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Found 77 results

  1. Hey All, Just wanted to share some video DIYs i created when I did the 120k mile service on my GS350. Here's how to replace spark plugs:
  2. LFA Meetup East Coast

    Anyone with an LFA on the east coast want to do an LFA only meetup / drive event?
  3. Hi Guys, Couple weeks ago, my Lexus hybrid system light came on. I took the car to a local Lexus dealer. They charged me $160 just to test the engine light and told me to replaced my hybrid battery for $6,700. I am so broke I declined the replacement. Last week, I opened the hybrid battery and tested all cells. Turns out all cells are fine. I reassembled the battery back in place and drove it for another week. Today while driving 70 mph on the highway the "warning hybrid light" comes on again including check VSC, check ECB. Does anyone here has the same problem like it do? I know the battery is fine. Could the battery converter causing this problem? Any advise would be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. This is a new car to me that I bought with the no start engine. Only 42000 miles since last timing belt change . Here's what I found when I opened it up. Several bolts on water pump housing were loose. Alternator lower bolt was broken. The tensioner pulley was completely broken apart so I don't have any pictures of that . Water pump shaft was bent and water composed inoperative. That's why the coloring on the water pump pulley is shows discoloring from the Heat. Who knows what happened in terms of the sequence.... Anyone ever see this on a Lexus? I've had 10 Lexus before, worked as a mechanic 30 years, and I've never seen this before.
  5. What oil to use

    Alright need some advice on what oil to use for my Ls400 90. I normally use 10w-40 Castrol GTX due to previous owner who had the car would use 10w-40 so I just continue doing the same but yeah let me know ?
  6. Great video of a Lexus RC-F with Twin Superchargers - Initial Engine Start....Enjoy!
  7. what can i do to make my car stop doing this.... i have great tires and i dont wanna use aftermarket shocks cause i love the confort of oem... so under this parameters what do you people suggest? thanks i was thinking maybe wider tires could help but im afraid the handling would not be as crisp specially in the front... thoughts?
  8. 1993 Lexus LS400

    Hello, Just posted my 1993 Lexus LS400 last night to Craig's List. It saddens me to have to give up the car. Please see add with description of what went wrong and looking to sell to a Lexus afficanado who has the time and enjoys bringing back to life this beauty of a car. 158,000 miles White w/Black leather interior $700. Needs Transmission (more details at link) Please call (323) 462-0121 to make arrangements to see at mechanic facility in Hollywood, California (Santa Monica Blvd/Gower area)
  9. Hey team, I brought a 2007 Lexus is350 5 months ago and about 3 weeks ago it started making a really strange noise when I started it, then it would go away. A week ago I went to turn it on and it didn't start. It was trying but wouldn't spark. Took it to a mechanic who said it was a fuel pump and replaced it but since I've had it back it's been really hesitant to start. Sometimes it starts fine others it's trying and trying then last second it sparks. Could it still be the fuel pump? He also ran a diagnostic on it and everything showed up as normal. Appreciate any help!
  10. From the album VMR 804 19" Wheels for 2007 Lexus IS350

    Sorry, no pro photos yet but here's some pics of my wheels: VMR 804 Rears: 19x9.5 45 offset, Front: 19x8.5 35 offset FLOW FORMED V SPOKE MESH The V804 offers an attention to detail like no other. From its meticulously crafted spoke detail to its aggressive, yet elegant profile, the V804 is the perfect fit for modern performance luxury vehicles. By combining this refined styling with our industry leading flow formed construction, the V804 promises to deliver where it matters most – both in the streets and on the track. The Flow Formed V804 is machined on location and tailored specific to your vehicle, much like factory wheels. The V804 do not require any additional hardware or centering rings for installation, allowing for a flawless fit and perfect ride, straight out of the box.
  11. Hello, I have a 1994 lexus es300, and it has been very good to me. However, it probably needs a new transmission (doesnt go into 1st gear for some reason, still drives, just takes 15 seconds or so to get to 20 mph. ) Engine works fine. Today, while browsing craigslist, I found a 1999 toyota camry for $500 with blown motor. Is the camry transmission swappable with the es300 transmission? If not, would the engine be swappable? What transmissions are swappable, I heard I can swap ones from 1992 through 1996, is that right? Also, one mechanic swears its an electrical issue, the transmission solenoids have been replaces, the ecm tested fine, and the transmission wiring from the ecm to the harness tested fine, and they believe the transmission wiring harness might be to blame. Where is the transmission wiring harness located? (I stopped going to the mechanic because I paid $800 for the solenoid to be replaced, only for the issue to not be resolved, and refund was refused, so now I dont trust mechanics. tl, dr; is transmission/motor for 94 es300 and 99 camry swappable? And where is the transmission wiring harness located on the es300? Thank you.
  12. Hi so I am new to the forum, and i have a problem with my passenger headlight (low beam) on an Is350. Ok so yesterday i noticed that my right light went out and my headlight cover does have condensation inside of it. Today i checked out the bulb and it looks perfectly fine. Later i was driving to the gas station and i noticed it was on from the reflection of the car infront but as soon as i get out of my car the lights turned off and so i turned them on and again my light was out. What could be happening? Should i clean out the light cover? Would that help? Please let me know if you had this problem or what to do! Thank you
  13. I've recently found out that my drivers seat won't recline....well, to be accurate, only the left side of the seat reclines and the right side of the seat stays in place. My Lexus dealership said "they couldn't fix it" which I thought surprising. It just stopped working one day. Not that I recline all the time, but I would like the option when I need to take a cat nap during a long drive or during the all day in the car work day. Any suggestions????
  15. Ah ha, there you are... Although you might hate the British accent... Nice review.
  16. Hey fellow Lexus Owners, Recently joined the Lexus club and well I decided it's about time to join the forums, i've had my IS200 for about 3 months and have a lot of plans for it! such as 1jz/2jz! I absolutely love the car and well I know you guys will be able to help me out with a lot of modifications I'll be doing on the car! So I decided to vlog about my car on Youtube and do modifications which IS200/IS300/Altezza owners or just people in the car community can benefit from, I'd appreciate it if you guys checked it out and supported me, and well i'm here to help you guys with anything you need that is car related! So feel free to subscribe to my channel if you like the content! Just so you know, I'm from Australia! Here is my channel: Here is my most recent video:
  17. I currently own a 2007 Lexus IS250 which the interior panels including the dashboard have started to literally melt away. This has caused a sticky and shiny to form on the top of the dashboard making a glare on the front windshield making it very difficult to see out of, much less drive as it is unsafe. After more than 2 years of getting the run around about when this issue will be resolved and now being told it will take another 18-20 months possibly. This is plain ridiculous and mad as Toyota Motor Company (makes Lexus) only cares about lining their pockets rather then the safety of their consumers. Please help me bring this issue to the front line so we may have this issue resolved before it too late. I have started a petition to Toyota Motor Company and Lexus, please sign it so our voices will be heard!!!
  18. Hello Lexus drivers, I am driving on my Michelin winterset because i couldn't find something easy to mount for this summer. As you understand, my Michelins are loosing mm's very very fast so i am in a hurry here to change them. I drive a Lexus GS300 from 2004. Its still the old model though. No lowering at this point. Recently i found some very cool Ronal Startech's in 20 inch, 9j and ET35. The big question here is: Do they fit?? Here's a picture of the actual rimm.
  19. I have the meisterschaft exhaust with a valve to control how loud it is,but my lease is up now and dont know what to do with the exhaust, help
  20. Finally got the call from my dealer that they have the new dashboard. Replacement took one day. The original dashboard was not cracked but very sticky and created quite a glare on the front windshield. Before New dashboard is very nice, definitely no longer sticky (for now), and no more glare. After
  21. Hey guys I recently got my is300 f sport (black w/ red interior) jsut over a month ago, I just wanted some ideas as far as some nice mods I should be looking for, websites I should be buying these parts from etc. My main focus is going to be on the looks side so things so like lips etc. also looking for a nice sounding exhaust as well
  22. My New Ride - Lexus RX300

    Bought this 1999 Lexus RX300 AWD in really good condition. Hope to add rear spoiler and tint back windows dark. Maybe add a body kit eventually. Needs a couple things fixed like the power antenna and a small rust spot on passenger tire. Body is in great condition for age and Michigan miles. It drives and runs really good.
  23. So my trunk was really full and I tried opening my trunk today. Sometimes when it is full, I've had to use a lot of force. This time, something snapped and I no longer felt resistance when pulling the trunk latch. I removed the panels from the inside and took a look at the opening mechanism. The cable is still intact and i discovered how to open the trunk from the inside. However, there is no connection from the latch to the rest of the locking mechanism. When I used force, there was a part that broke. The first picture shows the part that is broken. The black rubber and plastic parts used to be one part. The elongated plastic part used to be inside the car, while the black plastic part used to be behind the latch on the outside of the car. The square hole near my thumb behind the latch is where the rubber used to sit. The last picture shows where the elongated black plastic part used to connect to. The last picture's orientation is looking up. The black plastic part used to lift the silver metal part extending the wire. The wire would then pull the golden part in the third picture to open the trunk. The fourth picture shows an overall picture. If you look carefully at the fourth picture, there is a black cable that runs down the cavity in the center of the trunk door. That is the same cable that pulls the golden part of the mechanism, opening the door. Essentially, the mechanism is no longer connected due to the broken part. The latch is not connected to the first part of the mechanism and thus, the second part of the mechanism is not working and I cannot open my door from the outside. Anyone know where I can get a replacement part and whether I can install it without opening any screws?
  24. Hey guys! I'm new on this forum. This is my first post, but hopefully it's an interesting one. I have a 99 LS400 with 152k miles on it. A few weeks ago, it started taking more and more turns of the key to start it, until one day, when all I got was the infamous single click. So I figured it's time to replace the starter and ordered a Denso Remanufactured one. It came in late yesterday, and my friends and I got started. We finished today and got the car all put back together. When I went to start it, it started right up! However, right after it turned over, there was a very high pitched whining/whirring noise ( like something spinning very quickly) which lasted a second or two. I've tried starting it about 12-13 times since then, and it does it almost every time, although the noise has gotten a bit quieter. My friends and I immediately suspected that the noise was coming from the starter not disengaging and pulling back out of the flex plate after starting it. After doing some quick searching on this forum, I figured we were probably right about that theory. Is this because we possibly didn't seat the starter properly? Maybe it might've been at a slight angle? But the two 14mm bolts went right in and we tightened them properly. The starter seemed like it was very stable and properly fitted. Or is this just an issue with the starter itself? In any case, my main concern is... Will this cause any long term problems to the flex plate or something? Will the new starter go out quickly? Basically, what should I do at this point? Thanks in advance guys! Karthik PS. I have to take the LS400 on a 900 mile road trip from Chicago to NY tomorrow . That's why I'm kinda anxious and worried about this noise haha. At least we got the starter replacement done fairly quickly and on time. I have to say, although it was an annoying job, it really wasn't as bad as I was expecting!