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  1. waeltzy, Unfortunately there are few wrenchers on this forum who would be privy to that information. It appears as few Lexus owners are into fixing their vehicles themselves, unlike the Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Ford, etc. forums. Part of that problem is due to Lexus not wanting the info and its factory service manuals in the public domain. Oh, you can buy one if you wish, but it'll cost you in excess of $600. Myself, I've found free copies of the factory service manuals online for my 2012 Subaru OutBack LTD and my 2016 Nissan 370Z Roadster. I've found parts of the FSM for my 2005 GMC dually, but not everything, and my wife's 2011 ES350 ... well I steal things from the Camry v6 manuals for the same year. Most of it is the same, but not all. But there are some alternatives. The Toyota Camry V6 of that same year shares the same platform, and should have wheel geometry that is the same or fairly close to your ES350. As well, there are sites like AllData that will give you the info you seek for a fee, allowing you to download the section of the FSM you require for a 3 day period of time for $15 or so. I've never used them, but I understand its out there. On top of that, try calling other alignment shops in your area, because I can't believe that many of them don't have the specifications, and maybe your guy just doesn't see enough Lexus vehicles to make it worth his while to buy the info from his software suppliers. Good Luck!
  2. shortimer, At this stage you need a wiring diagram, something that Lexus does not pass around cheaply. You might try finding a Camry V6 wiring diagram (possibly easier to locate) or go online to a site that allows downloads of sections of Lexus f-Factory Service Manuals for a fee. Here's a link to a site that may have what you need for a $7.50 one month charge:
  3. mikes81bigblock, It could be a lot of different things causing your issue. Get the car to a good independent mechanic and have him pull the DTC codes and see what he says as a solution. Not surprising at that mileage.
  4. WWN, Its impossible to narrow down the cause, as its likely to be one or several of the items you've mentioned. Get the car to a good independent mechanic and have him take it for a short drive, and then put it up on a hoist and check it over. He should be able to find your issue in short order.
  5. Gentlemen, Every car with AC will have a rubber drain hose that comes off the bottom of the heater box (Subaru's have it on the bottom of the heater fan casing) and goes through the firewall to drain the condensation onto the ground. On an ES300 you can't see it from the engine compartment, but it is visible from below the car when its on a hoist or jack stands. Usually, poking a wire up the hose from below the car is all that is needed to start it draining again. Hint: you can expect that there will be a small puddle of water under the car whenever you run the AC, so if you don't see water dripping down when the AC is running (or just after turning the car off), its highly possible your drain is plugged, and water will soon find its way onto the floor pans. If you have a sunroof, there will be 4 drains, one at each front end corner of the sunroof that have drain tubes that run down the inside of the A pillar to the ground. As well, there are two (one each side) that run down the C pillar, usually to exit out the body of the car behind the rear wheel, between the body and the rear bumper cover. Picture where the rear of the sunroof would be under the headliner when the sunroof is fully open. That is where the rear drains are located at each rear corner. Sunroofs keep most of the water out, but some gets by the seals and runs in the slide channels of the sunroof to empty into these drain tubes. If the tubes get plugged with dirt/leaves the water backs up into the headliner and then to the floor. Sometimes a wire can be poked down these drain tubes to free them up, or if an air hose can be positioned correctly, they can be blown out Then, sometimes old age cracks these plastic drain tubes and they leak water from the same locations. Generally if water is on the rear floor ... the rear sunroof drain is plugged/split/come off the channel, but some floor pans by their shape will allow water from the front floor area drain to the rear floor, or if the car is parked on an uphill incline.
  6. Nimbler, I have owned Toyota's, Lexus', Nissan's and Subaru's and have been wrenching on them for years. The forums I've followed on each make say the same thing ... use what make of plug the car came with. Yes, I've tried the Bosch plugs, but the cars have always run better with the NGK's and Denso's that the manufacturer's used as OEM.
  7. Roper, Check out the above link. It has what you need in a kit form. Good Luck!
  8. IrieMon, EBay search under `2010 Lexus leather seats` (signify USED on side menu) brings up several options that may be what you`re after.
  9. 2006

    Martin7097, Pep Boys, AutoZone, and similar are in business to sell parts, and they do DTC code scans as a free service to hopefully sell those parts. Unfortunately their expertise and the kind of low level scanners they use don't get to the specifics needed in some situations, such as you experienced. You need to get the car to a good mechanic with professional scanning aids that can zero in on the actual cause of the code. They alone can point to bad circuits, under voltages, ohm readings out of specification and so on. As a last resort, even a Lexus dealership, but be prepared to pay a much higher shop labour rate. Good Luck!
  10. 41Supercoupe, I'm confused, ....... is it a 96 or a 2005? Ok, forget I asked. You say it has served you well, and yet you're not willing to have a transmission tech diagnose and give you an estimate of what the fix will be? It may well be a $400 fix or less. Is the car not worth that investment? Now if its going to be $1500 fix, then maybe not. But for the most part, asking here is not the place to get the answers you need. There are not many, if any, tranny techs on this forum, just guys who do brake jobs, and change the occasional timing belt or spark plugs. You need a professional's expertise. And maybe he'll tell you its a DIY type of job. Good Luck!
  11. laubachs, I agree with Trevor Catt. It sounds as if your door locks and the key fob need to be reprogramed.
  12. lexus_007, Then that does change the game plan if its just a toy to play with. In that case, I'd be making friends with a tech guy from a transmission shop and pick his brains for what you want to do. If you can find a professional tranny guy willing to share some of his time, you'll be a whole lot further ahead. Then again, you may learn that it would be a waste of time. Trying to find the kind of info you need is not going to be possible on this forum. I've followed it for years and there just aren't that many wrenchers who are owners of Lexus vehicles. It could be the cache of the vehicle's reputation as a luxury vehicle, and draws on owners who are more willing to let someone else do the repairs by opening up their wallet. Now, the diesel truck forums, Corvette forums, antique car forums ... those people are almost always wrenchers, and have a high knowledge base of trannies, etc. Not so much Lexus. You might try the Camry Forum (basically the poorer sister of the ES300), has the same tranny, and maybe someone over there in another forum could be of some help. Good Luck in your search !
  13. Pearl06, Reading between the lines of 02es300gold's post above yours, I believe he took the shifter mechanism apart himself and solved his issue. Do google searches for "2002 es300 shifter mechanism fix" or similar, and then read through the various threads. Often someone with the exact same issue not only explains how to do a step by step repair of whatever, but many times they post pictures as well. Its helped me solve many issues with all of my vehicles over the years, from changing the fuel injectors of my Duramax diesel dually, to do the timing belt of my 1990 Nissan 300ZX. Its there some place on the internet. You just have to do some searching.
  14. lexus_007, You have an 18 year old car, this is your first post on this forum, you're wanting to dig into the electronics of the automatic transmission to over ride its Control Module, and you readily admit that you don't know what you're doing, and you're asking for someone to suggest how to proceed? Okay, I'll answer your question. Don't do it, leave it alone. Do your shifting with the shift lever if you must, but don't screw around with a good thing. And here's why: An 18 year old car suggests that it has a lot of miles already on the transmission, and the older they get, the less capable they are of accepting abuse. And if you're going to be shifting it yourself, rather than letting the computer make the decisions, then I will lay money down that you will abuse the transmission, which equals .... you'll soon be walking rather than driving this car. An 18 year old car suggests that this is your first car perhaps, and that you also don't have the money to be making big repairs, otherwise why wouldn't you be driving a much newer vehicle? If you fry the electronics in this tranny, it isn't going to be a cheap fix. If its not your daily driver, and its just a toy, the stakes are a whole lot different, but I, personally, wouldn't do it. I've been wrenching on cars for over 50 years, and I wouldn't even begin to suggest that what you're trying to do is a wise move. If you want a car to shift gears with, get a car with an automatic with paddle shifters, or a stick shift, both of which are purposefully designed for what you want to do. But then again, its your car and your money. Do what you want.
  15. xplorer59, There may be a "reset" procedure for the HVAC unit that a dealer can do to correct the problem, or its possible that the control unit needs to be pulled from the dash, and either have that temp button/switch cleaned/replaced, or the entire unit replaced. Good Luck!