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  1. PJ...I have heard about the ES-Avalon similarities but not the Camry. But I guess it makes since. What about the LS? I was told the engine in my 03 LS 430 is the same as in the Tundra Pick-up. I also heard that service guys at the dealership (The guys that tell you what you parts you possibly need and schedule the work, work on commission? Is this a common practice? Another question. I have a used Lexus that I believe was service at the local dealer. If I go in to the dealer with my VIN do you think they will give me a print off of service they have performed?
  2. Thinking of selling my 03 LS430

    Ya know....I believe the car gives her anxiety. She knows I love the car. (Her too obviously.) I keep it spotless. She says she cannot relax in it. Always worried about tracking dirt in, spilling her beverage. (Which she already has done, in just about every car she has ever been in LOL), etc, etc. She will say; "You know I'm a klutz and break things all the time." Hey...maybe I could get her a job with Consumer Products Testing...but I digress. I get it. I knew a guy with a gorgeous classic car that was his baby. One day he said I could drive it. I was honored but there was no way I was going to. If I put a scratch on it or had some one hit me, I could never look the guy in the eyes again. I get it. Maybe I'm the problem. It's just a car after all, right? ;-)
  3. Thinking of selling my 03 LS430

    Thanks. I KNEW I would get that one.
  4. I bought my 03 LS430 in 2014 as an older gentleman was trading it into a dealership. It had 69,000 Miles on it and incredibility clean! I don't think it has ever seen a Michigan winter. I paid 15,000 for it and it hasn't seen a winter road under my care. It only has 78,000 miles on it. It's tucked away in the garage waiting for spring. Nice weather spring. The girlfriend hates it. "The beautiful car you wash and wax but never drive." She has a point. I just can't bring myself to drive it in the winter. It's the nicest car I have ever owned. Its beautiful and drives like a dream. Hence my dilemma. I fret over the LS. If I piled the Buick into a tree tomorrow I would just shrug it off and say "that's life". But if I put a scuff on the LS, I want to kick myself. So...Just sell the LS and stop stressing or sell the Buick and drive the wheels off the Lexus (If I can bring myself to.) I'm leaning towards letting the LS go. Has anyone else gone through this dilemma?
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