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  1. I would use them since techs always forget to replace them whenever they take the covers off. I also need to buy some since I made the same mistake when trying to take those covers off the wifes car.
  2. Lexus Reputation Doesn't Seem to Hold

    Are you sure that's the right part number? it comes back for a seat cushion and not an airbag sensor which seems to be readily available.
  3. You just have to push the middle of the clip down that unlocks it.
  4. Lexus Reputation Doesn't Seem to Hold

    Plenty of ppl complain about they way Lexus deals with some of their customers. They are right to tell you that the car is not safe to drive with this airbag issue since there is a chance that it could accidentally discharge or worse not discharge at all in case of an accident. My issue is that they don't have parts available for a 10 year old car. Have you contacted Corporate or have you been dealing with a particular dealership?
  5. Just saying hi

    Welcome to the club Jeff.
  6. 1992 LS400 Steering Rack Replacement

    Glad you got it fixed before it got really cold. A true DIYer.
  7. What do you think of these?

    Personally I would find a seller with more feedback, this seller does not seem to have any. That's pretty cheap considering how much the OEM parts cost but at this stage in the cars life I would definitely go aftermarket for parts.
  8. knock sensor harness

    Find a junkyard car.
  9. 1992 LS400 Steering Rack Replacement This might help.
  10. 91 Ls400 Cabin Filter

    Yes it does have an air filter and if you follow that tutorial you will be able to change it.
  11. Thanks a lot sir finally I put my front view  camera on my car today !

    1. sha4000


      Your more than welcome.

  12. #2 Fuse box location in my 1998 ls400

    It's under the drivers footwell.
  13. 1992 LS400 Fun Repair Times

    Your best bet is to find some decent ones out of a car in the junk yard. I doubt that they are still making seatbelts for your car.
  14. Winter tires/wheels

    The 93 has pretty small calipers so you should not have a problem finding rims that will fit. It's the 95-00 LS that has this bigger front calipers.
  15. Those links are no good since the thread is over 7 years old. Just google the thread title and you can find the fix on the web.