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Found 7 results

  1. LS430 P0325

    I'm looking for answers to my mysterious knock sensor code on my 2001 LS430 180k miles. P0325 Knock sensor circuit 1 is the code I am recieving. Trying to do some preventative maintenance I changed the spark plugs with NGK laser iridium. Prior spark plugs I believe were the Densos. I as well changed a leaky PCV hose and went ahead and did the valve. The car ran great for roughly a week or so and then the code came and hasn't left. I seafoamed the car as well after getting the code. If I reset the code the car runs great, but returns shortly. I notice a slight tick and pinging under hard acceleration. Any suggestion would greatly be appreciated! I changed the spark plugs again also hoping maybe one of the NGK's was gapped incorrectly. I've went over the harnesses looking for shorts. It just seems strange I change the spark plugs and a knock sensor decides to give out.
  2. Replacing plugs

    '07 es350 with 155k still on original plugs. Ready to replace with iridium plugs, which I will purchase online. What other parts do I need? I have a qualified mechanic who will do labor.
  3. Spark Plugs

    Hi Gang, Which is the best type of spark plugs to use in a 1998 Lexus LX470 running on LPG / Unleaded Petrol ( Dual Fuel ) Cheers Geoff
  4. My CEL & VSC came on & I determined it wasn't an issue with the gas cap. Went to AutoZone & diagnostic threw 7 codes. Need to replace all 6 spark plugs & 1 ignition coil. I've only had this car since July, so I haven't gotten my hands dirty with it yet or even looked under the hood for that matter. Too busy to be crazy into my cars now. Anyway, my question is will I be able to change all the spark plugs myself, or will I need to take out the intake to get to some of them? Also, will I be able to easily replace the ignition coil myself? Thanks!
  5. Hi Everyone, Today I am super happy and wanted to share. My 1998 Lexus LS400 has been feeling really tired. I bought it in 2009 with 194,000KMs, and had the spark plugs changed along with the timing belt. For the past two years, it would misfire up hills, acceleration was so-so, and the fuel consumption was terrible -- about 18L/100 km. Today it has 260,000 km. I live in Australia, so unfortunately my car does not have OBDII. Even my Lexus dealer was not able to get much info out of their machine... So, I started replacing things: 1. New O2 sensors 2. Coolant temperature sensor 3. New fuel injectors 4. Decarbon treatment (professionally done) 5. New fuel filter 6. Seafoam treatment 7. Search for vacuum leak 8. New air filter 9. New mass-airflow sensor 10. I'm sure I'm forgetting some things... Nothing really helped fuel efficiency, except for increasing the tire pressure to 42 psi. But still the car felt sluggish. Did I have clogged cats? Did I need to replace 8 coil packs? I was thinking that maybe the car was just getting old. I started test-driving some LS430's and started saving for an LS460 (Australia is expensive!). I bought my wife a Prius so that our average fuel consumption would be similar to having two normal cars. Well, this weekend I finally got around to changing the spark plugs again with Denso iridiums and WOW! Night and day difference!!! The car feels more powerful than ever. No hesitation and tons of acceleration. It's so smooth and quiet -- quieter than some of the LS430's I've recently driven with half the km's. I've been driving it hard all day and I'm getting 10L/100km. This is unexpected, because the plugs I just replaced are NGK iridiums. Aren't these plugs good for 120,000 miles? My mechanic would look at one plug every few months (#1 cylinder) and always told me that they were fine and did not need to be replaced. I'm wondering if these are counterfeit plugs (I went to an independent garage) -- because when the NGK plugs were new in 2009 my car did not drive as well as it does now. I have attached photos of the 8 spark-plugs. These are the iridium spark plugs that after 40,000 miles increased my fuel consumption by a factor of 2 and halved my horsepower. Maybe these plugs look terrible and I am showing the obvious -- I would not know because I don't have much experience in reading plugs. Any insight on what is going in my engine, and thoughts on the health of my engine would be most gratefully received. Thank you for all the helpful posts on this forum. It has been a great resource. Cheers, Ken Images of spark plugs:
  6. First you have to know how to open the windshield rain gutter which contains the wiper's motor so you need to take out the wiper motor out as well. Remove engine stable bar (see SKETCH 1) out too. (See picture below) OPEN THROTTLE (see sketch 2) Open (1) #12 screws behind throttle with wrench not socket (it is at vertical support bar), (see D detail in sketch 2)Open(1) #10 screws behind throttle which it hold electric bundle to throttle body (see B detail), (Note: you don't have to put this one back, it is hard to open and without this screw it is still strong)Open (3) #14 (or, #12?) nuts which tight throttle to upper manifold, (see sketch 2) PULL THROTTLE to the right and off from upper manifold, use some cord to tight it to somewhere so it won't dance around (throttle now still tight to some hoses and some electric cords)Careful take out throttle metal gasket, use it as simple for buying the new one (you have to replace it with a new one every time you open this), ( gasket beat position )OPEN UPPER MANIFOLD (see sketch 2)Open (1) #10 screw at gas hose clamp which locate at left side of upper manifold Open PCV valveAt bottom of engine, open (1) #14 screw at vertical support bar, the one support upper manifold (see picture) Attop Manifold, open (2) #14 screws, the one locate at 2 front ends, (see sketch 2)At top Manifold, open (2) HEX screws, they locate at front center, (see sketch 2)Lift upper manifold a little, slidely tilt back side up and to the left. While you hold it there. Open (1) #14 screws at vertical support bar (You may have to use a very short socket wrench to open this bolt _ see picture). And open (1) #10 screw which tight ground electric to upper manifold body Take out upper manifold body AND CHANGE SPARK PLUG
  7. Hi, I'm a new member and a Lexus owner for 16 years. A recent incident compelled me to post here and to get some advices. Currently I drive a 2006 GS300. All maintenance services and repairs were done at the dealer. Ten days ago, I drove out of the parking lot and noticed the "check engine" light was on. I pulled of to the roadside, turned off the engine and tried to re-start, but did not succeed. I called AAA and the car was towed to the nearest auto shop. My friend came to pick me up. He tried to start the car. This time it actually got started. I decided to drive straight to the Lexus dealer. After the Lexus technician inspected the car, they said the Fuel Pressure Sensor needed to be replaced. The cost was about $830. After they replaced it, they discovered that the Fuel Pump and Spark Plugs were damaged. The total cost would amount to about $2500. I told them that I would have the car towed to a local mechanic to fix the fuel pump at a lower price. Next day, the dealer wanted to keep me there and offered to fix the fuel pump for free. However, they found another problem with the fuel gauge. They also offered to replace the fuel gauge at no cost. I agreed to let them complete the repair but requested to keep the old parts for me to take away. They had no problem with my request. Three days later, the service consultant told me that I could not have the old parts back because the dealer repaired the car under "Gooldwill Warranty" so the old parts had to be returned to the manufacturer. At this point, I was so confused and aggravated that every phone call there was something new came up. I asked him to explain the whole process in writing and email to me. He would not do it but said a manager would contact me the next day. Any comment on my experience? Could Fuel Pressure Sensor, Fuel Pump, Spark Plugs, and Fuel Gauge all broke at the same time?