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  1. I just replaced on my 1995 es300 (160k) the ICV with a new factory replacement ($200), cleaned the throttle body, MAS and the EGR valve body and checked it to hold a vacuum, new air cleaner to, all about 30 days ago. Just last night Wife and I went out after the car had been sitting for 1 1/2 hours, she started it and the rough idle and die happened. I came in the garage and she tried it again and as it started I herd a little "backfire" sound under the hood and after a throttle gun it idled. We drove it 1.5 miles and shopped for 20min started again with the rough idle but then idled fine after a moment.....Arrrrrg!!!!! What next do I check or where do I go from here, this is a head scratcher.. Thanks in advance!
  2. I replaced both front axles a few months ago (Master Pro from O'Reilly Auto Parts) on my 95 ES (180k) and my ABS light has been on ever since. I have heard that if you are not careful during the project you can: #1) pull the wires from the sensor and damage them . #2) ding the sensor and miss align it. #3) bang up the tone ring. #4) ?? I noticed that the actual tone ring is covered with what looks like a metal protective cover, see photo. My question is how can the magnetic pickup detect pulsations when there is a metal cover between the sensor and toothed tone ring? Thanks for the help. Patrick
  3. Ilde Control Valve

    Going to do this today on my 95 ES300 and will post some photos about my progress.
  4. Thanks for the Awesome post!. Wife's '95 es300 w/175k had the same "start/die symptom for the last week or so after the car was warm. Took the IACV off but also couldn't get the 4 screws out....even with my dad's old hand impact driver and a #2 (Only got 1 of the 4) stripped em all!!. Said forget this and just squirted out all the holes and butterfly with the right cleaner, blew everything out and put it all back together, all in about 40min. Started her up with no gas or rev and she purred right to an idle. Hope this is a long term fix as i'll do it again in another 100k or so. Got photos if anybody needs them for the early ES300. Cheers!