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First time Sc400 owner, tips are very appreciated

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Hey guys, I just bought my first sc400 and I have a couple questions, my biggest concern is that she keeps burning alternators i read somewhere that it might be my power steering? Or someone mentioned the valve cover cap? Any help would be greatly appreciated as i cant afford to take her to a shop, also any general tips about this car Would be awesome, thanks guys!

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Flashjett    0

Yes, the power steering unit will drip into the alternator and kill it.  It happened to me.  I have had to replace the power steering unit twice now.  It is a known issue with this model and when it starts leaking it will take the alternator with it.  Watch the power steering unit for any leaking.  If you can catch it before much drips into the alternator you could save it.

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      Hey guys,
      I have a 2005 RX330 and I think there is an electrical issue with it. If I don't drive it for 2 or 3 days, it completely kills the battery, to the point that it can't even be charged up. Im already on my third battery. What do you think could be the culprit here? And how to do I go about diagnosing it? Unfortunately, I don't know much about the car and why it started doing this as I just bought it.
      Looking forward to hearing your response! Thanks in advance!
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      1997 SC400
      I had a lot of chips in front from highway driving and used Plasti-Dip to spray on what looks like a protective black bra.  I thought it turned out very nice.  At 6 bucks a can and only two cans used, this was way cheaper than trying to match the green body paint and looks better too.  And if it didn't turn out, you can just peel off the Plasti-Dip.  Fun stuff.  The bra turned out so well that I then did the wheels with green.  Been driving with the bra for almost a year and it is doing great to protect from gravel chips from highway driving.
      The electric windows just quit working.  Moon roof is working fine.  Not sure what to do from here. Any words of wisdom?

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      Ok, question for you guys. I have a 93 sc400, bunch of little ussues. But my alternator went outo. So I changed the alternator out. Now my rpm gauge doesn't work. It may start working tomorrow.  Does it have its own sensor or is it the cam sensors? We know it's not the distributor. Any help would be great and thank you in advance
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      so i'm in an epiphany. my Lexus sometimes will start and sometimes wont start. had it running 2 days ago but in order to start it i have to disconnect the EFI Main relay under the hood  wait a couple seconds then jump the b+ and the Fp things under the diagnostics port inside the engine bay.   engine cranks really fast (not used to cars cranking that fast maybe) just doesn't get any fuel. when you have the key on the on position and you jump the wires you can hear fuel going into the engine. what do you guys think that could be? Fuel Ecu, cold start injector?  any help would be much appreciated. thanks! 
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      Hi all,
      New to Lexus and new to here. I did try to search but couldn't find a thread related to this. Also posted this on the wrong thread - sorry. 
      Bought a 2004 RX300 a couple of weeks ago and I've been really pleased so far. But I now have an issue. A couple of days ago the belts squeaked for about a minute but it wasn't first start up of the day so I noticed and thought that's odd.
      Since then belts have squeaked a few times and again for a minute only and not from cold.
      Yesterday got in it to leave work at 5pm and got the squeak but also the red battery light was on for the first time so I turned off all the power hungry items. After about 5 mins the battery light went out again, and then I pulled over to pick up groceries. When i restarted car started ok with no noise and no red light but no power. There was nothing to indicate it was in limp mode, no warning lights just wouldn't pull.
      Any thoughts? My initial uneducated thought is alternator. Alternator may have semi 'seized' so with the squeak yesterday was alternator refusing to turn, but then it did turn but is so stiff its basically nearly stopping the engine but it is reluctantly turning hence the battery light is out.
      Is there any way I can test the alternator? Is my theory idiotic?
      Any help greatly appreciated.