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"check System" Tire Pressure Light & Master Warning Light

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Duplicate - needed to change the title to get more views :)

I just bought a 2008 lexus rx400h Blk/blk with dark wood trim! such a clean look and smooth quiet ride, i am impressed! however.... i picked the car up this past saturday and then brought it back to the non-lexus dealer sunday night so they can repaint the bumper, replace pads&rotors and new tires... when i drove LEX on saturday i had no issues it was as quiet as a mouse! but after picking it up yesterday and driving 10 miles i heard a beep and two warning lights came on.. One light is tire pressure and the other is the master warning "!" and the display says "check system"... my tank was nearly empty and the troubleshooting said to add fuel and check tire pressure.. i added fuel and found that each tire had 40PSI.. the manual and the sticker on the door recommend 30PSI... is the PSI the issue? should i decrease each tire to 30PSI?

I also noticed a near silent wisper of the electric motor when i acclerated and braked. my first thoughts are that its just the electric motor but i dont remember hearing anything on saturday..

please help!! i love this car and would rather figure this out on my own rather than dropping it off at the dealer for another 3-4 days..


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40 PSI is WAY too high for your vehicle. Some guys are running 38 to increase mpg. Mine are at 36 right now. I'm not sure what the recommended tire pressure is anymore but should be easy to determine from the official sticker or manual.

The other reason the TPMS indicator can come on is if the spare tire pressure is off. That happened to me once in the winter when it got abnormally cold.

You should take care to never let the fuel level get too low on these hi-tech vehicles. That's asking for trouble.

Not sure what you mean by "near silent whisper of the electric motor." It does make a sound when operating. If you're replacing pads and rotors you must have a LOT of mileage. Many people are experiencing virtually no wear on the front brake pads due to the regenerating power system.

Spend some time on the forum looking for specific topics or do some searches. Practically everything you can imagine has been covered here.

WELCOME and good luck with your '08 - I got mine new in 11/07 and it's probably the best vehicle I've ever owned. IMO, a case can be made that it is better in many respects than a 2013.

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thanks for the feedback! i was thinking the same when i read 40PSI and the manual recommended 30PSI. I will definitely start with decreasing the PSI and checking the spare.

as for the mileage, it has 60k so its not too high but at least i dont have to worry about replacing the pads/rotors anytime in the near future.

Joining this forum was definitely the right mow. thanks again!

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