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  1. some good advice so far. but. . . take some coarse sandpaper, (180grit) to your terminals and clamps. if you have any usb chargers plugged into sockets remove them. buy a voltmeter. these are cheap. look for fluctuations when you press the gas pedal. swap out the bushes for the alternator. -$10? (these wear out in time) and drop in a fresh battery. still clicking? hit your starter motor a few times. if it frees up and starts? replace the Starter motor. and then your system has had a mild overhaul. enjoy.
  2. tint problems

    if the warmer coil is in fact behind the factory tint which is peeling off? source a replacement clean used window. money can be saved by removing them both yourself (your car/parts car). and only paying a pro to put the good one back in. dig around, not as hard as it seems if a pro does the last steps for you.
  3. 1997 Celsior / Ls400. The HID Lights get dim. bulbs work, but needed to be replaced to be road legal. anyone else had this?
  4. gorgeous house sir.
  5. Gents, i am baffled. every time i measure my car's height at all 4 corners it is different. is the air suspension auto leveling? is it weight distribution? My car is a 1997 Celsior Type C. and has the aftermarket height controller. otherwise stock. plan to get it on a lift with some soapy water this week. but figured somebody would already have the answers. any ideas? pics of the new whip.
  6. Got a problem with my latest car. searched for people with knowledge about it.