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  1. The mechanicals is the easy stuff, if the body is ruined at all it makes fixing it a worthless money pit. If the body is perfect no dents and original perfect paint job then its worth fixing it. If the under side is messed up real bad kinda not worth the fixing either. Engines, transmissions, rear ends all wrecking yard items. And in the correct yard you could find them all for under meaning engine trans, rear end all together for under 1000. or just buy a 500 parts car and you got even more parts.
  2. Since there are no schematics who knows. It is like something is connected wrong for that light.
  3. With that as the problem the pump would work, the sensor just reads the wrong height. With more info I think we could have figured out the sensor deal, it is electrical but also a mechanical problem.
  4. Billy I have to disagree. The lower the miles the better. Old cars are old cars, yes a very low mileage car may need some work. But as long as it spent its life inside, it can't be beat for paint and interior condition. The things it will need compared to a high miles car is nothing, even if the low mile car needs every engine and transmission seal replaced, so would the high miles car plus so much more. I would much rather an old car with 3 miles on it than the same thing with 250K or more. There is just way more value to it especially when it becomes collectable the beat and road tattered high miles job loses the value with all the road grime and salt and what ever else has banged the bottom or top and started a corrosion spot here or there.
  5. Also check tps.
  6. Grounds and electrical connections. And depends for sure what is happening. Any noise from the pump? It could be the ECU for the system as well, I'm sure if its like gen 1's its in the trunk and getting moist or hot depending on your climate. Need info like what is happening or not.
  7. Need pictures, need to know what kind of options, what color, is the body and paint pristine etc. An old car, or for that matter any car will depend on what someone will pay for it. The smart thing would have been to not drive it and keep the ultra low miles it had. Even so its still nice low miles and that's a good thing. I'd guess at about 8K to start.
  8. For a non mechanic type the T belt is not a good diy deal. And can end up costing way more than having it done.
  9. In hot climate yes.
  10. LS's seem to hold value over other cars. If you where driving a ford of some sort then no don't fix it, its not worth it. But a Lexus and a Mercedes are worth the fixing, they seem to both hold value longer than most others.
  11. Put is on a known very flat plate / surface, cycle the ride height up and down. Leave it running to check the heights. It can be the height adjustment sensors if it constantly is off in the same amount corner to corner. And simply lubing them could correct the problem.
  12. This is why not to tint the windows. Any factory tints are added to the glass mix as far as I know. Any tint that is peeling is something someone wasted the $ to have done. And in the end someone gets stuck especially with the rear window heating elements, bye bye heated rear window. I will never ever tint a car I care about.
  13. You don't know if the connections are good, untill you disconnect them from the battery and clean them. If it starts good with jumper then its either the battery is no good or the connections are not clean. If its not charging then the alternator or regulator is not working. If you think there is a parasitic drain then you need to connect an amp meter and see if its so.
  14. Classic or collectable? Neither were all the old cars of the past that are now collectable. Adding junk to the car is asking for unnecessary trouble. Just drive and enjoy.
  15. And a new one is $700 or so.