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  1. 1992 LS400 Fun Repair Times

    Your best bet is to find some decent ones out of a car in the junk yard. I doubt that they are still making seatbelts for your car.
  2. Winter tires/wheels

    The 93 has pretty small calipers so you should not have a problem finding rims that will fit. It's the 95-00 LS that has this bigger front calipers.
  3. Those links are no good since the thread is over 7 years old. Just google the thread title and you can find the fix on the web.
  4. 1uz timing belt problem.

    There should be no tension on the belt until it is on and even then it can be difficult to get the belt on sometimes. What TB guide are you using?
  5. My 1998 ls400 speed sensor location

    Speed sensor is located on the passenger side hub.
  6. Replaced front brakes, now 'clap'

    I've never heard the brake booster hissing.
  7. LS400 surging and dying

    It may be the ECU but could be something else. When the check engine is blinking it usually means that the engine is misfiring and in danger of damaging the cats.
  8. Fly, buy, and drive home in an LS400

    That's a pretty long drive. Make sure you check all fluids as well as tires and brakes before you get o the road. Also check the condition of the spare to see if it has air.
  9. 1998 LS400 Timing Belt Issue

    Like Billy said, you can just move the cams back to their original position but DON'T make a 360 degree turn. Then continue on with the procedure from landars tutorial. It's as simple as that.
  10. 92 LS400 running rough after seafoam?

    I would wait until the next fill up to see if the car still exhibits this behavior. I've never had problems when putting seafoam in the tank.
  11. Max- New Member

    These are all common problems with the LS. The clunk/rattle could be your strut rod bushings or the ball joints. You can get coilovers or do spring shock combo but you'll get more answers if you google ls 400 suspension upgrades. Make sure that the power steering pump is not leaking onto the alternator. If it is you can buy the rebuild kit which is cheap. As for the lighting check the fuses and go from there. Electrical problems are the worst. There are plenty of ppl that fix the lcd, there are DIYs for all of these if you just google.
  12. Ls400

    Did you first take it back to the shop that rebuilt it? Check the fluid and make sure it's not low.

    If you damaged the upper oil pan your probably going to need a used engine. Then there's the cost to install it. The engine could cost anywhere from $500 to $2000. A transmission $500 to $1000. The differential probably about $300. You could buy another used LS for what all this would cost you IF your mechanic knows what they are talking about. I'm moving this thread over to the LS forum.
  14. For Sale 1993 LS 400 49,060 Original Miles

    Dicer , I mean Exhaustgases just likes what he likes so to each his own.
  15. What year is your LS? This thread should help.