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  1. 2006 Camry Struts on 2006 ES330 ?

    Strappedforkash, Of the questions you have asked, I can answer one of them positively, and another with a logical guess. Use the 6 cylinder Camry part number if you go with these shocks. The extra weight of the 6 cylinder engine over the 4 cylinder engine requires a stiffer spring. Inspect the spring insulators and the coil spring seats for deterioration. If they appear fine, not broken/split/excessively worn, then reuse them if the new parts will fit to them.
  2. Oil change

    Polo67, Here's a free download for the Owner's Manual, etc.,: Gene
  3. Fuel Type

    Polo67, Your ES350 is perfectly happy with regular unleaded fuel, and the engine was designed to use it specifically. Yes, you could put premium or mid grade fuel in it, but you wouldn't notice a performance difference, you won't hurt the engine, but you'd be wasting money you didn't need to spend. One of my toys is a 370z Roadster that requires premium unleaded fuel. Its labeled right on the gas gauge and on the inside of the fuel cap door as such. To not use premium fuel in it could cause detonation and melt pistons under hard acceleration. That engine was designed to use only premium fuel. To use a different grade would be foolish. Save your money for insurance, new tires, oil changes, all of those things that go along with car ownership, and forget about the fallacy that you need to use the best grade gasoline possible in every car. After all, the ES is not a sports car.
  4. Please help my ES

    AlwaysbrokenES, You need to get the codes read again. And, if that O2 sensor you changed wasn't a Denso (OEM), that may be the issue. Over the years I've seen many posts on not using aftermarket O2 sensors. If a recheck of codes doesn't fix the issue, you will need to take the car to a good independent mechanic who works on Camry's and let them diagnose the issue. The worst thing to do is throw parts and money at the car. Find out what truly is the issue and fix just that. Grandfather doesn't know about modern cars.
  5. Forna, The Windom is an ES300, is a gussied up Camry V6 from the same generation, and many systems and parts cross reference between them. That said, I'd do searches for your issue on YouTube, Google, etc., for Camry V6 door lock issues. You may just find what you're looking for. As well, I'd be suspicious of the driver's door wiring through that rubber gaiter at the door hinge area. Pull the gaiter away from the door and the body, and check those wires carefully for breaks or frayed wires. Good Luck!
  6. jagsfan05, All of your questions could have a different answer in a different state/province/jurisdiction. You have some homework to do, to ensure that you don't buy a stolen vehicle, or one that is unfit for the road due to flood/accident damage, or has a mechanic's lien. Emissions and safety certifications vary state to state as well. Spend some time on YouTube looking at a lot of different videos on "buying a used car". There's even several on buying one from Craigslist. That will get you started. Then go online to your state's Department of Transport website and see what is required for licensing a vehicle in your state. Search as well for published "Tips on Buying a Used Car". Many state governments have packages to explain the purchase process, to keep the buyer safe from fraud. Don't get in a hurry to buy. There are lots of good cars out there, even if this one gets sold. Be sure to have the car inspected by a licensed mechanic who you trust (check with friends and family to see who they suggest). It may be the best $50 you spend on a car purchase. You are a newbie and you must learn what you are up against before you jump in and part with your money. There are a lot of scam artists out there, and you need to arm yourself with the knowledge to ensure that you get a good, safe car, that is legal in every way, and fairly priced. Good Luck in your search!
  7. rmk, Few people upgrade ES's, so finding things is very limited. That said, the Camry for that same generation Lexus may well have aftermarket options because so many more of them are sold than ES's. Just be sure to look at parts for the V6 Camry and not the 4 banger. Good Luck!
  8. jagsfan05, Yes and no. You have to be careful. It could be all on the up and up, or it could be a scam. There are many YouTube videos you can watch, that tell you how to buy a car from a private individual without getting taken for a ride. There are many others that tell you how to know if you are buying a good used car, or a piece of junk. Then, you need to know the average price that this year ES350 are selling for in your area. Search the AutoTrader for results in your state/province, so you'll know if the price is legit, or too good to be true. After doing that, find a good mechanic who can put the car on a hoist. look it over, and evaluate it as worth buying. As well, you must verify that the car has no liens, isn't stolen, and that the seller is the legal owner of the car. You have some homework to do first ... don't jump in without having done it.
  9. What is my paint color #?

    babyduke, Look at the label on the driver's door B pillar. It gives the year of manufacture, the VIN# of the car and various other codes and weights, etc. Take a picture of the label (a readable one) and show it to an automotive paint shop supplier. They'll find the 3 or 4 digit code on that label, and be able to mix up that colour for you, or a Lexus dealership parts department can give you the correct paint pen for touch ups, if that's what you need.
  10. Blue11, You have done a great service for the ES330 community! Too often on these car forums (I follow 12 different ones for each of the vehicles and garden tractors I own, and Moderate a forum for the RV I own as well) we try to solve an issue for a member ... and we never get feedback!!! To have the very useful followup you have given here is a godsend. Even though we no longer own a ES330 (my wife has moved on to an ES350), I still follow this forum to help out wherever I can. To see the pictures and followup you've supplied is just what the doctor ordered. Just wish more people would do the same. Thank You, on behalf of those owners with a ES330 who you may have helped!
  11. Cabin Air Filter Replacement

    BeachBumForever, Check the old one you took out. Its dirty side is the side that pulls the air from the outside into the car. Which way does the arrow on it point in relation to the dirty side of the old filter? That'll show you which way to install the new filter.
  12. Temp Control Drivers Side

    Nimbler, As I stated in my previous post ... the HVAC system may just need a reset. Ive done this personally on my 2005 GMC dually for a similar issue. For that vehicle, the procedure was published on the internet. Not so the ES. The problem is that Lexus doesn't publish info, requiring you to go to the dealership to get the job done at very expensive rates. That said, the issue may be with the wiring or the actuator to the blend door for that side of the car. Unless you are a wrencher, and get under the dash, or tear it half apart to get at what needs testing, the job is best left to a good mechanic who is used to working on Toyota Camry's, as the Camry is just a dummed down Lexus ES. If they can't find the issue, you may be forced to see a Lexus dealership and open your wallet.
  13. Lexi99, That would be my guess. Pull one or two from a wrecking yard, so you'll have a spare? While its not unheard of for a coil on plug to go bad, it isn't common.
  14. MMatheny, One suspect would be the motors themselves, specifically corroded brushes. Last fall I resurrected the power top motor of a BMW Z4 that had quit working, because it was drowned due to a poor factory design. I was able to remove the motor end case (the end with the brushes) and remove them. They were corroded and stuck in place in their slides, such that their springs couldn't force them onto the armature of the motor to make an electrical contact. A quick clean up to free them up, and reassembly got the motor and the top working again. You may have the same issue. Pull the seat (disconnect the battery first and wait 20 minutes to allow the airbag capacitor to discharge or it may fire in your face if sparked) and then get at the wiring harness right at the motors. Peel back the plastic covers over the wires just where they enter the motor and identify their colours. Then at the end of the same harness, identify those same wires and the connector pins they are attached to. Since the motors just reverse the polarity to move them in either direction, apply 12 volts to the two pins and see if the motors work. Then reverse the wires (polarity) to see if they reverse. You should do this on any motors you find in the seat (forward and back, up and down, recline and back up, front tilt and reverse, and so on) If they all work, then you know there is a problem elsewhere. If none of the motors work, they all may need disassembly to clean their brushes, if you can get them apart and have that expertise. If they all work, take the seat control switch apart and clean all of its contacts with electrical contact spray cleaner. If that gets you nowhere, you'll need a mechanic, since you have power to the seat. Good Luck!
  15. Tire Pressure Monitor

    wineluver, TPMS systems can drive you crazy when they don't properly reset after the initialization. Sometimes you have to trick them into behaving. Raise each of the 5 tires' pressure to say 5 or 6 lbs over the recommended pressure, as stated on the driver's door sticker, and then drive the car at over 30 mph until the TPMS light goes out. Then bring each of the tires back down to the recommended pressure, and you should be good to go. This has worked for me in the past. You may find that you'll have to reinitialize the system after the 5 or 6 lbs pressure raise, to get the lite to extinguish, then again maybe not. Good Luck!