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  1. I've done a few WS atf adjustments. It's not fun. Not only that, but you need a computer to view the data list (to get the temperature correct) and the special service tools. Probably someone tried replacing the ATF to your vehicle and did not perform it correctly, in return it damaged the transmission. Bring it to the dealership, this best and wise choice you can do now is pay for a diagnostic fee. They can provide you a true understanding of what is going on with your transmission.
  2. Bring it to the dealer, you may still be covered under factory warranty. Does the car have less than 50k miles? Possibly eligible for a transmission replacement
  3. Also have them perform a pressure check on the pump and rack. There's a gauge tool they can hook up in place of the high pressure line.
  4. Have the Toyota technician run a health check with their scanner and see if any power steering codes are present.
  5. Does the power steering pump make any unusual noises while the engine is running? Check the tension on the belt with engine off, make sure it's not loose and inspect it while it's running. And does the steering issue occur at any speed?
  6. Not a good idea. You need a specialty transmission fluid tool to perform this procedure. And the transmission fluid temperature has to be in parameters to check for proper fluid level. Besides, your vehicle is still new, why are you even trying to replace the Transmission fluid? If anything take it to the dealership.
  7. It's best if you bring it to the dealership to perform this update. You need the Lexus NAV update equipment.
  8. Heres an LC500 in person. It's awesome. I can't wait to get into this thing and test drive. It was dropped off at one of our Lexus training centers.
  9. What vehicle is it? And can you take/ post some pictures up?
  10. I think he was referring to the power steering pump.
  11. No problem, Glad it worked out. I'm a technician. Its part of what I was trained to do
  12. I need more info. Were you able to get any check engine light code readings? And is your car battery good and fully charged? Next are there any fuses blown?
  13. You should never put anything other than what is recommended in the service manual. If it calls for Toyota T-IV ATF, put that in the trans. I don't believe putting Amsoil is going to fix your trans issue. Maybe have the dealership run a health check on your vehicle, you should have some trans codes pending or current. Maybe there's a bad shift solenoid or the torque converter is going out
  14. Have it set to Trip B, and perform the same procedure.
  15. Did you bleed the air out of the coolant system? And does your heater work? Maybe it has a blown head gasket. You should try block testing the engine to see if head gasket is blown