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  1. Road trip....welcome aboard
  2. here it is:
  3. I would get the valve stem seals replaced if they are the oil issue. They should have been able to tell you where the problem was occurring.
  4. The only issue I have heard of is the Gas tank plastic shield rattling against the body, easily fixed. As for other shields maybe your exhaust hangers are stretched or some broken allowing too much movement.
  5. They do make turbo's you will have to do the research.
  6. Huge project requiring major changes. First of all the LX470 is a rear wheel drive or 4 wheel drive with engine facing front to back not sideways like the RX300. I don't believe you can do this within a reasonable budget. Just find another 3.0 V6 engine or rebuild.
  7. ON my RX's I chose KYB, been very happy with them...
  8. Well I will keep everyone updated on my RX400h for the tire wear on Michelin Defenders.
  9. Did the tires wear weird? I have that tire on both my RX400h and my Ford F150 and they are way past 40k miles. Did you get your alignment checked?
  10. I just re read your questions, and at 95k miles you are due for a timing belt change. Many Toyota and independents can perform this for way less than the Lexus dealerships. Other than that until you reach 125k miles your maintenance other than coolant change, oil changes, etc. At 125 k the spark plugs are due.
  11. The typical thing is to bounce the corner of the car and see how many times it takes to stop bouncing, over three is too much. I have 203,000 miles on our vehicle and I changed the shocks because the car felt unstable on a curvy road. Made a world of difference. I used KYB shocks and also replaced the upper mounts.
  12. By the way the phone is on Android version 6.0.1
  13. Ok I am out of ideas, my wifes Samsung Note 4 on Verizon network keeps disconnecting in the middle of calls. I have tried deleting all phones in her RX400h (Mark Levinson) and than re-installing her phone, seemed to work for a couple of days than back to phone calls dropping. Does anybody else have similar problems with Samsung Note 4 on their vehicle? I know Verizon has done a lot of updates on their software, but the phone is fine other than the blue-tooth hookup. Any ideas?
  14. Hate to tell you but the 400h gets best mileage in city and when going under 60 mph. Best I have ever got on highway is 25.6
  15. Personally I would be very cautious about a hybrid for towing....The components for the CVT and Hybrid system are very expensive. I know some on the boards have towed. I would certainly make sure to change CVT transmission fluids often if you do tow. Also make sure the 400h you pick has the tow package.