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  1. Welcome and I believe you meant 430.
  2. That looks really good. How much did they charge your insurance for it? If I may ask.
  3. What did you clean the MAF with? If it was not bad you might have killed it. You can't clean the MAF on the first GEN with any kind of solvent. Is your check engine light on? If so get the codes read or read them yourself.
  4. Glad you got it worked out. It can get expensive dealing with car problems so far away from home.
  5. Wow you have a 2018 LS 400. What do those look like lol. Just kidding but the only thing back there that I can think of sre the heater hoses and the rear coolant bride.
  6. Welcome to the club. If anything pops up just read the stickies and ask questions for further clarification.
  7. It most likely adds to it since the part is not sealed properly anymore nut I can say for sure. I've just learned to live ith the road noise even though it's ANNOYING. And it mostly comes from the drivers door. It's an old car and even though all my door seals look good they CAN"T be doing their job after all these years.
  8. Be careful Banshee365s thread will make your head spin but it's VERY thorough.
  9. Check out these links. The procedure is the same for the GS 400 so don't let that confuse you. You have to click "1992 Starter Replacement" to get to landars thread.
  10. That is called the front door weather strip assembly. Costs about $62. I've been thinking about changing mine. This part actually acts like a wiper to clean the water off the glass which mine does not do anymore since the rubber is dry and hard.
  11. A pic would be nice.
  12. The 2 bolts can be a nuisance since they are in back of the engine bay. You have to remove the coolant bridge and the wire harness but you will still have a hard time getting them off unless you have the right tool. The space is so limited and that's the reason why most ppl complain about this job other than the fact that you have to remove the intake manifold.
  13. I want to know also.
  14. Keep the car, she obviously wants to ride around in luxury YEAR round!