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  1. Questions like yours don't come up very often anymore since most people who wanted audio interfaces on older Lexus vehicles did that years ago. Sure, if that pac product does what you want then buy and install it. The original "gold standard" in aftermarket audio interfaces for Lexus vehicles was probably VAIS. Many Lexus dealers sold VAIS interface products before Toyota started including audio interfaces on its vehicles. VAIS still has interfaces for your RX: I wouldn't shy away from Bluetooth A2DP. Modern Bluetooth wireless audio sounds just as good as hard wired aux-in. I stream audio wireless from my phone via Bluetooth very frequently in our vehicles and I can't imagine having to plug in an aux-in cable to do it.
  2. Oh, my! This sounds like the service writers at my nearby Lexus dealer who would make even the most minor fluid weeping situation into a federal case. You have to remember that most service writers get incentives (either money or keeping their jobs) based on the amount of service they sell. Services writers are really sales people and may have to meet quotas which mean they sell services whether or not they are needed. We've gone many years with tiny amounts of fluid weeping around gaskets - never enough to drip from the engine or to require topping up fluid levels. The only reason we changed the camshaft cover gaskets on one car to stop slight oil weeping was that it was going to a 14 year old nephew and we wanted the car to be perfect for him. I even had a Lexus dealer service writer try to embarrass me into having a brake job by telling me that I was going to kill somebody since my brakes were going to fail at any time. I informed that service writer that I had just measured the brake pad thickness myself and found that they were still far above the 1 mm minimum acceptable thickness. I actually think that that particular service writer had no idea what the brake specs were - their job was to sell, sell, sell. So ... it's buyer beware ... all the time.
  3. There has been more in common mechanically among Toyota/Lexus models with V6 drive trains than those with V8 drive trains. The Tundra and LS430 didn't use the same drive train: If you ever want to know which vehicles share a particular part, the following website has a cross reference that will list them: Compensation of service writers is often based at least partially on revenue production including quotas that have to be met to stay employed. Service writers are in sales. Register your VIN on the owners section of to see information about dealer performed service on your car. The lack of records doesn't mean much since many people use independent repair shops or do some or all of the service themselves. For example, none of the 65 oil and filter changes I did myself on my LS cars over 325,000 miles show in the service records. I almost always used independent repair shops, owned by former Lexus dealer employees, for major repairs and more complex services. My next door neighbor used the same indie shops to service his LS.
  4. I would be surprised if a Lexus dealer could provide information about the specs on a 22 year old Lexus but I suppose you could ask, There weren't a lot of options back in 1995 on the SC400... not much more than traction control, Nakamichi audio, CD changer and maybe a trunk mounted spoiler. I don't remember if a memory seat was standard or still optional. You can buy a download of the 1995 SC brochure at
  5. The brochure is non-official junk from some fly-by-night "business" that went by "International Masters". But, yes, Lexus vehicles sold in Japan (all Lexus vehicles were sold as Toyota in Japan until 2006) and the rest of the world had audio/navigation systems that were different than in vehicles sold in the U.S. and Canada. I don't know about the SC but a navigation system withi front and rear TV screens (over the air TV) was on the Toyota Celsior (aka LS400) in Japan as early as 1993, I wouldn't be surprised if Japan market Toyota-Lexus cars got backup cameras in the 1990's as they had laser adaptive cruise control long before it was introduced in North American market Lexus vehicles.
  6. Have you checked all the fuses? Is the battery in good condition and are the battery terminals and cable clamps shiny clean? After that, you are down to diagnosing the causes of the problems following the same instructions that a professional mechanic would follow. If you want to do this yourself, you will need to obtain the instructions - easiest way is to pay for and download them from although it may take some looking around to find them. Diagnosing electrical problems is not something many amateurs can handle as it often takes specialized diagnostic tools and knowing how to use them. If you not up to the task, your choice seems to be between paying a professional to do it or selling/junking the vehicle and applying the money you would have spent on fixing your RX towards buying a vehicle that is in better condition. Vehicle electrical systems corrode and deteriorate over time and a hot, humid climate like Florida has may be a factor.
  7. I suspect your "amp" under the driver seat is for something else - maybe some aftermarket product a previous owner installed. If the current Nebraska owner of my 2000 LS400 ever does some interior disassembly he going to find all sorts of electronic crap I installed and later quit using during the 10+ years I had the car.
  8. Bode, is your LS400 a RHD? Do you live in the UK? The amplifier on the LHD 95-00 LS400 that was sold in North America is under the front passenger seat - the seat on the right side of the car.
  9. I have to agree. These were wonderful cars in their day but I can't see spending much on a car that can be wiped out for insurance purposes by a minor fender bender. There are already a number of replacement parts that are no longer available for the 1990-1994 LS400 and even some for the 1995-2000 LS400.
  10. This may should strange but I absolutely guarantee you that there are cracked/broken wires in the wire harness that is attached to the left (driver side) trunk hinge. I had the same problem in a 1990 LS400 I used to have and many have had the same problem with the 1990 - 1994 LS400. The wires get broken/cracked as the trunk is opened over the years. What is amazing to me is that it took 26 years for this problem to show up in your car but maybe the trunk wasn't opened and closed as much as most. When this problem gets worse, the transmission starts not shifting properly. Unwrap the insulation from the wire harness at the left trunk hinge. It may not be obvious which wires are broken so you might have to "wiggle" each wire to determine where it broke. You may have to splice in small lengths of wire to repair the problem. Soldering is preferable but you might get by with using commercially available "butt" connectors for splicing in new wire lengths. The person who bought my 1990 LS400 in 2003 told me that he had to re-repair the wires over the years he owned the car. This probably did not occur on the 1995-up LS400.
  11. When you install the aftermarket head unit using the Nakamichi amp, it is the Nakamichi amp that powers all the speakers including the subwoofer. There is no pre-amp under the driver seat unless a previous owner of your car installed something. I sent you a PM with the Nakamichi wiring diagram attached. It shows all the wire colors.
  12. The Nakamichi amp takes care of "making" the subwoofer work without having to do anything special. All that has to be done is to connect the correct speaker wires from the aftermarket headunit to the car's connector leading to the amp. Those "everyone" who keep saying the amp has to be bypassed are clueless and are just repeating rumors. Others have successfully used the same technique my installer used and the subwoofer worked for them too.
  13. The center air vent releases are on each side - reach through the vent slots with a small blade screw driver and pull the releases inward. The vent will then slip out with little effort. There is no commercially available interface harness for replacing a nakamichi head unit with an aftermarket head unit - only for the standard Pioneer. I had Best Buy install a Kenwood double-DIN in a 2000 LS400 in 2013. The installer fabricated a custom interface harness that had pins that inserted into the connectors on the car side. The installer didn't cut a signal wire on the car and the installation could have been reversed and the original Nakamichi headunit reinstalled in a few minutes. The installation utilized the Nakamichi amp under the passenger seat and all the speakers including the subwoofer. It sounded wonderful. I do know that all that is necessary to make the subwoofer work is to connect the four speaker wire sets to the connector leading to the Nakamichi amp and it is the amp that does the "magic" to make the sub-woofer work. The installer had never done an install like this and found that polarity mattered when connecting the Kenwood speaker outputs to the connector leading to the amplifier. I considered the installer to be far above average. He was middle aged, an LS430 owner and a Lexus and audio enthusiast. I provided him with the Nakamichi wiring diagram and we discussed the installation before he did it. I supplied the dash kit which I think I got on Amazon. The total cost including the $125 installation fee was a hair under $500. The Kenwood had phone handsfree but I used a Garmin for both handsfree and navigation. I sold the car to a friend in 2014 and he later sold it to someone else in another state.
  14. Hi,

    I have talked to you before, and you have been a great help. I hope you can offer some advice on a new project I am undertaking. I have a 1999 LS400 and am putting in a new after-market radio, buying it from Crutchfield. The radio is a Sony XAV-AX100, and the reason I chose it is it has Android Auto which allows me to use my phone  for hands free speaking and a lot of other things. Like you, I'm not going to use it for navigation, as I also have a garmin with its own back up camera. My Lexus is a Natamichi radio. My question is, is there still no wiring harness, and how can I incorporate the sub woofer and its amp which is located under the driver's seat. Would you recommend doing this myself or letting best buy install. Since this is a more complicated install, I don't want somebody else goofing it up. Also how do you release the upper vents. I did it once, but can't remember where the release is.

    Thanks for your help


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    2. bode


      I think I have it, but just in case, send me a link to the diagram. I am going to best buy today and take the radio to one of the guys and see what he says. Wish I could figure it out and do it myself. It looks like all you have to do is connect the correct wires from head unit to the wires to speakers. Then, it seem like there is an RCA input in head for sub. I assume you get an rca to wire adapter and connect those wires to wires going to the pre-amp under driver's seat to sub. Sound right or is their more to it

      thanks for help



    3. 1990LS400


      My installer didn't use the Kenwood's separate RCA output for a sub-woofer.    The Nakamichi amp took care of splitting out frequencies that it (the nakamichi amp) sent to the subwoofer.  You're making this harder than it is.  It is really, really simple.

    4. 1990LS400


      Here's the 98-00 LS400 Nakamichi diagram:  

      1998-2000 LS400 Nakamichi audio system diagram.pdf

  15. This is a forum for North America. The SC430 sold in North America from from the 2001 through 2004 model year had what is referred to as a GEN2/3 navigation system. The final update for the GEN2/3 navigation system was November 2013. The SC430 sold in North America from the 2005 through 2009 model year had a GEN4 navigation system. The final update for the GEN4 navigation system was November 2015. The navigation systems in Lexus and Toyota vehicles sold in Europe are different than the navigation systems in Lexus and Toyota vehicles sold in North America. Here is a link to the Lexus navigation web site for Europe: It may be more reasonable for you to start using a cell phone based navigation product or a portable navigation product from a company like TomTom. Afterall, your SC430 is sixteen model years old.