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  1. 1998 Lexus LS 400- Engine vibration

    With engine running, make sure the parking brake is on, to lock up the rear wheels. With your left foot constantly on the brake pedal, shift the gear selector in drive. With your left foot still on the brake pedal, quickly rev the engine by stepping on the gas pedal with your right foot. You don't want to hold the gas pedal down, just give a quick rev up to no more than 3K-4K rpm. Then you can also do it in reverse. Just make sure your left foot is never off the brake pedal.
  2. 1998 Lexus LS 400- Engine vibration

    Brake torque the engine. If you feel or if you're able to see the engine hop up while doing so, I say start by replacing the engine and trans mounts.
  3. Resealing a coolant valley plate on an '06 RX330. It's a tedious fun job, and a very common issue with these engines...
  4. Back windows

  5. Bring it back and have them look it over. I know sometimes when we get new cars delivered, the truck drivers who drops them off to our lots can damage the suspension from unloading. Ask if you can have the shop foreman get involved. here are some possibilities that can. E related to the shimmy:
  6. I believe there is a belt tensioner that needs to be positioned a certain way, to allow the new belt to seat on. Might need to use a long ratchet with a 14mm to move the tensioner...
  7. Replaced front brakes, now 'clap'

    Here's what the o-ring should look like. I just recently replace a master cylinder on a 2008 es300.
  8. There is a service bulletin from Lexus on how to care for your hybrid vehicle battery to prevent it from discharging. If I find it, I will post it on here.
  9. Acceleration Problem

    Vehicle is still under warranty, have dealership calibrate/update the ecm on your vehicle
  10. Acceleration Problem

    This might apply to your vehicle
  11. Does it occur if you leave it in park and rev up to 1000-2000 rpm?
  12. It can be anything. But try checking if it's more related to the exhaust. I know the newer RX (or maybe the NX) has a exhaust sound issue. Even with the exhaust dampers, it doesn't fix the rumble sound.
  13. LS400 surging and dying

    Anyway you can take a video or pictures?
  14. LS400 surging and dying

    hard to say. Check the throttle body for carbon build up on the plate, clean it. Check the fuel pump dampers. Check for vacuum leak. Check mass airflow sensor.