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  1. Well what do you know, Lexus_DK! Your method worked! I tried it one time and it reset! How did you know that? I noted this in the Oweners Manual too! Thanks a million! P.S. One would think, with all of the buttons in a Lexus, there would one "Maintenance Reset" button under the dash or in the glove compartment to make this process a little easier on the owners.
  2. Venny, thanks for the response. I tried your method 3 times but I got the same results..."Oil maintenance required!" It didn't even do the "Resetting maintenance data" message.
  3. Hi, fellow Lexus Owners! I have a 2016 LS 460. I had the oil and filter changed as required by the maintenance schedule and the never-ending message on the display panel! I cannot reset the "Oil maintenance required" message. I have gone through the steps on page 436 no less than 20 times. The message continues to reappear. Here are the steps I am doing to reset the message: 1. Start the car. 2. Set the Trip odometer to Trip A. 3. Turn the car off. 4. While pressing the Reset button next to the Trip button, I turn the ignition switch to the "On" position by pressing the ignition switch twice. 5. The message "Resetting maintenance data" appears with a progress bar below. The progress bars shows all data is reset. 6. The message "Complete" then appears. 7. Then the message "Oil maintenance required" reappears! If there is a step I missed that says to "rub your stomach while patting your head," I guess I missed it! Anyone have this problem or see what I am doing wrong or not doing? Thanks...Bill
  4. Centre Console Box Jammed that we have all of that solved...any ideas on how to fix the door?
  5. I have a 2010 GS 460 which overall is a great car (not that I got rid of the run-flat tires!). There has always been a slight rattle in the dash just behind the tachometer. It is getting worse and louder. It is worse in warm weather. I took it into the dealership when i first heard it. The dealership said they did not hear it which is pretty much what I expected. Has anyone been able to identify where the rattle is coming from or what is causing it? Thanks,
  6. It was right there! I guess I should have looked a little lower! Light went out. Thanks Steve. On another subject...has anyone tried Griots car products? I have a friend that restores old cars and he swears by their products. Just cruious if its worth the extra $$$.
  7. Where is the reset button a 2010 GS 460? I could not find one. I have had the pressure checked weekly but the light will not go off.