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1999 Rx300 Door Lock Actuator Repair Less Than $15

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1999 Lexus RX300 Drivers side door.

O.K. I'm stuck. I know this old posts but again I am old too. (77)'

What I need is to get then wireing straight for the piggy back doopr lock application.

I just can't seem to find the right color code for wires and where these wires are located?

Any takers?


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Cancel post #201

This is for drivers door 1999 Lexus RX300

Found the wires. Went over to where the wires go directly to the actuator. Colors are blue/yellow & blue/red.


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You should not use after market hardware that may not work relibaly,

You should disassemble the door plastic panel and replace with the OEM's $300 power door lock assembly.

Or you can take the motor out of the actuator assembly, then clean the small Mabuchi motor's rotor or replace the small Mabuchi motor inside.

Either way it saves the $500 min dealer visit:

Replace Power door lock $6 Mabuchi motor by peterpan99 Aug 25, 2013 (7:10 pm)

Procedure to replace power door lock motor, just $6 Mabuchi motor,
not the whole door lock assembly (about $285 at stealers)

Mabuchi motor FC-280PC-22125, about $6 in eBay. This motor is used in all Lexus and Toyota cars

if you hit the power door lock switch and the lock wont lock or only lock partially, most likely the mabuchi motor inside the assembly is worn, dirty or burned out. This motor can be taken out and replaced within 1 hour if you are familiar with the door lock assembly and know what you are doing. Byt he second time, you should be able to finish it within 30 minuted.

1. You can leave the lock assembly in the door. You dont have to remove these 3 screws unless you want better access to the motor housing

Just remove 1 small screw on the white nylon shroud covering the motor housing to lift it up. The nylon shroud is flexible and wont break or cracked.

2. Remove 2 screws that hold the motor housing to the bracket, then wiggle the housing to free its actuator off the end of the wire cable. You may have to hold the cable with a pair of pliers. Pull the motor housing out of the assembly. There are 2 other actuators that will just drop out.

3. Use a knife or sharp blade and flat-head screw driver, cut and pry open the glued motor housing along the long edges. Anything broken can be glued back.

4 Use flat-head screw driver, pry motor (and worm gear) out of housing.

5. Replace with new Mabuchi motor FC-280PC-22125, sold for about $6 in eBay. This motor is used for all Lexus and Toyota cars, probably some Hondas .

Interchange Part Number: FC-280PT-22125
Other Part Number: KF243G-101

Motor body length is 30 mm, with shaft 15 mm long,
Total length is 45 mm from butt to end of shaft.
Shaft diameter is 2 mm.

Body height is 25 mm, depth 20 mm.

There is a collar at the end of the shaft. heat it up and yank off with plier.

Add grease to to the worm gear. Glue housing back with crazy glue or clear RTV.

Reverse the assembly.

Save yourself $285 parts plus $200 labor at the stealers.

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Huge thank you to all that contributed to this thread! Just fixed my front door using the piggy back method. Several hours, less than $10, works better than ever. I don't think anyone would be able to tell the difference between OE and a $5 actuator.

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After doing the piggyback fix, I'm getting some weird stuff. When I first get in the car and start it up, the locks all unlock once. It never did this before. It's also randomly setting off the alarm after unlocking the doors when I first open the drivers side door. Any ideas what is going on??


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