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  1. Summer Holidays / Vacation

    thanks :D
  2. Summer Holidays / Vacation

    Thanks Paul
  3. Summer Holidays / Vacation

    Just did a 6200 mile road trip around Europe. 16 countries in 16 days. All the way to the tip of Norway (most northern road in the while of (europe) to Italy and Austria (highest road in europe) The best was driving up the Stelvio pass in Italy. Here is a brief video of our Adventure.
  4. New Lexus Models

    About time they come up with some convertible models.. they have enough SUV's
  5. Road Trips !

    hopefully doing that pass in 2017 trev
  6. probably noting to do with the bulbs but possibly ABS or braking system itself. Also the CEL may be something different to the brake warning light. You need to get a code from the CEL and let us know what you get.
  7. There are plenty of other cars out there that go wrong all the time. Dont worry too much about a few issues you have seen online. Lexus is a good choice old or new
  8. What sensor is this?

    Yes you will need that
  9. Lexus is unquestionably one of the most reliable brands. I would suggest making sure you have checked the cars history before purchasing. Also have it inspected. try not to worry about the small problems, as long as the homework on researching a car is done properly then the chances of it being a bad purchase is much lower.
  10. What do you like about Lexus

    Quality and reliability
  11. thanks for the suggestion. You are both correct and I have now added this for you.