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  1. There should've been a service bulletin about this for the GS350 F-Sport. Basically it tells you that you need the updated/revised brake pads and shims. The new pads should be blue, I could be wrong about the color.
  2. Rpm

    Have you done any modifications to the vehicle? What's the year and model first of all? Have you done anything you think that could've changed the rpm's? How long have you owned the car and how many miles on it? Did you disconnect the battery by chance or install a new one?
  3. At this point, just tow the vehicle to a reputable Lexus dealership. Your better off having a Lexus technician just diagnose it, they can give you a better understanding with a health check/data. You probably have a bad brake switch, possibly corrosion in one of the wires, maybe a bad ground or a bad ecu. Does the vehicle at least detect the key? Try unlocking/locking with key fob. Then do what said in previous post.
  4. Does it detect your key fob at least? Try hovering the key fob directly over the start button without pressing anything and see if it turns green.
  5. New bearings came in, here's what they look like.
  6. You should double check and physically inspect that crankshaft gear. I mean take the timing covers back off and look. It personally happened to me twice. I broke a tooth once and it threw a misfire but no check engine light codes came on. There was another incident where I accidentally dropped the crankshaft gear and it cause a no start issue. I'm telling you, that crankshaft gear has to be dead on point to specifications.
  7. Was the vehicle running normal before you did the timing belt? Before jumping into any other conclusions, trace back your work and try to remember what you could've done that caused it to not run. It probably something simple and your just over looking it.
  8. So the grease method works. I tried lenore's method and was just curious if it could eliminate the noise. I guess the bearings were still in good shape that it just needed some lube. Even though the new bearings hasn't arrived yet, I'll keep them for backup. But here's me pressing the sleeve back in the old bearings.
  9. There's not much lateral play. I'm actually going to keep and experiment with the old bearings. I popped the two black rubber covers off and noticed it was dry (no grease. I went ahead and packed the bearings with hi-temp grease. I'm going to see if this works.
  10. Today I used the shop press to extract the bushing/sleeve holding the two bearings together. You will need this sleeve for the new bearings. Here are some pictures of my setup, I forgot to take pictures of it on the shop press. I used a 30mm and a long 10mm impact socket. But you get the idea: And then once youve pressed the inner sleeve all the way through: Heres the two bearings separated:
  11. I thought about doing that. But at this point I didn't want to take the chance of having to replace the bearing later down the road.
  12. First of all, is the check engine light on? Any codes? Is the Abs/Trac or the VSC lights on? I agree with Filehorse. Have the dealership diagnose your vehicle. Most shops usually charge a 1 hour diagnostic fee between $120-160 to run a Health Check. They can provide a live data and pinpoint which cylinder or cylinders are actually misfiring or whether you have any failing sensors.
  13. I'm sorry to hear about your experience at that particular Lexus dealership. But if anything the service manager should've done a better job in handling the situation. Most dealerships usually have a wheel repair/touch up contractor onsite. I'm not sure why that one didn't. And for a mechanic to have damaged your wheels, shows that they can careless about anything else about your car. Are there any other reputable Lexus Dealerships near by you can take your vehicle to. Any near Costa Mesa, Irvine, Newport Beach or Huntington Beach area?
  14. Did you refill the coolant properly after replacing the radiator hoses/thermostat? What I mean is, did you bleed out any air that might have been trapped inside the cooling system? I found it best to have a Lisle brand coolant funnel attached to the radiator while filling the coolant. Then set the climate control heat at high while running the engine. Hold the rpm up to 3,000 until the heat is nice and hot inside the cabin and the cooling fans kick on. Keep an eye at the funnel for a few minutes until no more bubbles rise.
  15. When you did the timing belt, did you remember to take the 10mm bolt with the metal "L" shape guard off below the crankshaft? It's real easy to miss. If you forget and try pulling the crankshaft gear off, you will break a tooth or bend it. If the tooth is slightly bent by a millimeter, it can throw the timing off and you can experience a no spark. The next thing you can check, is make sure all spark plug ignition coil connectors are seating properly. I know the plastic coil connectors usually get brittle and break into pieces.