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Rob Stone

Old Car guy, new Lexus Club member

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Rob Stone    0

Hello All: Have owned a 1999 Lexus LS400 for about five years and around 50,000 miles-bought it with 155,000 miles very cheaply from a parent of one of my clarinet students-been pretty reliable but it has needed maintenance, valve cover gaskets, timing belt service at 180,000, check engine light stuff, catalytic converter, tires, brakes, new shocks and strut rod cushions-but still a very satisfying car to drive- fortunately a neighbor of mine introduced me to a mechanic who was a certified master technician at the local Lexus dealer who now works out of his house-he's been great in fixing my car and letting me buy the parts.

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Trevor Catt    24

Hi Rob.....welcome to the Club

Very handy having a good Lexus trained mechanic living nearby. This does, however mean that you will not be able to move house for as long as you own the LS  :-)

Good to have you onboard

Cheers, Trevor

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    • By CELSI0R

      I have been searching online recently for more details about the headlight alignment procedure, as I would like to check and re-align the headlights on my 1991 LS 400. However, I have been quite confused by the results and would like some more clarification about the process.

      As described in the shop diagram image I attached, the A-bolt is for horizontal adjustment, and the B-bolt is for vertical adjustment. Do both of these bolts move the actual headlight lens or just the bulb inside? What I mean by this is, when you turn the A-bolt, can you see a visible change in the headlight moving left or right (with the lights off), and when you turn the B-bolt, can you see the headlight itself moving up or down?

      Of course, I will be aligning the lights based off of where the beams are hitting a wall, opposite the front of the car, but I don't want to make the lenses look crooked as a result.

      Also, when removing the rubber cover on the radiator support for the A-bolt, I'm assuming you can pull it from the top using your fingers(?).

      Any clarification on this subject would be much appreciated. Thanks!

      Note, the second picture of the actual headlight is from this thread.

    • By MikeyMystery
      Hey guys. Just purchased a 1997 LS 400 and it's seen better days. It's leaking coolant pretty badly and I need to know what all the hoses are so I can start replacing the ones that I know are bad. It's also got a Heater Control Valve that's been broken off so I'll probably have to replace that first. Basically I need a manual like a Haynes or a Chiltons but I'm a cheapskate and was hoping someone might know where to get the PDF version of the manual.  If not links to the manual could anyone give me pictures of the pages I need just to show me what exactly the parts are called I need to replace. This might be a stupid question also but it's low on Automatic Transmission Fluid and I wasn't sure if I can add it by pouring it directly into the place the dipstick is held. I can't find an opening to add it besides that and I know sometimes adding transmission fluid isn't as easy as topping off your oil or coolant. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks guys.
    • By CELSI0R

      I have a question regarding the front-end headlight and bumper support bracket, highlighted here in red:

      More specifically, I am wondering about the locations of where the sides of this bracket bolt on to the car, and how.

      I already know the following:
      - For the 3 central mounting points on the bracket, each have 2 bolts that attach to the frame.
      - This bracket can not be removed entirely without first removing the headlights and bumper from the car.

      I have attached photos to aid in the understanding of my question.



      I was able to figure out this problem, with the aid of a section from the Repair Manual, sent to me.

      The bolts located on each side of the bracket attach to the fenders:

      [DISCLAIMER: These photos are not mine, and are from and Ebay]
    • By Holger
      Hallo together,
      first please excuse my bad English.
      My Name is Holger I´m from Germany and I did bought (may not a good deal) a 00 LS 400 with low mileage.
      but it seems the knock Sensor is not working.
      OBD Error: P0325 - Generic
      Type Powertrain - Ignition System or Misfire - ISO/SAE Controlled
      Knock Sensor 1 Circuit
      Location Bank 1 or Single Sensor I did found by searching:

      You can change the knock sensors and wire harness without removing the intake manifold. Remove the EGR valve, PCV hose and you can get you hand into the V area of the block. A 27mm socket and small rachet with a flex head and the job is done.
      and in an other board:
      IThe good news is that I just finished changing the right-side knock sensor, and the problem is fixed (no more pinging). It was fairly easy to change the sensor. The whole job including test drives took about 1 1/2 hours. I removed a couple of the plastic cover pieces between the manifold and the valve cover, and with a long screwdriver, gently removed the connector on the sensor (accessed on the right side of the engine thru the small openings around the manifold). I removed the knock sensor using a long 3/8 extension with a universal joint and a 1 1/16" sensor socket taped together to hold the tools together. I installed the new sensor using tape on the socket to hold it in place. FYI - The sensors are very tight in the block
      Read more:
      So my question i did not find an Answer:
      does this way to do the work similar with the VVTI Engine in the Late LS400? (Both up are for the older Engines)
      and may if any ever did change in the late Engine, did you use an OEM Part without Problems?
      Thank You!
    • By M.Yasir
      This is my first post here, I recently purchased a '98 model LS 400 bottle green color full uption with beige interior.
      It is just amazing, you dont drive it, you glide with it; the car odo shows 227800 miles but does it matter really when it comes to lexus? just need to replace some parts like tires and battery to name a few