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Okay so i own a 192xxx mile gs300 its an 03. This past 2 weeks its been missfiring, i think its an o2 sensor. Thats not my real issue. I have a battery light that flashes on i just replaced it too. Then i have an airbag light that comes on an goes away, at the same time my gauge cluster flashes on and stays off for a random amount of time. If i turn on the ac the battery light goes away and the air bag light goes away. Also if i try to use CC it wont work unless i turn on the ac. Also my check engine  light is on. Please help i was considering taking it to a lexus dealer to get dianosed. I dont really want too becauase im an automotive student this would be a good learning experience, but it seems a bit out of my league. My guesses are theres a short in the ecu.

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With that many electrical faults occurring, I would start with checking the battery for condition....if in doubt, replace the battery but check all the electrical terminals (security, condition) and earth leads first.

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 QqI already replaced the battery that was the first thing i did. I found out if i get the battery light on, i can turn off the car and start it up again it goes away and doesnt come back untill i restart the car. The ac actually has nothing to do with it either that just happened to do it as i used the ac. I have a video of what its doing ill try to post it.

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    • By 2007 is350
      Hey guys, I drive a 2007 Lexus IS350 with x-package. 
      My navigation screen suddenly went completely white. Just plain blank white. Everything still works though. The radio and everything functions. And even when you touch the screen itself you hear the feedback and noise that it's working. But the screen itself stays white and I can't see anything.
      Anyone know what the problem may be?
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      I have a 1999 LX470, 140k miles. I noticed there is strange noise (sounds like servo motor or some kind of !Removed! sound). when I first turn the key to light up the dash also when I press brake several times. It also happens frequently during driving when I press brake pedal. Brake still functions. Here is a YouTube link. 1999 LX470 Noise Behind Dash 
      you might need to put on headphone to hear the noise clearly in the YouTube video. Just wondering what the problem is . Any thoughts and gauidance are appreciated. 
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      Yesterday my NX T warning light came on that there was a problem with my SRS airbag and to contact my dealer. My dealer's service department opened a claim with Lexus.  I was told that the computer might have to be replaced or the airbag. Waiting to hear. Has anyone else had this problem?  
    • By tinur5
      im new in the Forum and live in Europe. I drive my Lexus LS430 since 3.5 Years. As you can probably read im not a native English but i will try my best.
      Ive got an Error on my Boardcomputer. It only say Check VSC. As far asi know this is an Error wich has an other root. I checked i with the Lexus guys and we found an Error on the OBD wich says that there is a valve damaged on the Air intake. As far as i understood him right, there is an valve wich swich on and off the last 2 Cylinders in a higher RPM Range.
      Now i do not exactly understand the reason for this valve and i also do not know under wich Name i can search something like this. Do you have any suggesteon, where i can find some explanation about that valve, and Probably a spare Part?
      Thanks for your Help
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      Just got back from the brake guy who didn't charge me because this is the first vehicle I had with ABS breaks.  For over 15k miles driving at highway speeds I never had a problem.  Now, at 96K miles every time I hit the breaks with a little force it shakes the heck out of me and my riders in the vehicle.  Brakes, rotors and the system was checked so I don't believe it is what I see posted on the forums that I have a warped rotors after it has been looked at by the owner of the shop.
      I am thinking about taking off the fuse for the ABS then taking to the highway to see if it makes a difference.  Yes, I know this is an important feature of the vehicle and would like to replace it in the wintertime but at 85 degrees, I don't need to have this much shaking for an everyday drive. This in my opinion would help me to figure out if it is in fact the ABS as the break shop owner thinks. 
      The user manual shows two fuses one is a 20 I believe and the other #1 is a 50.  Any idea which one to pull?????
      Any help is appreciated.  I would like to try to take out the fuse today when it cools down a bit and I get home from the office.  Thanks ! ! !    Marc