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Jacking Up The Front End And Rear End Of 97 Es300

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#1 fpny


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Posted 13 June 2008 - 10:01 AM

Is there a place or point on the 97 ES300 that you can place a heavy duty floor jack to jack up either the front or the back of the car? I know there are points on both the front and the back behind or in front the wheel that you can jack the car up for a tire replacement, but I am looking for a place that you can jack up the car either at the front or the back end at a single point (support) under the center of the car. Anyone know or did this before. I can't find any information on either the owner or service manual. Anyone?

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#2 blk_on_blk


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Posted 13 June 2008 - 10:45 AM

I did this when trying to find a sticky caliper on my 1995 ES300. The rear was easy, for there is the big tie-in framework right in the center of the vehicle behind the rear tires. This is a double hoop strutcture that the rear suspension ties into... plenty strong enough to put a full size jack up and lift up the aft end of the vehicle.

As for the front, I didn't find any good, clean spot to jack the whole front end up at. I located the jack(s) under each side of the subframe and lifted it that way.

You just want to find a good strong spot that is a part of the frame/sub-frame so you aren't lifting on the body of the or any sensitive area.

#3 DBrucher


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Posted 13 June 2008 - 05:10 PM

Yeah, I was looking for a sweet spot on the front myself, but ended up jacking one side at a time and supporting the frame with 2 jack-stands.
Minor inconvenience, but a lot safer!

#4 gbhrps


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Posted 13 June 2008 - 06:51 PM

Its been several years since my last 97 ES, but I recall that you could jack the front up from slightly left of dead centre, about a foot back from the front of the car. There is a cross member of the front sub frame that has a downward embossed dome shape that a floor jack sets into, specifically for jacking up the car. I believe the same is true in the rear. In front of the gas tank, right between the rear wheels is the rear suspension centre mount (It also has a downward embossed dome shaped centre?) My 04 ES has both of these features, and I'm almost positive the 97 did as well, but I could be wrong. (A mind is a terrible thing to lose when you're almost 60.) I usually jack up the front using this centre jack point, and then put two jack stands under the front side jack points. Then I would jack the rear from the rear centre suspension mount, and again place jack stands under each of the rear side jack points. To keep from damaging the side jack points front and rear, I made up four pieces of 2 by 4 lumber about 10 inches long each. Down the middle of one side of each board I cut a quarter inch wide groove about three quarters of an inch deep. I slid the groove over the welded vertical seam of the rocker panel before I lowered the car down onto the side jack stands. This prevented bending the seam weld and destroying the paint.

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