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  1. Dear Lenore, I don't think you read my post correctly. I have no problem with my overdrive. And the flush was done after the pans were drained cleaned etc. The idea I was referencing has to do with the electronic relationship of the gear engagement using the overdrive button, which in my case, when I drive without overdrive, seems to reduce or eliminate the "Neutral" condition that was experiencing before I flushed as described above. I don't mean to represent this as a cure, just another way that may extend the inevitable rebuild or replace. I hope that helps. Kirk
  2. Dear members, It has been a while since I have posted and since my last posting I have tried a method to address the "neutral condition" while in drive or reverse" that began to randomly happen for me about 113000 miles. The procedure one owner listed here that work for him, was to get to the dealer and have them drain the trans, pull the pan, clean the pan and all the sensors in the pan area (which can only be accessed when the pan is pulled. Then fill with trans fluid, run engine/trans and flush the system. Add new fluid and hope for the best. Well for me, it worked for over 10,000+ ,miles, not a slip in all that while. Then one day I put the car in reverse and it acted like neutral, pushed the accelerator, it lunged and engaged. I have an engineering background, and built buses and firetruck for many years. I gave some thought to why all of a sudden this would happen again after all this time. Please let me add my RX300 2001 AWD has had misc electrical problems which began about the same time my first "neutral" transmission experience happened. i.e. dash lights, window switches acting weird etc... So I had an idea that the problem could be related to the overdrive operation, that my car starts in by default. You have to switch it off to not drive in overdrive mode. I have cautiously driven over 6,000 more miles with no overdrive (hard on gas mileage) but no (neutral condition) happened until one day I was leaving a parking lot and forgot to disengage the overdrive button, and the care slipped again. I stopped push the button in the transmission worked fine. Since that last slip, not one (neutral condition). I do plan to take my car for another transmission flushing to see how much metal debris have been created since I last had the trans serviced, which was the first time the pan had ever been pulled. i.e. I always serviced the transmission earlier than recommended but never did the full flush before. I went into the shop and saw the pan with the metal shavings in the bottom attached to the three magnets that the pan has in the bottom. For 14 years of driving it seemed like a smaller amount than I would have suspected from a faulty gear set. The shop foreman said, looks like you need a new transmission, I said not in my opinion, it looks quite normal for all that time. So far at 15,000 plus later I will see what he has to say when I take my car in for next flush. A last thought, the notion that this transmission used from 1999 - 2003 may have had a faulty gear that caused the "neutral" problem because of the type of material it was made of may be true. But in my theory, because "Overdrive" is a condition whereby you engage another gear set. I suggest the problem may be connected to the overdrive gear set, and because of the randomness of the condition that me and others have reported, it may also be an electrical problem with the "Overdrive" system. That's my opinion and experience of the random "Neutral Condition" that has plagued many owners of this model. Please let me know if I have not been clear or if you have additional opinions that help us all. Regards, Kirk
  3. Hello, great site. I have a 2001 RX300 AWD, std engine. Bought it new for about $37,000. It has 115,000 miles. When I bought it my dealer suggested using Prolong additive in my oil. After a while they stopped carrying it, but I kept putting it in religiously, and had a mechanic friend who swore by it. and I still do. At 90,000 miles my engine began to have a whining noise, I thought it was the alternator, so did they. After four days at the dealer, they discovered it was my oil pump th...

  4. I have a question about your transmission failure. Do you have an AWD RX300, cause I do. Second, was the fluid dark brown, or was it fresh looking when it was changed. My trans began by being in neutral when shifted into reverse. Any info would be helpful, cause I was hoping your solution could fix mine, still dreaming, Kirk