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Found 16 results

  1. We live in the Largo, FL area and I need a good Lexus mechanic to help me solve a problem of my '96 LS400 running very rich. My former Dallas mechanic believes it's the ECU, but I can't get the car back to him for repair. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Car stuck in 3rd gear and stuck in limp mode. Had an initial torque converter problem May have been fixed with SL1 and TCC solenoid replacement. But still stuck in 3rd with a new code went from p2757 to P2714 and still have P0761. Might also happen with a 2006 GS300 with A960E transmission Has anyone had this issue or ever get a TCM or ECU calibration update?
  3. I recently purchased my '93 GS 300 and i'm in love with it. The engine was just rebuilt, transmission was just serviced and all fluids are new. The only thing that I really want to change about the car is the fact that it feels so heavy. I live right off of the highway and I feel like it takes way too much to get up to speed. I have been looking at buying a turbo kit for it but is a little out of my price range at the moment. As far as I understand, the ECU needs tuned after installing a turbo kit. For right now i'm wanting to still try and get my car tuned for more power and bring it to life without it costing me an arm and a leg. So, i'm wondering if I need to buy an performance ECU or if i'm able to get my stock one tuned. (I'm new to this, if you couldn't tell)
  4. I have a 94 es 300. It keeps setting p1300 code. I have replaced the coil packs,Igniter module, and the ECU. It still sets the code as soon as I start it up. I am at my wits end trying to find the problem. Sure could use some help here if anyone has ideas. Thanks gardynboy.
  5. I took my ECU out of this 1996 LS400 and now have a bracket without a home. That's what I get for leaving for a couple days in the middle of this. I am at a loss. Thanks in advance. Scott
  6. I read some of the earlier postings from others that have had this issue. It appears the problem can be one or more of several problems. I just wanted so advise on where I should look next. This is on a 1996 LS400, The car started idleing rough and had a strong fuel smell. I checked the codes and only one came back I believe P0306, cyl 6 not firing. Checked and then replaced plugs(NGR) and wires. Drove fine for a few miles and started again. I figure I need to replace the cap and rotors next. I also need to see if any of the caps are leaking in my ECU. (not sure where that is exactly) I also read that it could be an injector. Any help would be great. Thanks, Scott
  7. I'm planning on taking my ECU for testing and the testing company needs me to provide the keys and a key reader. Is this part of the ignition barrel? Anyone happen to have a picture of it? Cheers Z
  8. My parents have a 97 300ES. It started running roughly and the Lexus dealer told thyem it needs a new computer -- only $2000. I talked to the service manager and was told the ECU has leaky capacitors. I see plenty of shops that advertise online to do it -- and plenty of poor reviews and tales of woe from dissatisfied customers. I will appreciate advice from forum members about a good place to send the ECU for repair. Thanks!
  9. Since I've had my 92' SC300 it runs very well, never an issue while it's running, but if I've been driving a while then shut it off to run into a store, for example, when I try to start it again it will turn over and start, but within a few seconds will bog down and die. It takes anywhere from 5-25 tries to get it to stay running again, and there is no check engine light on. I've read a lot of posts and came to the conclusion that it is possibly the ECU/ECM, IAC, or Idle Speed Control sensor/module, but I'm still not sure exactly. I've just replaced the fuel filter with no change. A diagnosis of this issue and the possible fixes would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your input and assistance.
  10. Hi List, I am attempting to check my ECU but need some help with removing the plastic lower right kick-panel without breaking the darn thing. Can someone who has already done this ('92 LS400) kindly post the secret. I have removed the Glove-box liner and the lower plastic kick-panel's plastic screws. The books indicates there are four clips at the top of the panel, but they are not visible and I am not sure whether I should pull the panel straight out, down, or pry one way or another!!! TIA
  11. Bought my LX 470 gently used with 16K miles in 2005, 10-15K miles annually, gently driven and meticulously maintained. LOVE MY TRUCK! At 121,000 miles, the VGRS/VCS lights come on. I read up on it and saw it was usually something minor to set these sensors off, but I saw online that the LS460 had a RECALL on this. LX470 had the Pittman collar for the steering recalled, and I got it fixed last Fall. Concerned, I took my LX470 to the dealer for answers: the problem was catastrophic FAILURE of the VGRS (and ECU thereafter), with a repair cost for the VGRS actuator plus labor at $3800 (part alone was $2729!). When I spoke with my local service manager (awesome guy), I expressed my concern that this effectively rendered my vehicle undrivable and unsellable! He told me he's seen THREE repairs in 3 years, a rare but costly failure. He went to work on solutions…but so did I. Contacted Lexus Customer Care, reported my complaint and concerns for possible failure related to the recall, the LS issue and recall, and demanded some type of shared cost of repair and help for this. Lexus and my dealership thankfully came through within 24 hrs: Lexus and the dealer would share the cost of the repair and charged me $680 in labor. After the VGRS was replaced, however, the ECU then failed!…but fortunately they covered the cost AND labor for this as well! Truck is driving great now, but now I have to consider selling it out of concern for "what's next". Just an FYI for anyone experiencing something similar. CALL LEXUS CUSTOMER CARE and tell them about the problem!
  12. I have a 1990 Toyota Celsior which was running fine apart from stalling when starting cold. Currently the car will fire but wont run. It revs up and then dies. So what I have done Firstly I began by replacing the coolant temp sensor. It still ran after this but still stalled when cold. Got given a replacement IAC valve (with a different part number but was assured it would be okay) so I installed it. The car would not start with the new IAC valve in and just clicked like a flat battery but I had loads if juice and even tried jump starting of another vehicle - no luck. Replaced the IAC valve with the original one. Tried to start but still clicked like flat battery. I hooked it up to another car and managed to get it to jump start. Took it for a spin around the block, parked back home and then it wouldn't turn off. I removed the coil pack to kill it. Since putting the coil pack back on it will not start. I bought a new IAC valve (with the correct part number) and installed it. Car will still not start. I checked the codes and came back with a 51 - switch condition signal but don't really think this is the cause of the issue.Where to now? I thought perhaps that because I put the incorrect IAC valve in that I possibly have done something to the ECU? Can this happen My next best guess is to replace the ECU but I would like to know if anyone has better suggestions to try first? Any help is greatly appreciated. If it helps I can fire up the car and upload a video of it trying to start so you can hear and see for yourselves.
  13. Hi everyone, new to the forums. I have a question for you guys that I hope you can help me with. About a month ago I had to get my car smogged to complete my car registration and get my tags. My car was good but I failed because my cars check engine light is on. I got the error code p1150 which I found out on here is the a/f sensor on bank 2 sensor 1. I bought the sensor and swapped it out and disconnected the positive cable on my battery for about 15-20 minutes immediately after. I was hoping this would clear the light but it didn't. I even had my neighbor who is a mechanic try to clear the light with the handheld OBD reader with no luck. My question to you guys is what do you think is causing that error code to keep popping up and do you have any suggestions as to how I can clear it? I've heard of pulling the ECU fuse to rest the ECU and clear the lights but haven't been able to find which exact fuse to pull. Any help would be greatly appreciated. And my car is a 2002 ES300.
  14. Intake Dont Sound Correct

    Hi guys. gotta start be thanking everyone involved with this form. Great wealth of info. here. OK... I have a 91 ls400.. It threw the belt due to a bad tenchener. Replaced it and belt. car would drive then die . start ,drive a bit, die. I Checked the crank position sensor . wires ect... for damage. saw nothing but when I put it back in. The car ran flawlessly for about 2 months. Now it runs , dies ect....... After reading the other post I am very sure that I need to replace the ECU. It has the series of #s that I hear were recalled from the factory. I machanic a bit but here is where Im stumpped. When the car started dieing. I started to hear this Sucking air sound like the intake (air cleaner ) assy had a leak. It would start and stop like it was controlled by vacume or a switch. It seems to lack a little power but now stays on the whole time the car is running. Could it be the MAF or VAf some call it? Its almost as if airflow were restricted. Guys. IVe checked airfilter,housing, rubber intake parts, vacume lines. I cant believe I havent figured this out. Also. No code but traction lite comes on. I think the check engine light bulb needs replaced.
  15. I need some help!! hello, I recently purchased a wrecked 2001 gs430. The ECU was damaged and needs to be replaced. I really need some advice on what to do Will my master key sync with the replacement ecu? ECU is Used but is exact model # as the old 89666-30111 Am i better off ordering through the dealer and getting a new master key? Thanks for any help you can give
  16. I have an ’08 ES350 & I’m considering installing an aftermarket performance chip. Here is their site: ““ Has anyone done this or have any thoughts on it.