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1993 Lexus LS400

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Hello, Just posted my 1993 Lexus LS400 last night to Craig's List.  It saddens me to have to give up the car.  Please see add with description of what went wrong and looking to sell to a Lexus afficanado who has the time and enjoys bringing back to life this beauty of a car.  158,000 miles   White w/Black leather interior  $700.  Needs Transmission
(more details at link)

Please call (323) 462-0121 to make arrangements to see at mechanic facility  in Hollywood, California  (Santa Monica Blvd/Gower area)


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    • By goldendorp
      For the past year or so, if I leave the car alone for a few days, regardless of temperature it has trouble starting. When I go to start it it will crank for a while but only fully start by giving it gas. When it starts an large plume of smoke along with fuel smell fills the air. Check engine light is not on.
      I removed the air intake plastic stuff and put the key in the on position and a rock on the gas pedal. I removed the plate at the top of the throttle body and sprayed and cleaned out the 9 or so mini holes and the 2 larger holes. With my limited car knowledge I assumed this area to be the air intake bypass when the pictured valve is closed. I cleaned out throttle body as much as I could from the front without removing it. I had good results with this. The car started and maintained higher rpms than before. I thought it was a great success.
      I then left it alone for 10 days and it wouldn't start.
      What should I check next?
      Do oxygen sensors have a role is starting or just running?
      Does the MAF sensor have a role in starting if the throttle plate valve is closed during starting? (I didn't mess with the MAF sensor) Air filter is about a year old, lightly dirty, not filthy.
      Help... I like this car, but I don't like the Lexus service bill. Thanks.

    • By weddings " r" us in bolton
      hi i have had quite a few ls400 lexus cars they are superb, but my most recent , a 1998 gold one has paint fade on bonnet , roof , and boot its gone silver , she now looks 2/tone ?

    • By MikeyMystery
      Hey guys. Just purchased a 1997 LS 400 and it's seen better days. It's leaking coolant pretty badly and I need to know what all the hoses are so I can start replacing the ones that I know are bad. It's also got a Heater Control Valve that's been broken off so I'll probably have to replace that first. Basically I need a manual like a Haynes or a Chiltons but I'm a cheapskate and was hoping someone might know where to get the PDF version of the manual.  If not links to the manual could anyone give me pictures of the pages I need just to show me what exactly the parts are called I need to replace. This might be a stupid question also but it's low on Automatic Transmission Fluid and I wasn't sure if I can add it by pouring it directly into the place the dipstick is held. I can't find an opening to add it besides that and I know sometimes adding transmission fluid isn't as easy as topping off your oil or coolant. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks guys.
    • By Trevor Catt
      Great video of a Lexus RC-F with Twin Superchargers - Initial Engine Start....Enjoy!
    • By driver6
      what can i do to make my car stop doing this.... i have great tires and i dont wanna use aftermarket shocks cause i love the confort of oem... so under this parameters what do you people suggest? thanks 

      i was thinking maybe wider tires could help but im afraid the handling would not be as crisp specially in the front...