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Found 10 results

  1. ES300 Replacement Ignition Key

    I have lost the electronic core of my ES300 ignition key and now only have one valet key to operate the vehicle, which works well enough. My dealer has qouted a price of $2400 to get me one functioning electronic key. Is there a cheaper alternative?
  2. Happy Holidays! Here is my problem, my remote master keys, both of them will not lock my SC430. If I reprogram remote buttons, the car will remotely then open and close as it should. However then for some reason the car will go back to not receiving signal from remotes to lock or unlock car? Also when this does happen, my Dome light will stay on, then I have to fiddle with the Key manually to have the Dome Light cycle off. What have I done: 1-Replaced both Driver and Passenger Door Actuators-By Lexus Dealer 2-Replace all new batteries in Key/Remotes' 3-My main Car battery test's excellent, I doubt that is the culprit. 4-I have programed my remote keys to the car so they activate remotes, that works then later fails after a random amount of says. ***Is there a Module that could be bad, if so, what module? Appreciate any help! B-
  3. Hello. I have a GX470 2007, bought it used and it had 2 headrest dvd's already in place. We lost the remote and bought a new generic one, but I can't find the dvd player code for it to program the remote. I have the DVD manual, but not only it doesn't say anything about it, it doesn't even mention who the manufacturer is .. not a single link or company name of phone # - nothing. All it says on the manual is: "REV2 Headrest Video Monitor with Built-in DVD" Does anyone know the code for this thing? Or how to get this remote to work? Thanks.
  4. My recent experience. I pushed unlock on the fob and I think I might have it triple or quadruple clicked it, I may have been pressing against one of the anothers with my thumb, I'm not sure but the car unlocked, then the drivers window just rolled itself down. Lexus Dealer $500 Some Repair shop $4-600 Solution! Unpluged battery. Going around and holding up for a second thing does reset it but not in this case, aparently there's a combination on the remote that will cause a malfunction with the radio detectors codes. Everyones like the switch, switch board, the motor blah blah blah, they were giving me excuse after excuse. I'm like, did you not hear me, this car did it all by itself, the window did not fall, it did not break. It quietly rolled itself down. Cheers!
  5. Has anyone had a problem with the springs in the controller (mouse) not returning the joystick to the center when it is not being used? Mine lays to the right when not being used. I am wondering if anyone had previously repaired it to normal working condition by replacing items inside?
  6. I purchased a new key shell and a used electronic remote head transmitter (key fob) on ebay for my 2002 LS, I had the key cut locally, copying my existing key. Long story short, I returned the remote because the transponder would not pair with my car using any online instructions or the locksmith's programmer. No good if you can't get past security. Good thing I verified that it could be returned if it didn't work. Before returning it, I noted that the remote electronics unit didn't have the same number imprinted on it as my existing remote (50111). I bought a second key fob on ebay after verifying it had the same remote identification number. To my great relief, I successfully programmed the transponder and remote function (lock, unlock, open trunk) using the following procedures: Transponder Programming You have 35 seconds to complete steps 1-5 and 10 seconds to complete step 6. If not performed quickly enough, the car will not go into programming mode and the key transponder will not pair with your car. Close all doors. Insert an already programmed master key into the ignition. Turn the key from the OFF to On and back OFF FIVE (5) times. Open and close the driver's door SIX (6) times. Remove the key from the ignition. Insert the new key to be programmed into the ignition. Leave it in the OFF position. Wait 1 to 2 minutes. The security light will be blinking. When it stops blinking your key is programmed. To end programming step on the brake one time. If the blinking security light does not go off within 2 minutes, the procedure must be repeated from the beginning. Verify success by starting the engine.________________________________________ Remote Programming Close and lock all doors. Unlock and open driver's door. Insert key into ignition and remove TWO TIMES. Close and open the driver's door TWO TIMES. Insert key into the ignition and remove ONE TIME. Close and open the driver's door TWO TIMES. Insert key into the ignition. Close the driver's door. Turn ignition ON then OFF ONE TIME. (Do not start engine) This will place the car in ADD mode for your remote. Note: Turning the ignition ON then OFF TWO TIMES will ADD the remote AND will erase all existing remotes. Remove the key from the ignition. The door locks will cycle one time (or two if set to erase existing remotes). On the REMOTE press and hold both the LOCK and UNLOCK button for 2 to 5 seconds and release. Hold the remote higher for better reception. On the REMOTE press and hold the LOCK button for 1 to 3 seconds and release. If the door locks cycle once, the procedure was accepted. If the door locks cycle twice it has failed and the procedure must be repeated from the beginning. To end programming, open and close the driver's door then insert key in ignition and remove it. Verify success by pressing any button on the remote.________________________________________ I make no claims to be an expert with respect to this process or anything for that matter. I was happy that I was able to get my key / remote to function and pass on what worked for me in case it might help someone in the same situation. These instructions are refined from a source which I found online, but I have since lost the original source info.
  7. Key

    Hello, I need someones help, I just bought a 2000 Lexus ES300 and I have reason to believe that it is a repo ,so there is one key without remote entry. I am looking to buy an uncut key and program it to use as keyless entry. Is this possible or do i have to take it to a dealer? Please help me Thank you so much, Brady
  8. 2004 Gx 470 Dvd Remote Missing

    Hello, I recently purchased a 2004 GX 470... we love this vehicle; however, the DVD remote control is missing. It is very difficult to operate the DVD player... every time you start the vehicle, you must set the emergency brake, and start the DVD all over again. There are two different remotes that I have found, I was curious if these vehicles originally come with both remotes, and if either is sufficient to play the DVD player.
  9. Hello, Does anyone know where I could buy a 1994 LS400 master key with 1 Button keyless entry remote? The dealerships wants over $250 for one. Thanks, Ben
  10. Can't Open Trunk

    Hi Everyone, I have a 1998 ES 300. I loaded some stuff into my trunk earlier today and went to open it again half an hour later but it won't. I checked the button in the glove compartment but that's not it. When I press the button next to the steering wheel I hear a small click everytime it's pushed but nothing. I tried jiggling it open while pressing/holding the button and nothing. The key I have won't open the trunk and the remote key is semi-broken. Is there someway of opening it? Or at least removing the backseats so I can get inside? Any help is appreciated!