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Check Engine Light

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I have an 02 ES 300 and the Check Engine light came one. I put gas and tightened the cap but it is still on 2 days later. I am debating disconnecting and reconnecting the battery to see if it comes back on. I went to Auto Zone and the code P0446 came up with something to do with emissions. Can anyone help me out if they have had this problem too and might know what it could be. Thanks.

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The P0446 code indicates Evaporative Emission Control

System Vent Control Malfunction. Here is a list of possible causes:

- Vacuum hose cracked, holed blocked, damaged or disconnected

- Fuel tank cap incorrectly installed

- Fuel tank cap cracked or damaged

- Open or short in vapor pressure sensor circuit

- Vapor pressure sensor

- Open or short in VSV circuit for EVAP

- VSV for EVAP

- Open or short in VSV circuit for CCV

- VSV for CCV

- Open or short in VSV circuit for pressure switching valve

- VSV for pressure switching valve

- Fuel tank cracked, holed or damaged

- Charcoal canister cracked, holed or damaged

- Fuel tank over fill check valve cracked or damaged


I would definitely get the charcoal canister checked out since I had a similar problem with my '01 ES, but check all of the other parts listed.

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I had the same problem and there there were spider webs in charcoal canister. fixed filling problem, but light still on. HTere is a service bullettine for this issues and an updated part with a couple check vales on it. 25852-20010. here is the part number. email if you still need this problem fixed. I will explain how to install.

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i have the same problem on my 1999. so far, replaced vapor pressure sensor, checking all route (found one ~4" cracked hose), replaced updated part same as above. Darn light still come back on. please help......

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