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Front end shake

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I have a 2003 GX470 with around 155k miles. It recently started to get a front end shake which isn't horrible, but you definitely feel it pretty good. I know the rear air suspension has a small leak, but the bags stay inflated for the most part. It feels like it is coming from the front more than the rear. I brought it to the dealership and they said something about the CV boots and something with the steering column I believe. I don't have the sheet they gave me to read exactly what it said. Could either of these be the reason for the front end shake? Has anyone else experienced this and have some insight? I sure as heck do not want to pay the dealership to fix either of these as they charge an arm and a leg.

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If the vibration is when the vehicle is driving along then it could be a damaged/worn Constant Velocity Joint or bent driveshaft. Other areas it could be are Wheel Bearing or even a lump in one of the tyres (jack up each corner so the wheel is off just off the ground and spin the wheel slowly while looking between the ground and the tread area to see if there is any deviation within the clearance indicating a deformed tyre or bulge in the tread area. Also check the sidewalls for damage)

If the vibration occurs when braking then the rotors are probably warped....easily checked with a Dial Test Indicator.

Let us know what you find

Cheers  Trevor

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Should this part of my boot be sealed? Looks like a lot of grease around it. May have a serious leak and it may have been there for a while causing more issues to my axle. This may be part of my problem


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There certainly shouldn't be any grease or oil around there but looking at the quantity it doesn't look serious enough to cause a vibration through the vehicle.

Even so, it would be worth keeping on top of and cleaning off to see exactly where it is coming from.

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