac or heater control.