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  1. Anyone know where I can get a replacement end cap for my Roof Rack. I'm assuming it was eaten at the car wash. 2004 RX 330 Black, Black Roof Rack Thanks Brenda Haddam, CT
  2. I have a 2004 RX 330 and periodically the passenger side airbag light comes on solid and the passenger seatbelt light blinks. It seems to happen shortly after someone has been in the passenger seat and uses the seatbelt.... Anyone have any insight as to what might be happening... Thanks Brenda
  3. 2004 Rx330 - 90k - Should I Purchase

    Thanks for the info about the AWD, I was wondering how it would compare....truthfully, I don't think the Subaru is as good as an A4 I used to have but you're right it does get through the stuff well and we have lots of it here this year. I'll post pic's in the near future.... Brenda
  4. 2004 Rx330 - 90k - Should I Purchase

    Thank you all for your great feedback. I meant CarFax not CarMax.....I called my local Lexus Dealer today and they looked up the Vin and gave me some good info on the vehicle. They said it has been meticulously maintained at Lexus Dealers but the 90K timing belt service was not done. Based on this we got the asking price reduced to accommodate the cost of this service. I drove it again today and checked for the hesitation and any noises, burnt smelling tranny fuel, oil sludge and any other items I've read about here but it seemed to ride really good. I did find it was mfg's in Japan vs is AWD based on the with all this said, I went ahead an purchased and will pickup tomorrow. If anyone wants to purchase a 2000 Subaru RS 2.5, let me know!!!!! So much for winter beaters, once you drive a Lex, you never want to drive anything else.... CarMax (where you're buying it) or CarFax (the reports, which are next to worthless in many cases)? IIRC, the 90K service is more than just T belt. Includes some things like tranny fluids, filters, driveshaft adjustments, etc.. If at a dealer, I would insist on full 90K service, w/ OEM parts. If private, cll Lexus and find out what they charge for it. Also, make sure the computer was reflashed. That was a 96 mo/80K emmissions warranty issue, but only done if someone complained (cheap *BLEEP*s). Makes a big difference.
  5. 2004 Rx330 - 90k - Should I Purchase

    They are asking $14,500 which seems good compared to others in the area with comparable miles....
  6. I'm thinking about purchasing a 2004 RX330 with 90K on it. Based on the Carmax Report, it's service records look good but I'm pretty sure it hasn't had a timing belt done. Any feedback on purchasing one of these with this many miles? Any known problems or issues I should be aware of up front? Thank you, Brenda