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  1. 98 LS400 Instrument Panel/Gauges

    Is this what you need?
  2. Car wont start '98 LS 400

    M.Yasir, I think the codes could happen to occur when a car does not start and one tries to crank it over. When the car could not start up at all, I think the ECM was thrown a bunch of incomplete messages (reports) and result a bunch of bad reports. It happened to me once when my car did not start and reading codes gave me a long list (O2 sensor, ... you name it). But it was MAF problem. I replaced it, reset all the codes and it was fine.

    This is an old post. I think you fixed it by replacing the alternator or fixing the connectivity. Battery is charged with higher voltage than 12.3V.
  4. Alternator Going Bad? Please Look

    I cut a plastic bottle to cover half right of the alternator hoping to shield it from leaking ps fluid. Although my alternator has lifetime warranty, I do not want to deal with the connector on the alternator. It is stuck and easy to break since it is too old.
  5. Car HUD

    Thanks for the confirmation. I will give it a try. It looks nice and convenient.
  6. How To Fix Your Speedometer Needle

    The only fix on my car is a quick hit (with my palm) on top of the instrument display. Happened to me several time: the speed was dead, but RPM needle still worked. Fix like a champ.
  7. '92 LS400 cold start stumbling

    The fuel filter is in the rear. How to Replace the Fuel Filter
  8. Transmission problem?

    Thanks billydpowell. I guess when I am at it, I will apply voltage to each solenoid to see responses and measure ohm.
  9. '92 LS400 cold start stumbling

    What can you forget? You only need to remove 1 wire at the terminal B post, a connector that has 3 wires on. Unless you broke some other cables when taking it out of its position, I don't think you can forget stuffs replacing the alternator. Or maybe the connector was not pushed all the way. Did you hear a click when you push the connector back in. One other question is: did you check if the alternator perform well after install? It happened to me that I have to return the unit because it was defected.
  10. One thing to remind, do not buy reman alternator. I went with new one with life time warranty. It should last for lifetime this time.
  11. Transmission problem?

    Do you have any manual that shows how to check if the solenoid is good? I guest either short (0 ohm) or open is bad? That's interesting. I will do some experiments with the solenoids next time I drop the trans pan. Thanks! About my trans problem, it works after I change fluid & filter again. I think it will get clogged again soon.
  12. It happened to me before. First, the battery indicator lid up. Measured voltage between battery posts were 12.4 when car is off, and 11.8 when it runs. Raise the car up and measure the voltage at terminal B of the alternator when the car off, still 12.4 proving that there is continuity from the alternator to the battery and the 120 Amp fuse is still good, to be sure I check the continuity between the alternator terminal B and battery positive post anyway. It proves that the alternator was toasted. It takes 2 hours for me to replace the alternator and back on the road.
  13. Transmission problem?

    What year of my car? (it is on my info). I always use Toyota Type T-IV and never experienced with wrong stuff yet.
  14. Car HUD

    Has any Lexus owner (model that has ODB port) used one of the car HUD selling on the internet. I'd like to buy one of them but wonder if it is compatible with my 96 or it is worth it to try. Car A8 HUD Head Up Display with OBD2
  15. LS400 surging and dying

    Before messing with the ECM, you should check the ignition coils.