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  1. This is what my searching came up with... 1998 Lexus LS400 Aftermarket Radio Wiring Harness
  2. I have just made it a habit of changing out my filters every 50K-60K miles, its like changing out your air filter every 20K miles, if it does not need it done but you still do it anyway it can only help not hurt.... Speaking of which I need to clean out my IAC and Throttle Body (just got the car 1 month ago), this is all stuff I do when I get a new pre-owned car, its a bit over the top but I am a perfectionist.
  3. Having a 92 Lexus LS400 myself I greatly appreciate the follow up on this, if I ever experience anything like this the first thing I will check is the fuel pump... BTW have you also changed out your fuel filter as well, it's always good to change them out in 50K mile intervals.
  4. Thanks, this helps a lot... Just to make sure, would this cause more road noise based on the pictures provided, I only ask again as my previous statement did not have the correct part name in it?
  5. Apologies, as requested here are the pictures.... I am not sure what they are called.... My guess would be exterior window seals but I am not a mechanic....
  6. I tried pushing the seal back in, it worked slightly but as soon as the window comes back up it gets pushed back out, I am definately going to need a replacement, I just can't seem to find the right part name for it, anyone know what the part name is from Lexus?
  7. Hello, I am now getting down to nitpicking issues as my sound system overhaul is about to come in. With this I have noticed considerable noise permeating from the front passenger side, and I have observed what seems to be the exterior rubber glass guide (I think that's what it's called) is jutting out from the slot, and I am wondering if this is what would cause the issue of excessive road/ambient noise? I have checked the door seals on all 4 doors, the hood, and trunk, all seals were intact and not too brittle, especially for being 25 years old. I put Armor All rubber/plastic reconditioner on the seals and after a few days there is a marked improvement in suppleness and color. I am wondering if this strip of rubber is really letting in all that extra noise (it would not surprise me) or are there other things that could be doing this that I am potentially missing. I can order the replacement part easily enough, and I will order replacements for all 4 doors, both interior and exterior as they are only $8-$10 each new.
  8. 210K miles is pretty good reliability, damned if Toyota did not spend some serious R&D time making sure these cars lasted... BTW for OEM replacement parts on LS400's Lexus of South Atlanta has a massive inventory of parts available, but they are at premium OEM prices, its where I obtained my Integration Relay from. Lexus of South Atlanta (OEM Parts)
  9. So in my 1992 Lexus with the Nakamichi system and my Double Din Kenwood DDX594 I can have the shop wire the stock AMP to the head unit and have new Pioneer D series component and coaxial speaker just go directly to the head unit, no bypass needed?
  10. My reply
  11. OK so here is the real "skinny" as it were... MY power mirrors, Climate Control, and Radio all went out at the same time, sent my Climate Control to Tanin Auto Electronix for repair and upgrade (new LED's and circuitry), got word from them today that the unit is functional and they would give me a refund minus the cost of diagnostics, I told them to replace the circuitry and LED's anyway as its an old unit and I want to make sure it lasts me. I dug around on here and ClubLexus for answers, came up with checking the fuse. Called my mechanic and asked him if he indeed tested the wiring, he stated he did and all of the wiring tested good both power and grounding. I asked him if they checked the interior fuse box, he said they could not find a diagram where the A/C controls went to a fuse relay. I told him in my manual it says its Relay #4 on the drivers side interior fuse box, he confirmed they had overlooked it, I checked it and viola it was a damn 7.5A fuse that knocked it all out, I replaced it with a new Japanese 7.5A fuse from O'reilly Auto Parts, and my power mirrors, and radio came back (not able to test climate as I do not have it back yet). That being said I fully tested the radio today. My antenna needs to be replaced (already have it), my drivers side front speakers (tweeter included) are working well, passenger side tweeter is working but the woofer is dead, ALL rear speakers are dead, and the subwoofer is still kicking hard. In light of this I will be replacing the stock stereo system with a new one (still considering Pioneer D series), including the receiver. I WILL be retaining the original receiver and will be sending it out for professional overhaul (NO MODIFICATIONS, just replaced with new circuitry and replacing dead or dying LED's with new OEM ones), 2 uses will come from this, either I send up selling the car and will plug the factory one back in, or I will sell the unit if it ends up being worth some serious $$$ which it looks like its going to be. As for the shifter, its just loose, regardless if I have the engine off, on, in park, in drive, or braking. When the transmission is cold it seems to wobble a bit when accelerating and you can feel it (wondering if it needs new mounts), but once it warms up its smooth, just the shifter itself is loose.
  12. If I ever need my starter replaced can I have your nephew work on my car for the same price?
  13. Thanks for the info on the rims... inaccurate speed readings are something I would rather avoid, this could lead to speeding tickets and that puts a hamper on funding and raised insurance rates, no beuno. BTW is the shifter supposed to have some wobble to it or do I need to tighten the linkage, I noticed that and forgot to mention it earlier.
  14. Hello fellow Lexus owners, I recently purchased a 1992 Lexus LS400, it has the nakamichi sound system but 3/4 of the speakers are shot, the head unit is dead, the Subwoofer still works great and the 5 disk CD changer is still functional. I purchased this car for $1000 (USD), it has 86K miles on it, was garage kept, 1 owner verified, a rare find. I am calling this "Project Revolution" as its going through a technological revolution. Here is what I am doing... Body: 1. NO BODY KITS 2. NO RIMS (unless the 16 inch stock Lexus chrome rims will fit from a 1993 Lexus LS400) 3. NO Repaint, just minor repair work on some scuffed areas 4. Professional detailing (completed, looks great BTW) Exterior Lighting: 1. Brake, Stop, Reverse, Turn, & Corner light will all be incandescent bulbs, Crystal Vision Ultra's, this is to keep that pesky light out error from lighting up on my display 2. Parking, & License Plate lights replaced with Sylvania ZEVO LED's (completed) 3. Fog lights - permanent mod (smashing the yellow glass) and replacing with Hella Extreme White XB bulbs (completed) 4. Headlights - currently using PIAA Extreme White 9004 bulbs (yes I paid $80, and they are brighter & whiter than stock), considering an LED headlight upgrade, possibly GTR Gen 3 Interior Lighting: 1. Footwell lights replaced with LED's (on backorder) 2. Glovebox replaced with LED (on backorder) 3. Dome light replaced with ZEVO LED (completed) 4. Personal/Map lights replaced with LED's (on backorder) 5. Door lights replaced with ZEVO LED (Completed) 6. Trunk Light replaced with ZEVO LED (Completed) Interior Modifications: 1. Send out instrument cluster to Tanin Auto Electronix for diagnostic and LED upgrade (also replace Odometer as it just recently stopped working, and yes I have been tracking the miles) 2. Send out A/C controls to Tanin Auto Electronix for repair and LED upgrade (completed, LED upgrade: LCD - Cool White, Button Backlighting - Bright White, Indicator LED - OEM Green) 3. Replace stock entertainment system (stereo)..... Head Unit/Reciever - Kenwood eXcelon DDX594 Front Speakers - Pioneer TS-D1330C (5 1/4") component speakers /w crossover Rear Speakers - Pioneer TS-D1302R (5 1/4") coaxial speakers Subwoofer - Stock Pioneer 8" subwoofer (If I were to replace it, I would go with a Pioneer TS-SW2002D2 8" Low Profile Subwoofer, they are around $70) Amplifier - undecided, not sure if I need one Wiring - High Quality 12 gauge wiring 4. Recondition or reupholster the leather as required (currently looks like it just needs reconditioning) Performance Mods: 1. Detail the engine bay (completed, took me 5 hours by hand) 2. Replace Air Filter with K&N & clean IAC & Throttle Body 3. Full Synthetic Valvoline 5W-30 oil with a Bosch Premium filter (completed) 4. Flush & replace Power Steering, Brake, and Transmission fluids with Full Synthetic fluids (completed) 5. Replace brake pads & inspect rotors & calipers (replace/re tune if needed) 6. POSSIBLY replace rotors & calipers with StopTech slotted and drilled kit (not sure if its really needed) 7. Replace cap, rotor, ignition coil & plug wires with OEM+ quality cap, rotor, coil & wires 8. Replace Spark Plugs with NGK Iridium IX 9. Install strut tower braces for less body roll 10. Replace current Michelin A/S Primacy MXV4 tires with Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring tires 11. Flush & replace engine coolant (completed) 12. Professional intake and fuel cleaning service Here are my questions: 1. Do I need an amplifier for my sound setup, and what do you think about the Pioneer D line of speakers. Keep in mind I am going for SQ and will be using the 13 band EQ and DTA in the receiver to ensure sound quality. I am NOT going for bass overdrive or loudness, just quality lows from the sub, and quality mids & highs from the speakers. 2. Is it possible to use the 1993-1995 LS400 16 inch rims on my 1992 LS400 or is it a different pattern? 3. I have heard some complain about the brakes on the 1st generation LS400's, is this something I should be concerned about or is it just nitpicking? 4. LED Headlights, whats your take on it, and I am not talking about the $90 Ebay/Amazon Chinese knockoff ones. If I am replacing these it will be with a $150+ set using Philips LumiLEDS. Thanks for taking the time to read this, I look forward to hearing back from you regarding this project.
  15. Talked with my mechanic today about the cost if it needed to be done on my 92 lexus LS400, he said parts, labor and tax would come out to around $1100. If you have a friend that is a mechanic and you have a decent set of tools, you and him could probably knock this out in 4 or 5 hours and just pay parts and buy your friend a nice steak dinner and save some serious $$$. The good news is with a decent replacement OEM quality part these things generally seem to last around 150K-250K miles, or so I have read many times. My previous about $500 - $900 was from my experience in my 2002 Dodge Stratus which needed that service done, average price quote on that was $800, but do NOT buy those cars.