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  1. Yeah the Y-pipe is a common problem, water and whatever else gets trapped inside the shielding and rusts it out. Same thing happened to mine. It would be better to remove the shielding altogether.
  2. Your pics are not showing up for me.
  3. The 400s in the states don't come with any removable tints on the windows as far as I know and mine most certainly did not.
  4. Bulb get weaker over time. Are they the original bulbs?
  5. Depends on how you use the car. Is it just you in the vehicle or wife and kids? I personally believe you can get another 30k out of the belt if it just hit 90k.
  6. Glad that you got it figured out.
  7. Replace what?
  8. Obviously something is not lined up correctly. Don't drive the car until you figure this out.
  9. I received your pm 49 Ghost and As far As I know The LS never came from the Factory with tint that you can remove. The slight tint in the glass from the factory is built into the glass and has a code that you need to use when ordering replacement glass. Now the dealer might have put tint on the glass when they sold it but it's not factory tint.
  10. You have probably damaged the rear defroster already. Best course of action is to take it to a professional tint place and see what they can do. This is one of the dangers when applying tint to rear windows. How long has the tint been on there?
  11. How old are the bags? It's probably a sign that there's a leak.
  12. Is the check engine light on once the car has started and running for a while? If the battery and all associated cables check out there it's possible your starter is going south. Especially with the clicks you are hearing. It does sound like an electrical issue though But the shop has ruled that out. House does the car drive once it's been started and how many miles does it have?
  13. Good work and thanks for sharing.
  14. So what was it then?
  15. Welcome aboard.