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  1. The Orb?

    yea but dont you need some kinda of soidering tool to do that
  2. Clicking Noise While Turning

    ok thank you for the help
  3. The Orb?

    yea but i want to buy it already like that i dont want to do it myself cuz i dont want to mess anything up even though it seems simple enough
  4. Clicking Noise While Turning

    it only clicks while the car is moving and only while i turn the wheel left but it also clicks while i reverse and turn the wheel right but i can hear the clicking on the left side in the front
  5. The Orb?

    saw some guy on youtube who customizes the clusters for the 92-96 es300 but he hasnt been on in a while just seeing if anyone no where i can get something like that or who does that
  6. Smokes A Little On Start Up

    sometimes on normal days and worse on cold days but on normal days it will smoke wen i throw it in reverse then after that its done
  7. in the morning it will smoke a little but after like 5 min its fine any idea what that could be
  8. Clicking Noise While Turning

    wats the cost for the cv shaft and would that be it
  9. everytime i turn the wheel i here a clicking noise any idea what that could be
  10. 92 Lexus Es 300 Help!

    bump help someone please
  11. 92 Lexus Es 300 Help!

    well what is the actuator exactly and should i just get a whole new unit
  12. well due to all the problems i have with my lexus im trading her as much as i would love to keep her she has got to go im trading her next week for a 94 corolla 5 speed 1.8l my new gas saver just want to say all of u have been a great help thanks a bunch
  13. 92 Lexus Es 300 Help!

    it only swithces on the last one which is the defrost and feet then when i switch it back to just feet or just face i can here it switch then slowly stops but the indicator shows thats its on feet or face its not on auto mode i dont know if that matters but ill check really need help with this though cuz it just stays on feet lol
  14. 92 Lexus Es 300 Help!

    someone please help