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  1. Stock stereo cuts outs 04 gs 300

    Hi Jason...welcome to the Forum Depends on how much bass is going through the speakers and judging by the fact that the rear speaker is blown, i would imagine probably quite a bit. If this is the case, then the hear unit can cut out as there is an overload in output (this is called 'clipping') and the only way around this is to either turn the bass down or wire in a Capacitor to provide enough power for the speakers. Sound like you need to replace some of the speakers anyway. Let us know how you get on with it Cheers, Trevor
  2. LC500 Review

    Here's a link to the review we carried out on the LC500 V8 last week...enjoy!
  3. MAJOR Lexus electric/fuel cell announcement

    Thanks for posting this up Paul, I was very surprised to read the article as over in the UK most manufacturers are climbing over themselves to do the right thing and go Hybrid or full EV. I think also that the decision is cost-based as opposed to any other factors....hybrids cost loads to produce whereas plug-in Electric Vehicles have got to be a lot cheaper to produce. In the UK, there is a strong debate about the future of EV being dominant in the market as there aren't enough plug-in points in a city to 'top up' your battery whereas, on a Parallel Hybrid, it doesn't matter. Lexus is still however, strongly pushing the Hybrids here in the UK and there doesn't seem to be any let up in this trend.
  4. Reverse camera not working

    Hi Lisa...welcome to the Forum I think the easiest and cheapest method to track down the fault would be to use the 'wiggle test' which involves the ignition being switched on (engine off) and reverse gear being selected. Get someone to sit in the drivers seat to report back on whether an image shows. Next, 'wiggle' the connections on the tailgate wiring (put tailgate up and down slowly), connection on the gearbox for reverse gear switch, any other wiring that you can find associated with the camera. Also lightly tap the camera housing to see if this gets it working. Usually, if there is a poor connection or wire that is breaking up in the tailgate wiring where it articulates when open and closed, etc. then this could be the cause of failure. If this initial diagnosis doesn't work, then an inspection of fuses, etc and failing that, take it to the dealer for a diagnostic scan of the system. Let us know how you get on with it Cheers, Trevor